Whitefly in the greenhouse how to get rid: fight, cucumber means in autumn, destroy, methods of folk processing

When the whitefly is infected, the leaves of the plants turn yellow and fall off When the whitefly is attacked, the leaves of the plants turn yellow and fall The whitefly appears on cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant. It's easy to detect it, but it's much more difficult to deal with it. You can poison the pest with chemicals, recipes of your own preparation or use traps. Each method has its own characteristics.

    • Characteristics of the greenhouse whitefly and the appearance of
    • Methods for combating whitefly in cucumbers and other vegetables in the greenhouse
    • How to get rid of the whitefly in the fall
    • Effective against whitefly in the greenhouse
    • How to get rid of the whiteflyIn the greenhouse folk remedies
    • How to make a trap in the fight against the whitefly in the greenhouse
    • How to get rid of the whitefly in the greenhouse( video)

Characteristicsplichnoy whitefly and signs of the emergence

In view of whitefly insect is white 1.5-5 mm size. Upon contact with the infected vegetable, the pest spreads. But the whitefly larvae are much more dangerous. They are more difficult to detect. They are oval, greenish in color and 0.2-3 mm in size.

Whitefly can be found on the back of leaves A whitefly can be found on the back of the leaves

Symptoms of whitefly occurrence:

  1. A white coating appears on the leaves;
  2. The leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off;
  3. The pest can be found on the reverse side of the leaf;
  4. If you touch the affected plant, the whitefly flies.

The pest is able to multiply rapidly. He can destroy the entire crop, if at the time of not taking action. Each individual lives for about a month. During this time the whitefly can lay 130 eggs.

The larvae present a particular threat, as they are resistant to any chemistry. At this time, they can not be destroyed. The peculiarities of the presence of whiteflies in the greenhouse are the possibility of constantly multiplying. In open ground, the period of laying eggs falls only in the spring, but the hothouse conditions are ideal for year-round breeding.

Favorite snack of whitefly - tomatoes. Also, a pest loves cucumbers, zucchini, pepper. In this insect affects not only the leaves, but fruits, which acquire a white shade inside.

The number of pest species also affects. They are awarded more than 1550 species. The pest occurs both in the open ground and in the greenhouse, where ideal conditions are created for it.

Methods of combating whitefly in cucumbers and other vegetables in a greenhouse

Greenhouse microclimate, especially in heated greenhouses, is an ideal environment for the habitat of whitefly. The parasite enters the greenhouse with soil or seedlings. These are the only ways of pollution. Therefore, the prevention of pests should be permanent.

Preventive treatment of plants in the greenhouse will not allow pests to develop Preventive treatment of plants in the greenhouse will not allow pests to develop

Prevention options:

  1. Disinfection of the structure in the fall;
  2. Defrosting of the greenhouse in the cold season( several days at a temperature not exceeding 12 degrees);
  3. Autumn cleaning of weeds;
  4. Use of quality land and seedlings.

But when the pest still penetrated into the greenhouse, it is necessary to begin an active struggle with it. There are several methods available to each. The choice depends on the preferences of the truck farmer.

Methods for combating whitefly:

  1. Mechanical. These include the use of traps, sticky tapes. They act directly on the pest and its larvae.
  2. Biochemical. Use of different chemicals. There are such drugs as "Fitoverm", "Akarin", "Vertimek", which can destroy 90% of individuals.
  3. Biological. They are involved in the destruction of the whitefly with the help of other insects, natural enemies. The insect devours encarzia and the bug of macrolophus.

Each method has its own characteristics. So the natural enemies of the whitefly should be launched into the greenhouse 2 weeks before the transplanting. For 1 sq. M, 3 Encrases are sufficient.

For cucumbers do not use enkarsia. Vegetable hairs will interfere with her work. But on tomatoes this option is ideal.

Bugs are used for tomatoes or peppers.5 insects will suffice for 1 sq. M. It is enough to release them 2 times in 2 weeks.

How to get rid of whitefly in the fall

At the first signs of the presence of a pest, you should start an active fight. If you do not take measures, you can lose the whole crop. The use of chemicals may prove ineffective, since the larvae are sufficiently resistant to them. But there are a number of other methods that are used in the autumn.

If in the spring the whitefly again runs in the greenhouse, then there are infected plants, weeds or soil nearby. All measures of the struggle will have to be repeated.

It is in the autumn best to start the fight with the whitefly. After getting rid of insects, cold sets in. This will allow the greenhouse to be emptied and finally to destroy all the individuals.

Good help from pests of the greenhouse

  1. All the remains of crops and weeds must be collected and burned.
  2. The structure should be disassembled, the frame washed with water and soda.
  3. The top layer of the soil must be removed. You can replace it with disinfected land. You can also pour the soil with boiling water, dig out the next day and leave it to freeze for the winter.
  4. You also need to process the land around the greenhouse. It is necessary to tear weeds. You can dig up the soil and pour it with boiling water at a distance of 50 cm from the structure. You can also use chemicals.

After all the activities in the greenhouse occupy the entomophages. The natural enemy of the whitefly perfectly copes with his work. It should be noted that this autumn treatment is effective against other pests.

Effective tool against whitefly in the greenhouse

The market presents a huge number of different chemicals. They have some differences and their recommendations for use. You can consult with a specialist or make a choice yourself, following the instructions.

Pastilles with a sticky layer are one of the easiest methods to fight a whitefly Adhesive lozenges are one of the simplest methods of combating the whitefly

The best chemical preparations for combating whitefly:

  1. "Alatar" is a universal tool. Suitable for processing greenhouses at medium and high temperatures.
  2. "Fufanon" - in appearance it is a colorless solution with an oily structure. It is necessary to do the treatment once a week.
  3. "Aktellik" - is characterized by a quick action. One treatment is enough to get rid of all insects.
  4. Iskra - gives a lasting effect after one use.
  5. "Akarin" - should be sprayed with leaves, larvae and adults.
  6. Benzyl benzoate is an effective remedy that kills all whiteflies.
  7. "Confidor" - 30 minutes to get rid of the pest.
  8. "Aktara" - it is necessary to completely spray the plants. The validity period lasts 3-5 weeks.

When working with chemicals, it is necessary to adhere to safety measures. To do this, read the instructions. It is important to observe the rules of personal hygiene, do not eat food and do not smoke during treatment. Animals and children should not be present nearby.

It is important to store chemicals correctly. Separated from nutritious foods, medicines, in a cool and dry place. Inaccessible to children and animals.

You can also prepare solutions yourself. They do not act so quickly and effectively. But folk recipes are safer.

How to get rid of whitefly in a greenhouse by folk remedies

An alternative to chemical means are folk recipes. Infusions are often used for preventive purposes, but you can try it as an effective remedy against whitefly. In this method there is an undeniable plus - ecological purity. It may be necessary to increase the number of treatments.

In the fight against the whitefly will help infusions of plantain or garlic Anti-whitefly can be helped with infusions of plantain or garlic

Home recipes against whitefly:

  1. Use of dandelions( leaves and roots).It is required to take 60-70 g, chop and pour boiling water in an amount of 1 liter. Spraying should be done every 1.5 weeks.
  2. Application of garlic.100 g should be crushed and poured boiling water - 0.5 liters. After 4 days, you can start spraying crops. It is necessary to use 5 g of infusion per 1 liter of water.

Spray both sides of the leaflet. With small amounts of pest, you can use adhesive tapes and traps that you can make yourself. You can also use ash, tobacco dust or special spirals from mosquitoes.

For a better fixation of the product on the leaves, you should add a little liquid soap, shampoo or adhesive to it.

To get rid of the whitefly, you need to take seriously enough the methods of struggle. Here all means are good. You can combine different ways to achieve a better effect.

How to make a trap in the fight against the whitefly in the greenhouse

You can use special traps in the fight against the whitefly. They are environmentally friendly. They can be made by hand or purchased in specialized stores.

Effective in the fight against pests all kinds of traps Various pits are effective in pest control.

Stages of creating a pest trap:

  1. The material of manufacture is plastic. It should be painted in orange or yellow tint.
  2. The plastic is covered with entomological glue. Sticky ingredients can be prepared by yourself. This will require Vaseline and detergent. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions. This adhesive is easily washed off.
  3. Next, you need to make a highlight. The trap is suspended at the level of the tops of plants. The backlight is mounted directly on the plastic.

With such a simple device, you can catch 80% of insects. For greater efficiency, it is advisable to install a second trap at night. To do this, you need a box in which the lamp is mounted, painted in orange-yellow color. At the bottom of the box is put a container with water.

The principle of the trap is to attract whiteflies with light. After that, the insect beats against the bulb and falls into the water.

Plexiglas or plywood can also serve as a material for traps. Periodically, the device must be cleaned. Installation is a sticky side to the crops. It is important not to allow direct sunlight to fall into the traps.

Tools how to get rid of a whitefly in a greenhouse( video)

A greenhouse whitefly is quite an insidious pest that can destroy the entire crop. Fighting insects should be comprehensive. To withdraw the whitefly can be chemical preparations, folk remedies or using natural enemies of the pest. It is also important to properly process the greenhouse in the fall: disinfect the structure and replace the soil.