Tomatoes in the greenhouse growing the formation of the bush: the correct video, for the tomato pattern = determinant

Having properly formed a tomato bush, it is possible to significantly increase its yield A common question on the lips of even experienced gardeners: growing and forming a tomato bush in a greenhouse, makes even a person with a profile education break the head. It seems to many that it is enough to use approved patterns for years, although, in fact, the order of actions depends to a large extent on many factors. Climate, humidity, sports - all this directly affects the development of tomatoes.

  • Determinant varieties: the tomato formation scheme in the greenhouse
  • Indeterminate varieties: how to form tomatoes in the greenhouse
  • Recommendations for beginners: how to form a tomato bush in a greenhouse
  • How to form tomatoes in a greenhouse( video)
  • We learn the basics: the formation of tomatoes in a greenhouse

    To begin with, it is necessary to understand that the basis of the right actionsIs the consideration of the form of the course. This indicator differs depending on the selected tomato variety. Opens a list of indeterminate varieties, characterized by rapid growth of the main stem.

    The shoot is planted in a greenhouse, where the optimum level of humidity and temperature is provided. Do not forget that such tomatoes require regular normalized watering and top dressing.

    To remove superfluous stepsons it is possible both hands, and with the help of scissors You can remove unnecessary stepchildren either with your hands or with the scissors

    In most cases, the bush is always formed in one stem. In this case, all side shoots must be removed.

    In addition to these indeterminate varieties, a number of others are distinguished:

    1. Half determinant - the growth process is permanent, however, under certain conditions, it may stop. Among the possible causes of botany, there is a sharp cold snap, a shortage of nutrients and an unregulated watering.
    2. Determinant - their growth is strictly limited. As one of the possible boundaries is the level of heredity at the level of heredity or the bookmark 6 of floral brushes.
    3. Superdeterminant - there is no need to conduct pasynkovaniya. At the same time, the shoulders of the gardener are responsible for removing unnecessary outgrowths. As practice shows, it is necessary to form the stem
    4. Stamp - the stem always grows to an average level, having a crown of a tree form. This variety does not require tying and pasynkovaniya. Thanks to this, caring for them takes much less time.

    The correct formation of a tomato bite depends largely on its variety. The speed of growth, the number of additional shoots, the need for their removal - all this must be known before starting to engage in gardening. The information is almost always indicated on the packaging with seeds, so it should be carefully read.

    Determinant types: tomato formation scheme in the greenhouse

    If the information on the package allows you to conclude that the tomato variety is of this category, then the following procedure is as follows.

    It starts with the fact that it is possible to form a bush correctly without removing the side shoots. If everything is done correctly, the bush is of a small size, which facilitates the care process.

    There is a special scheme showing how it is possible to form the determinant tomato varieties There is a special diagram showing how it is possible to form the determinant varieties tomato

    From a practical point of view, the adult plant scheme allows only one stem. Improve the dynamics of development will help pasynkovanie, conducted 1 time every 10 days. The main thing is to moderate the side shoots moderately, otherwise instead of increasing the yield, it will be substantially reduced.

    In addition, the gardener can adopt the following recommendations:

    • The minimum distance between beds is 30 cm;
    • The maximum number of stems allowed is from two to three;
    • Removal of a point occurs 3-4 months after the landing.

    The development and shaping of the kus in determinant bites occurs when the minimum distance is observed, both between shoots and between beds. In second place in terms of importance is the requirement to use a manual method of processing. In this case, undersized bushes can not be damaged.

    Indeterminate varieties: how to form tomatoes in a greenhouse

    The task of a horticulturist is to provide fruits with the necessary amount of moisture and nutrients. For this purpose, the growth is carried out according to the 1-stem scheme. If there is a significant number of secondary shoots on the main stalk, this will lead to the death of the plant.

    The most favorable place for cultivation of such varieties is the greenhouse, where comfortable conditions are created.

    Choose a method of forming a shrub tomato should be depending on the variety The tomato bush forming method should be selected depending on the

    . In the event that no external "shocks" come along, the side shoots are removed 2-3 weeks after the landing.

    The following procedure is as follows:

    • Avoiding the drying of seedlings will help to remove without exception the lower leaves located under the brush with the fruits of green color;
    • It is allowed to leave 1-2 leaves after the brush, if the main stem has not yet acquired the necessary firmness;
    • In the event that the weather outside the window can not boast of moderation, it is necessary to leave 1-2 branches on the first few stepsons.

    The account of climatic features is a guarantee of active growth and development of indeterminate varieties. The scheme provides for the complete or partial removal of lateral shoots, depending on the climatic features. Unlike determinant varieties that survive any number of secondary shoots, indeterminate cousins ​​require the removal of a small number of shoots in order to accelerate growth.

    Recommendations for beginners: how to form a tomato bush in a greenhouse

    In a polycarbonate greenhouse it is necessary to choose the right time for the planned manipulations. Minimizing the possible stress of seedlings can be done using several tricks. First, the garter and pasynkovanie carried out in the early morning. Secondly, even partial removal of secondary shoots is carried out no more than 1 time every 8-9 days, otherwise the plant will quickly wither.

    Before starting the formation of the tomato bush in the greenhouse, it is worth watching the training video

    In addition, the correct formation of the bush is made taking into account the following recommendations of botanists:

    • No more than 3 leaves per 1 time;
    • All manipulations are carried out in a polycarbonate greenhouse in moderately warm and dry weather;
    • Molding is allowed in a humid climate, but for starters it will be necessary to process the available slices with a weak solution of potassium permanganate;
    • Only step-children whose length is at least 55 cm are allowed to be removed;
    • It is forbidden to leave even small hemp;

    How to form tomatoes in a greenhouse( video)

    The lack of proper control over the growth of tomatoes does not have a good effect on yields. On the one hand, seedlings in a few weeks will significantly increase the occupied area. On the other hand, not all varieties are able to actively develop in the presence of secondary shoots. Take the necessary measures in a few weeks from the moment when the seedlings are planted in the open ground. In doing so, it is necessary to correctly identify the variety of the variety, which significantly affects the available arsenal of funds.