The best varieties of cherry tomatoes for greenhouses: tomato growing and seeds

Cherry tomatoes are well suited for growing in a greenhouse regardless of its size Cherry tomatoes are well suited for growing in a greenhouse regardless of its size. Cherry is characterized by its simplicity of growing, precocity, size and unique sweet taste. Cherry tomatoes can be grown not only in open beds, but also in greenhouses, which ensures their growth throughout the year, including, in the winter.

    • What kinds of cherry are best for greenhouses
    • Choose cherry tomato varieties for greenhouses
    • Prepare seeds for Cherry tomatoes for greenhouses
    • Proper cultivation Cherry in a greenhouse
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What types of cherry are best for greenhouses

In order to correctly plant cherry tomatoes and grow them in a greenhouse, you need to know what is most suitable for the selected growing conditions.


  • Determinant( undersized) varieties;
  • Semideterminant( medium) varieties;
  • Indeterminate( tall) varieties.

Choose cherry tomatoes for greenhouses, depending on personal taste preferences

The best varieties of Cherry for growing in greenhouses are considered to be indeterminate varieties that do not stop their growth. We must not forget that they require more thorough and timely care than street varieties.

Also, in the greenhouse, determinant varieties are allowed, for example, Punto-7 F1.

The height of tall varieties of Cherry tomatoes is approximately 2-3 m. It is best to form such plants in 1-2 stems and tie them to a suitable support.

Choose varieties Cherry tomatoes for greenhouses

In order for sowing to bear fruit, it is necessary to take into account the specificity of each variety of Cherry tomatoes and to know which of them is more effective to grow in a greenhouse, rather than in an open bed or on a balcony.

The best and most common varieties of Cherry tomato for growing in a greenhouse are the following varieties:

  • Madeira F1;
  • Pink cherry;
  • Black cherry;
  • Kira F1;
  • Cascade;
  • Marisa F1;
  • Grodecks of Ildi;
  • Whim F1;
  • Gold bead F1;
  • Lycope F1;
  • Punto-7;
  • Elou Mimi F1.

Read detailed description of the selected variety on the reverse side of the package with seeds

Sorts of Madeira F1, Kira F1, Lycopa F1, Pink cherry, F1 gold bead and Ildi Grodecks are early maturing. They mature within 90-95 days after the first sprouts appear.

Black cherry refers to the medium-ripening varieties of cherry tomatoes, the maturation period begins 112-120 days after emergence.

The vast majority of Cherry varieties for greenhouses are hybrids, so they are not exposed to many diseases, including cladosporium, TMV and fusarium. Also, the greenhouse varieties of Cherry became famous for their high yield. All kinds of indeterminate Cherry tomatoes have a rich sweet taste, and the Cherry Cherry and Pink Cherry varieties are noteworthy in that they have such names not only in connection with their small size( 10-12 gr), but also because of their surprising berry taste.

Preparing for planting Cherry tomato seeds for greenhouses

Currently, there is a wide variety of Cherry tomato varieties on the market for garden products. Planning the planting of tomatoes, the most important thing is to determine the way of growing, in accordance with which to acquire seeds.

For the greenhouses, the best varieties are indeterminate hybrids, since it is for them that the greenhouse conditions are most favorable. After selecting the seeds of Cherry tomatoes for greenhouses, you need to make seedlings in advance.

For this you need:

  1. List seeds;
  2. Soak seeds in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for several minutes;
  3. Wash the seeds with clean water;
  4. For a few days, hold the seeds wrapped in moist cloth in a warm place for sprouting to occur;
  5. Plant cherry tomato seeds in a nutrient soil prepared for them.

Until the time of landing, cherry tomato seeds can be stored in a regular newspaper Until the moment of planting, Cherry tomato seeds can be stored in the usual newspaper

Two weeks before the tomato planting in the greenhouse, it is necessary to harden them, that is, to take out tomatoes for a short time in a shaded area on the street. Over time, the residence time of seedlings should be increased.

Proper cultivation of Cherry in the greenhouse

Growing cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse ensures the appearance of earlier crops, and with a fully heated greenhouse, you can get a tomato crop even in winter. If the greenhouse is unheated, then it is better to plant cherry tomatoes at the end of March( under climatic conditions that allow the planting of tomatoes) or in early April.

In order to avoid the appearance of diseases, it is recommended to ventilate the greenhouse well.

An important point in cherry planting is to determine the correct distance between plants - it should be at least 40 cm, and the most optimal - 50-60 cm. If Cherry is planted too often or, on the contrary, too rarely, the yield of tomatoes will noticeably decrease.

To start watering cherry tomatoes best after 10-15 days after landing in the greenhouse. When watering, you need to loosen the soil in order to prevent it from drying out. The most correct time for starting bindings is 12 days after planting. In this case, the number of flower brushes should be about 7-8 pieces, not less.

For the cultivation of Cherry tomatoes it is recommended to install a frame in the greenhouse For the cultivation of cherry tomatoes, it is recommended to install the frame

in the greenhouse. In order for tomatoes to be pollinated, you need to shake the brush, then pour the soil with clean water and spray Cherry flowers. After 2 hours, the greenhouse needs to be ventilated in order to lower the humidity level in it. As noted above, Cherry varieties intended for growing in a greenhouse need careful and careful care. It is necessary to perform all the procedures necessary for growing this plant regularly and in a timely manner.

It is important to know:

  1. It is not only high-quality Cherry varieties that are tied up, but also low-growing varieties, since there is a high probability that heavy fruits will fall to the ground, leading to rotting or fissuring of the fruit.
  2. Fruit cracking is possible with insufficient irrigation, since Cherry varieties intended for growing in the greenhouse are extremely susceptible to water.
  3. In order to grow Cherry, you need a lot of light. If it is not enough, it is necessary to additionally apply fluorescent lamps for lightening.
  4. It is necessary to monitor the humidity level in the greenhouse, because if the soil is too humid, Cherry will grow watery and acidic, and if there is insufficient moisture, they will not yield at all.

Cherry tomatoes can not leave indifferent any horticulturist or gardener. Cultivation in a greenhouse of tomatoes Cherry not only supplies us with vitamins in the winter season, but it can also bring commercial benefits, because in winter tomatoes are a very popular product. Today, without Cherry, it is impossible to imagine any table, with small fruits adorn the main people, use it as an ingredient for salad, prepare salted salmon.

Review of the best varieties of cherry tomatoes for greenhouses( video)

It is worth mentioning about the benefits of cherry tomatoes. In their composition, there are many elements necessary for normal functioning, such as chromium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, iodine, sulfur, folic acid, sodium and others. Cherry tomatoes are saturated with vitamins E, C, B1-B3, B6, B9, K, which help the absorption of calcium, have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, and also promote the prevention of cancer of the stomach, intestines, esophagus, lungs.