Spraying tomatoes in the greenhouse: boric acid, how to spray tomatoes

Spraying tomatoes in the greenhouse promotes the growth of tomato bushes Spraying of tomatoes in a greenhouse promotes the growth of tomato bushes An important action for the care of tomatoes in a greenhouse is spraying the culture with nutrient solutions. Foliar top dressing of tomatoes helps in the treatment of seedlings from infectious and fungal diseases, strengthen the vegetation of plants, contribute to obtaining a large and high-quality harvest. In addition, foliar spraying can quickly reanimate plants in the event of an acute shortage of micronutrients. How to properly spray and what tools are used by gardeners are very popular - read in the article.

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How to spray tomatoes in a greenhouse

Out-root treatments of tomatoes are considered one of the most effective ways of fertilizing and treating seedlingsS.The undeniable advantage of spraying tomatoes is that the plant absorbs all the nutrients and medicinal components through the leaves faster than through the root system.

To spray the desired result, it must be done correctly:

  1. According to Finnish and Dutch technologies, spray plants every 7-9 days.
  2. It is better to perform foliar treatments in the early morning hours or in the afternoon, in calm weather.
  3. If you need to process tomatoes in the daytime, it is better to choose sunless days: solutions in the sun will dry up faster, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of spraying.
  4. Spraying of seedlings can be done 10-15 days after growing in a permanent place( treatment with a weak solution of potassium manganese salt can be carried out already on the 5th day of cultivation of tomatoes in a greenhouse).

Spraying tomatoes should be done correctly Spraying of tomatoes must be done correctly

In addition, during the preparation of a spraying solution, the treatment objectives, the presence of vitamins and minerals in the soil, the condition of the plants( color, shape of the leaves and stems can tellAbout a lack in a food of tomatoes of this or that micronutrient).

Foliar top dressing: spraying tomatoes in a greenhouse

Introduce top dressing advised from the time of the formation of the first ovary. Depending on the stage of development of tomatoes, you can use superphosphate, potassium sulfate, wood ash.

The most popular solutions for foliar dressing of tomatoes are:

  1. A nutritional solution based on superphosphate. To prepare the product, 30 grams of superphosphate is bred in a liter of hot water, and insist the day. After the solution is filtered and added to it 5 grams of potassium sulfate and a microfertilizer tablet. The resulting composition is diluted with a bucket of water.
  2. Manganese solution. On a bucket of water, dilute a gram of potassium permanganate and 10-15 grams of urea.50-70 plants can be treated with this solution. For larger seedlings, the components of the solution are increased in equal proportions.

Foliar top dressing of tomatoes is recommended to be carried out from the moment of formation of the first ovary Foliar top dressing of tomatoes is recommended to be carried out from the moment of the formation of the first ovary

Alternating the proposed fertilizing, it is possible to achieve the maximum harvest: fertilizers will promote tomato growth and development of green mass, protect flowers from shedding.

Spraying with boric acid tomatoes in the greenhouse

Despite the many modern, special tools for topping tomatoes in a greenhouse, boric acid was especially popular among gardeners. And this is not surprising, because boron is an important microelement that tomatoes need for normal growth, flowering and fruiting.

Spraying tomatoes in the greenhouse with boric acid nourishes plants, helps them to fight against viral and fungal diseases, insects.

The spray solution is prepared depending on the application. So, for fertilizing bushes and preventing the fall of the ovaries, boric acid is bred in the amount of two grams per two liters of hot water. The plants are treated with a cooled solution.

Spraying tomatoes in the greenhouse with boric acid perfectly nourishes plants Spraying tomatoes in a greenhouse with boric acid perfectly nourishes plants

During the preparation of the agent, it is important that the acid particles completely dissolve in water. In addition, the recommended dosage should be observed: glut of boron may affect the vegetative period of tomatoes.

Boric acid supplementation can make not only greenhouse seedlings stronger, but also plants that are grown on hydroponics or cultivated at home( balconies, loggias, window sills).

Treatment of phytophthora: how to spray tomatoes in a greenhouse

Boric acid helps in the fight against late blight. To treat tomatoes, a teaspoon of acid dissolves in 10-15 liters of hot water. Tomatoes are sprayed after the solution has cooled. For a better effect, the seedlings are pretreated with a solution of potassium permanganate, in a week - boric, and after as much - iodine.

In addition, for the treatment of tomatoes from phytophthors apply:

  1. Tincture of garlic. To make the tincture, garlic( 100 grams) is ground and poured into water( 250 ml).The agent is insisted for a day and diluted in a bucket of water and add to the tincture a gram of potassium permanganate. Tomatoes are treated every two weeks. Serum dissolution.
  2. Serum solution. To prepare the preparation, the serum from the sour milk is diluted with water in proportions one to one. Tomatoes are sprinkled with milk whey starting in June. You can carry out treatment every day: there can be no overdose from the remedy.
  3. Iodized solution. Preparation: a liter of milk( defatted) is diluted in a bucket of water, after which 15 drops of iodine are added to the solution. Tomatoes are sprayed with this remedy every 14 days.
  4. Copper sulphate solution. The preparation is made from two tablespoons of copper sulphate and a bucket of water. Plants are sprinkled with vitriol before flowering.

Boric acid has established itself as the best tool in the fight against late blight Boric acid has proven itself as the best tool in the fight against late blight

"Phytosporin" is considered to be an effective agent for the treatment of phytophthora. The drug is diluted according to the instructions. The first processing of tomatoes is carried out until the appearance of the first ovaries, all subsequent - every 10 days. To prevent disease, before transplanting seedlings in a greenhouse, you can treat "Fitosporin" soil. In addition, the drug can be added to irrigation water once in several waterings.

Competent spraying of tomatoes in a greenhouse( video)

Spraying tomatoes in a greenhouse is an important activity that can make plants strong and healthy, speed up the flowering process of tomatoes. The main thing when spraying, pick the right solution and carry out the procedures in accordance with the above recommendations. And then, you will get a lot of tasty and attractive fruits!