How to cut cucumbers in a greenhouse: the correct scheme, remove leaves, cut side shoots, photo

Circumcision is one of the most important stages in the cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse Circumcision is one of the most important stages in the cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse If you do not follow the cucumbers and let them grow naturally, they can grow so that it will be difficult to get through them. Not to mention that it will be impossible to perform full-fledged care. To form a bush correctly is a paramount task for those who aspire to get a healthy, abundant and high-quality harvest."How to cut cucumbers in a greenhouse," - say experienced farmers. They know how to free a bush from extra leaves so that it feels free and grows right.

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Causes of trimming cucumbers in a greenhouse

The formation of cucumber bushes allows not only to keep the beds in perfect order, but also to influenceThe full and healthy development of the bush. Pruning cucumbers directly affects the incidence of plants. Proper formation provides plants with full access to light and air.

Cucumbers growing in the open ground on a large area can not be pinched, as they are planted at a sufficient distance from each other.

Thanks to circumcision, you can improve the quality and increase the number of cucumbers Cutting can improve the quality and quantity of cucumbers

However, when it comes to planting in a greenhouse, there are a number of reasons why pruning is simply necessary to ensure that the plants are healthy and produce quality fruits. Ignoring such an important procedure can lead to the fact that all nutrients will go to ensure the life of the bushes. The creation of artificial "unloading" will ensure complete provision of fruits with nutrients.

Reasons for pruning cucumbers:

  1. Uncontrolled growth and formation of ovaries can lead to overloading of the root system. This will lead to the fact that the fruits will not receive sufficient food, they will not grow and mature.
  2. The quality of the fruit depends on the full air access. Normal air exchange is possible only if the extra leaves do not interfere. The lack of air leads to the formation of poor quality fruit.
  3. High-quality pruning makes it easy to care for plants, affects the quality of watering, loosening, weeding, spraying, harvesting.

Cucumbers need an obligatory garter, since without it they will simply spread along the ground. And this, in turn, can lead to disease of plants. The method of forming shrubs depends on the variety of plants and the way they are planted and grown.

How to properly cut cucumbers in a greenhouse

The method of pruning depends on the type of plant: variety, hybrid, tall or bush. It is important to think in advance about the way in which cucumbers will be grown: on trellises or directly on a bed. Tall tomatoes require mandatory garters - this will maximize the use of the greenhouse area.

Cut cucumbers recommended using scissors Cutting of cucumbers is recommended by using scissors

Cucumber scraps can be twisted clockwise around a horizontally stretched wire, to which will be attached, hanging down, soft twine.

It is important to start the formation of shrubs as early as possible, and not wait until the plants become large. The procedure of formation should occur regularly - this will allow not to start the process and will not let the thickets grow. If the order is maintained systematically( once or twice a week), the plants will always be well-groomed and healthy.

Instructions for forming a bush:

  1. After planting the plants must pass no more than 10 days. Saplings should be tied with twines.
  2. Pay attention to the lower part of the plant. Remove shoots and flowers you need in the sinuses of the first four or five leaves. Follow the procedure with a sharp scissors.
  3. Wait until three or five more leaves appear on the whip. In their sinuses this time, flowers and ovaries need not be touched, but side shoots should be subject to removal.
  4. The next section, having the same composition, is left untouched. But with the appearance of the first leaves, the shoots that appear above them are necessarily pinching.

The procedure is repeated as the whip grows and develops. It is important to note that the tops should not be torn off by hand: they need to be carefully trimmed with scissors. It is impossible to leave hemp, and also it is better to carry out the procedure of sunny weather, so that the sections of slices dry up and tighten more quickly.

Clarifying scheme for cutting cucumbers in a greenhouse

In order for plant growth to be active and constant, clarifying pruning should be performed from time to time. Side leaves and shoots hanging down, mercilessly remove. In this case, the ovaries should remain in two pieces.

To increase the yield, many leave the side stems, which are in the first nodes. Side shoots should be placed on the ground in the form of a fan.

Find a scheme for pruning cucumbers can be on the Internet and for convenience to print it on the printer Find the scheme for pruning cucumbers on the Internet and print it for convenience on the

printer. This scheme will stop the growth of the stem, which will help to pour fruit. Removal of leaves must be done very carefully, so as not to damage the plant. Rules and advice of experts will help you understand the scheme of pruning cucumbers and perform it correctly.

Clearing trim rules:

  • The trimming of the whip should be carried out strictly to the point of growth. Injury of shoots will lead to their drying.
  • If there are a large number of moldings, the soil should be thoroughly dried. Then the growth points and empty flowers are removed.
  • Every 10 days, dry leaves need to be removed. These leaves should be located lower than the fruits of the plant.

You can not direct the antennae of the plant, located at the top of the shoot. Such actions can lead to the fact that the plant will begin to spin along, which will create a shadow for the fruit. When collecting fruit, it is important not to touch the ovaries of weaves and mustaches.

Is it possible to trim cucumbers in a greenhouse without tying

Cucumbers that do not need to tie are easier to form than bushes that need a garter. The method of formation will depend on whether the plant is a hybrid or a honeycomb. Distinguishing it is quite simple.

The main stem of varietal plants, which are pollinated by bees, are covered with male flowers - the blossoms. They do not form ovaries.

Female flowers are located on the side - they form the harvest. The growth point in such plants is formed after the fourth formed leaf. On lateral shoots the growth point is formed after the second or fourth present leaf.

Cut cucumbers in the greenhouse can be both tied up, and those that lie on the ground You can trim the cucumbers in the greenhouse both on the ground or on the ground

General advices:

  • Dry leaves require regular removal, otherwise the risk of plant diseases increases.
  • Mustache must be removed as soon as it appears, as they take a lot of nutrients.
  • Slinging and whipping without ovaries must be removed.

Correct formation and cutting of bushes will allow to grow healthy plants, to get high-quality and large yields even on a small area. Cutting unnecessary leaves and ovaries should be done very carefully. It is important to perform the procedure of circumcision regularly - only then the plants will develop normally, and the fruits - in time to ripen.

Instruction: How to trim cucumbers in a greenhouse( video)

Cucumbers must be trimmed, especially if they grow in a greenhouse. The growth of bushes contributes to the fact that plants do not receive enough light, retain moisture, which leads to the emergence of various diseases. It is worth noting that removing excess leaves and ovaries is necessary, following the rules about the recommendations of professionals, since there is a possibility of a violation of the structure of the entire stem, which can lead to the death of the plant.

Examples: how to cut cucumbers in greenhouses( photo)