Top dressing of cucumbers in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate: folk remedies and yeast, care and the first foliar, which fertilizers

Thanks to the regular feeding of cucumbers, you can increase the number of fruits Thanks to the regular feeding of cucumbers, you can increase the number of fruits Cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse has gained considerable popularity. To grow healthy plants and get a good harvest, it is necessary to create the proper conditions in the greenhouse. It is in the greenhouse that the growth and development of plants depends entirely on the owner's experience and responsibility. Cucumbers need systematic care, the technology of which will depend on the planted variety. At each stage of growth, cucumbers need water and light. It is also very important to dress cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse.

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First dressing of cucumbers in a greenhouse

In a greenhouse from the floorcarbonate is very convenient to cultivate such a culture as cucumbers. Usually in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate create a microclimate with optimal conditions for growth and fruiting of plants. If some conditions can be created and maintained, then feeding should be done regularly and systematically.

The first feeding of cucumbers in the greenhouse can be done after their planting The first top dressing of cucumbers in the greenhouse can be done after they have been planted.

Plant nutrition must be performed at all stages of plant development: from planting seedlings to the beginning of fruiting.

In order for cucumbers to have a beautiful appearance, pleasant taste and aroma, they need to regularly receive nutrients that they can not get from simple soil. However, it is important to know what is necessary for cucumbers, and how much, otherwise plants can die. The stage of planting seedlings is very responsible - it requires using a certain amount of organic and chemical fertilizers.

After transplanting the seedlings into the closed ground, it is necessary to wait until the first leaves appear on the plants. At this time, the plants need to be fed nitrate. A solution based on saltpeter should be prepared according to all the rules, without deviating from them.

What is needed for the solution:

  • 25 g superphosphate;
  • 16 g of potassium;
  • 15 grams of ammonium nitrate.

This amount is enough for fertilizing from 15 to 20 plants. When the plants begin to bloom and massively form the ovaries, you can proceed to the second stage of feeding. It involves the use of organic fertilizers: chicken manure or cowshed. Fertilizers can be enriched by adding potassium or ash to it.

Plant condition: top dressing of cucumbers in a greenhouse

A disadvantage or too abundant top dressing leads to destabilization of normal plant growth. In this case, they begin to signal that something is missing in the feeding, or, on the contrary, there is an overabundance. Usually, plants begin to dry, lose color, the fruits may have spots, their growth may slow down.

Carry out cucumber dressing conveniently, using a watering can It is convenient to fill the cucumber with

. The shortages in the soil of nitrogen can be indicated by fruits that have acquired a light green hue, and the apices have acquired the shape of a beak.

The lack of nitrogen also manifests itself in the yellowing of old leaves located on the lower level. In this case, lateral shoots and stems slow down in growth. The level of nitrogen in the soil can be regulated by simple irrigation. If there is not enough water in the soil, it dries up, provokes a slowdown in the activity of various microorganisms, which prevents plants from obtaining a sufficient amount of nitrogen.

What substances may be missing:

  • Potassium. If in the beginning the plants were heavily nitrogen-fertilized, the second half of summer can be characterized for potassium deficient plants. The leaves begin to grow too fast, and the whips are too intertwined. The leaves acquire a rich dark green color. And at the edges of the leaves there is a dried up yellow border. Improve the situation will help root, as well as foliar top dressing.
  • Phosphorus. If the plant does not get phosphorus, the side whips and leaves do not grow well. New leaves do not grow bigger and differ dramatically from old ones. The leaves are dyed in a dark green color and quickly fade. Ammophos and Diammofos may help in this problem.

There is no single instruction for the care and additional fertilizing of plants, as each plant variety needs individual care. What fertilizers to use, should be solved, proceeding from "state of health" of plants. Very important is the first fertilizing - it determines the pace and activity of growth and development of cucumbers.

How to feed cucumbers in a greenhouse during flowering

Before flowering, cucumbers should receive a sufficient amount of nutrients. Without fail, plants must receive calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Nitrogen actively participates in the formation of leaves.

Phosphorus influences the full development of the root system. If the root system of plants is weak, they will not receive food, which will lead to the stopping of fruiting.

During flowering you can feed cucumbers with potassium sulfate During flowering it is possible to feed cucumbers with potassium sulfate

Phosphorus also takes an active part in the formation of flowers. Potassium contributes to the full nutrition of the roots. Flowering is an important period when plants need fertilizing and especially careful care.

Fertilizing during flowering:

  • Fertilizers should occur no less than five times during the entire flowering period.
  • Just before the plants bloom, they need to be fed with the solution of the mullein. To grow a mullein it is necessary in the ratio: a glass on a bucket of water.
  • When the flowers are already fading, the plants need to be supplemented with potassium sulfate and superphosphate.

After the done procedures, the feeding should not be stopped. It should be done in two weeks. And instead of superphosphates you need to start using nitrophosphate. Many prefer to use special ready-made fertilizers. But many remain adherents of folk methods of fertilizing.

Addition of cucumbers in the greenhouse with folk remedies

A significant increase in yield can be achieved with the help of agrotechnical methods of proper fertilizing of plants. Folk remedies have been helping gardeners grow healthy plants for years and get a good harvest. Many compounds for top dressing can be prepared from improvised means, and the effect of them will not be less than from the purchased mixtures.

The whole period of growth, from planting seedlings to fruiting, requires the cucumber to be properly fed.

When preparing folk remedies for feeding cucumbers, you should carefully observe the proportions When preparing folk remedies for cucumber dressing, you should carefully observe the proportions of

To make plants, sometimes you need to use the simplest products. A nutritious food prepared on the basis of black bread is considered to be very nutritious and effective. Bread leaven is an excellent source of nutrition. And it's very easy to cook it.

Variants of "folk" top dressing:

  • Black bread. The yeast can be prepared from biscuits. A bucket of ten liters should be filled with breadcrumbs of black bread, about two-thirds. Crumbs pour water to cover them, cover them and leave them under oppression. The leaven must be cooked in a warm place for a week.
  • Tincture on onion peel. If the leaves of the plants start to turn yellow, then this tincture will come in handy. On a glass of onion husks, 8 liters of boiling water are taken. The husks are allowed to brew up to 4 hours. After preparation, the solution must be filtered. Then pour the cucumbers under the root.
  • Fertilizer with ashes. If the plants slowed their growth, and the leaf apparatus develops incorrectly, ash will help. In it plants need at all stages of their development: from planting seedlings to fruiting.

Ash will also help disinfect the soil and prevent the emergence of various infectious diseases. Top dressing, cooked according to folk recipes. Will provide plants with adequate nutrition. With regular and proper care, you can expect a plentiful harvest.

The best feeding of cucumbers in a greenhouse with yeast

Yeast is a source of useful vitamins and trace elements. When fertilizing seedlings with yeast, a decrease in the incidence of plants is observed. Yeast helps to increase the immunity of cucumbers to diseases of various kinds.

Thanks to the yeast feeding, the development of the root system of cucumbers is activated: the root shoots increase their number tenfold.

Buying yeast, you need to pay attention to their quality and shelf life Buying yeast, you need to pay attention to their quality and shelf life

Yeast improves soil composition. They activate the growth and active activity of beneficial organisms that affect the production of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil. Plants that are fed with yeast are better tolerated by the rainy season and hot weather.

Tips for feeding cucumbers with yeast:

  • Use yeast dressing should not be more than three times in a single season.
  • Yeast must be fresh, not expired.
  • It is important to remember that yeast causes starvation of the soil with potassium and calcium, so this top dressing should be combined with topping up the ash and eggshell.

Yeast top dressing in the open ground should be done only when the temperature rises above zero. Prepare the feeding can be based on dry yeast, briquettes of fresh yeast, and you can use a simple crumb of rye bread. Consistency of fertilizer should be selected depending on the stage of development of the plant and its "health".

Extra-root feeding of cucumbers in the greenhouse

Foliar dressing of cucumbers is optional if the plants have a good appearance and develop correctly. Two signs can say that cucumbers need it in the form of foliar top dressing. In the middle of vegetation, plants slow their growth, and the leaves begin to fade and turn yellow.

Foliar top dressing can be performed with a sprayer Foliar top dressing can be performed with the

A sign that cucumbers need top dressing is a long period of rains and cold weather.

Foliar top dressing can be used for preventive purposes. The period of fructification of cucumbers can be prolonged by spraying them during fruiting with a light urea solution. To improve the growth of plants to preserve the ovaries mineral fertilizing will help.

Advantages of foliar top dressing:

  • Fast action;
  • Economical;
  • Versatility.

Watering the plants should be regular. Top dressing should be done carefully, based on the general condition of the plant. Solutions should not be concentrated.

Rules for feeding cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse( video)

Growing plants in a closed ground requires special care. In the greenhouse you need to create favorable conditions. First of all, this applies to soil fertilization. Fertilize plants in the entire period of their development: from planting to fruiting. Feeding not only affects the active growth of plants and a good harvest, but also prevents the occurrence of many diseases.