Equipment for greenhouses: mist eliminator and accumulators for heat, thermostat of industrial equipment

Choosing the right equipment for a greenhouse requires consideration of many factors Choosing the right equipment for greenhouses requires taking into account many factors Quality equipment for greenhouses, set by all the rules, allowing the interior to optimum use. This factor affects the viability of cultivated plants and helps maximize yield. Some types of special equipment favorably influence the processes of photosynthesis, the size and quality of vegetables and flowers grown.

    • What fogger for greenhouses
    • operating principle of heat accumulators for greenhouses
    • Types of thermostats for greenhouses
    • Practical tips: how to equip the greenhouse polycarbonate inside
    • What is the equipment for industrial greenhouses
    • types of equipment for greenhouses( video)
    • Examples of greenhouses equipment inside( photo)

What fogger for greenhouses

Tumanoobrazovatl - special device, by spraying high-pressure water. The result of this action is solved immediately two tasks - increasing the humidity and cooling the air, which is extremely important when there is a problem of overheating. Such equipment can be purchased or made by hand.

Fogger for greenhouses is a system that allows to regulate the microclimate inside fogger for greenhouses is a system to regulate the microclimate inside

Many people do not use the device for its greenhouses, but in the process of formation of fog has its significant advantages:

  • Plants grown from seeds, soakingLiquid not only roots, but also leaves, grow and develop much faster;
  • The mist eliminator can be used for spraying with fertilizers and pest protection agents;
  • The device is relevant for extreme heat and severe overheating of air inside the greenhouses;
  • When growing flowers, the use of such an air conditioner makes their color appear brighter;
  • In the greenhouse, a subtropical climate suitable for exotic plants can be created.

The minus of such installations is their use only in the summer season. Although, with a good heating system, they can be used in winter.

The fogging system in the standard kit has: a pump, an injector and a control panel.

Own device is easy to equip, and it will work as well as other devices for private and industrial needs.

operating principle of heat accumulators for

greenhouses for greenhouse agriculture used accessories for successful growing of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Such devices can become heat accumulators.

The heat accumulator not only provides hot water supply, but also solves a whole complex of additional tasks related to heating The heat accumulator not only provides hot water supply, but also solves a whole range of additional tasks related to heating

The battery is a storage device for sunlight, a makeshift version can be made from improvised materials.

Best for manufacturing:

  • Plastic pipes;
  • Sleeves of dense black film;
  • Plastic containers of various sizes.

The mechanism of operation of the system is very simple. Inlet water is heated in the sun during the day, and at night produces heat transfer to plants and soil beds.

It does not matter what the solar battery is made from, the main thing is that the structure should be black for more attraction of heat.

Such heat generator will operate even with a small cold - equipment used inside the greenhouse is heated by about 25 degrees and provides the climate equilibrium for seedlings.

Batteries can be not only water, they are made of stones. The principle of operation is the same. Soil type of heating is considered the most affordable.

If there is no desire to install heating for the garden independently, there is always an opportunity to take advantage of the demanded product of "Lazheboque" - reviews show that this is a productive, simple and cheap device. Similar goods are in shops where specialized equipment is sold.

Types of thermostats for the greenhouse

The heating equipment for the greenhouse performs only part of the task. It is important that the temperature is under constant control. The temperature regulator is a device that allows you to adjust and maintain the desired temperature.

The electronic thermostat is able to react even to the slightest changes in the temperature regime The electronic thermostat is able to react even to the slightest changes in the temperature regime.

The thermoregulator must be selected based on individual requirements and the presence of a specific heater.

Modern production of regulating devices for greenhouses of different sizes with a polycarbonate coating and a profile pipe:

  • The simplest version is a mechanical thermostat;
  • The electronic controller is equipped with a liquid crystal display - when the temperature is set, the thermometer will show specific parameters;
  • Sensor equipment is used for large systems, equipped with many options, a display and takes into account the characteristics of the ground.

In addition, the devices are external and hidden. They are selected depending on different heating appliances and irrigation system in the winter greenhouse.

Practical advice: how to equip a greenhouse made of polycarbonate inside the

Before placing the equipment, you should consider the location of the greenhouse. The structure should be in the zone of optimal illumination, for example, on a hillock.

Accepting the internal arrangement of the greenhouse, we should not forget about the arrangement of the shelves When considering the internal arrangement of the greenhouse, we should not forget about the arrangement of the shelves

Internal construction:

  • When beds and passages between them are ready, it is desirable to make racks for tools;
  • An electric current is conducted in the hotbed for lighting devices and other equipment.

It is important to create a scheme for the location of ventilation, drip humidification systems, places where gas or other equipment will be located.

The main factors influencing the choice of devices used to create a microclimate are:

  • Optimal light;
  • Normal humidity level;
  • Clean air;
  • Adjustable heat.

If you take into account all the criteria, you can start installing the necessary equipment.

In addition, in the greenhouse of polycarbonate, as in any other, it is possible to install hydroponic elements of equipment, when the main nutrient material will be water with the necessary substances dissolved in it. Hydroponics can be a good alternative to any garden.

What is the equipment for industrial greenhouses

In conditions of industrial production of agricultural products and year-round operation of large greenhouse premises, heating is an important part of the arrangement. Despite the fact that such agro-industrial complexes for growing a variety of crops, most often covered with polycarbonate, which itself gives heat, greenhouses need additional heating.

Industrial greenhouses are large scale facilities that allow the cultivation of various crops all year round.

Therefore, the heating system can be

  • Electricity;
  • Infrared radiators;
  • Heat pumps;
  • Boilers with different types of fuel;
  • Centralized heating system.

For humidification of air, as a rule, low and high pressure and nozzle humidification systems are used, evaporators and foggers are often used.

All these devices operate in automatic mode, while monitoring the level of carbon dioxide, temperature and other important for the harvest indicators.

A large amount of equipment for households and industrial greenhouses is produced by a well-known corporation "Impotec".Here you can buy whole sets of ventilation and heating systems, as well as acquire mini-models for your garden.

Types of equipment for greenhouses( video)

If the goal is to get a large and high-quality harvest, do not save on specialized equipment for your greenhouse. Another thing is when some devices are easy to make with their own hands, and they will work no worse than the purchased devices. In any case, the choice of devices depends on the requirements, desires and capabilities of the site owner. Examples

equipment inside greenhouses( photo)