Spots on tomatoes in the greenhouse: on the leaves of tomato yellow and white, brown spot and light covered

If another pest has settled on tomatoes, then it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  1. The use of biologically active substances is allowed with strict adherence to the instructions stated on the package. The substance is applied point by point in the concentration of insects.
  2. Caterpillars are easiest to assemble manually into a special container. In addition, you need to regularly dig a garden. This is done in order to destroy the favorite habitat of caterpillars - weeds.

Pest control in open field is carried out in two ways. First, we are talking about the use of acetic or pepper mixture for the destruction of insects. On the one hand, the technique is environmentally safe, but, on the other hand, the effect is far from always noticeable. Second, use mono chemicals. Apply them with caution, otherwise you can do more harm than good.

Diseases of seedlings: yellow spots on tomato leaves in a greenhouse

It is more difficult when yellow leaves appear on leaves and stems. It can be about the mistakes made at the stage of transplantation or cultivation, and also about the appearance of a fungal or viral pathogen. As in the previous case, a thorough inspection is necessary before taking any measures.

Opens a list of possible causes of bluethenosis - a disease of fungal origin.

If yellow spots were formed only on one plant, then it should be immediately discarded If yellow spots are formed on only one plant, then it should be immediately discarded

The first signs appear on the 4-5 day of fungus activity. A slightly brown or yellow color appears on the stems. Gradually, the disease advances towards the leaf.

At this stage, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the cause of the change in shape and color of the plate:

  • A characteristic feature of the fungal pathogen is the "movement" of the clinical picture from the stem to the edge of the sheet;
  • Wrong irrigation is typical for those cases when light yellow spots are formed first on the tip of the sheet, and then spread further;

Regular normalized watering, proper top dressing, sufficient sunlight and moderate humidity are the health guarantee of seedlings. If yellow or brown spots could not be avoided, then it is necessary to carefully inspect the plant. Depending on where and where the problem is moving, appropriate measures must be taken.

We remove white spots on tomatoes in the greenhouse

In order to get rid of the problem in a short time, it is necessary to decide in advance with the arsenal. For example, when there is a brown color, the gardener has to resort to chemical-biological preparations. When it comes to white spots, a man has a larger field for maneuvers.

Before you start to eliminate white spots on tomatoes, it is worth watching a training video Before you begin to eliminate white spots on tomatoes, you should watch the training video

Everything begins at the stage of selection of seedlings. The healthier they will be, the less chance there will be a spot on the leaves.

In addition, attention should be paid to the following recommendations:

  • Next to the recently planted seedlings, it is necessary to place a nettle bush that has a fatal effect on the fungus;
  • Sprinkling seedlings is necessary on the basis of information placed on a bag of seeds;
  • Before planting, it is recommended to check the soil for acidity and nutrient levels;
  • If the nearby tomatoes are stained, they must be isolated.

The reasons for the appearance of spots on tomatoes in the greenhouse( video)

The appearance of spots on tomato plantings is a problem that even meets with experienced gardeners. Lack of nutrients, excessive hydration, pest activity - in order to correctly identify the causes, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection of plants. Only after that it is possible to take biologically active substances or tinctures, for example, acetic or peppery.