Hothouse 2 DUM: summer cottage garden, instruction on polycarbonate, assembly according to video, reviews, meters, scheme for producers

The greenhouses of DUM 2 are the real embodiment of the ideal price-quality ratio DUM 2 greenhouses are the real embodiment of the ideal price-quality ratio The installation of a greenhouse at the dacha is an opportunity to grow seedlings and receive early harvests. When choosing a ready-made building for a personal site, it is worth paying attention to the greenhouse 2DM.This is a unique structure that promises to last long and high quality.

    • Introduction to the greenhouse "Summer 2DM"
    • Assembly instruction for the greenhouse "Summer 2DM"
    • Methods for improving the greenhouse DUM2
    • Caring for the greenhouse of polycarbonate DUM2
    • Greenhouse of thoughts 2( video assembly)

Introduction to the greenhouse "Summer 2DM"

For a long time, the 2DUM engine has improved and modernized. Some characteristics of the production of greenhouses received a patent, which is a sign of a really high-quality product. It is important not only to study product reviews on the Internet, but also to learn the distinctive features of the greenhouse.

The customer

  • The ability to adjust the length of the greenhouse toSeveral meters. To do this, simply purchase more frame arcs.
  • Uncomplicated transportation of the structure, as all components are compactly unpacked for individual packages. Delivery can be done on a personal car.
  • The metal frame is covered with galvanized steel. Because of this, it is not exposed to fungus, mold or rotting.
  • Additional tools are not required for mounting the frame.
  • Does not require foundation pouring. The design is mounted thanks to instillation of T-shaped strong endings.
  • A more sealed connection is made. The places of installation of the windows and doors are fixed with clamps.
  • The assembly diagram is rather complicated, but it is convenient due to the numbered parts. You can do all your work yourself.
  • Frame arches have holes for the installation of automatic windows.
  • The high strength of the greenhouse is achieved due to a small distance between the arcs( 50 cm).You can buy reinforcement elements in addition and provide even greater reliability of the structure.
  • In the cold season, the greenhouse remains on the street. Thanks to a strong frame and a cover made of cellular polycarbonate, the structure is reliably protected from deformation. In addition, unlike traditional greenhouses, the land in the greenhouse DUM 2 will be already warmed up, which means it is possible to carry out early planting without fear.

    But there are disadvantages to this design. They can be fixed at low cost. And despite the shortcomings, the greenhouse "Dachnaya 2 DUM" is still considered the best option on the market for the suggested price.

    Strengthened strength of the greenhouse is possible due to additional internal supports-braces. They are attached to the arc in four places.

    The frame of the greenhouse is arched. This is a metal galvanized arc. The coating is cellular polycarbonate, the thickness of which is 4 mm. Its characteristics show high strength, flexibility and stability. New changes in 2010 added the number of packages, but did not affect the quality and cost.

    Assembly instruction for the greenhouse "Dachnaya 2DM"

    Before starting work, many are wondering whether a mandatory installation of the foundation is needed. In fact, this stage of installation of the greenhouse can be omitted, since the kit includes special T-shaped parts, which are buried in the ground. Filling of the foundation is necessary in case of abundant snowy winters or unstable soils. Due to the erosion of such a land, the greenhouse can skew.

    Manufacturer "Will" proved himself in the market of greenhouse constructions at the end of the last century Manufacturer "Volya" showed up in the greenhouse market at the end of the last century

    The distinctive features of the DUM2 design is that it does not need to be dismantled for the winter. It is sufficiently stable, and polycarbonate coating copes well with all loads.

    In case of loose soil and heavy snowfalls, it is recommended to make an easy foundation. The base can be ribbon made of reinforced concrete, wooden blocks, bricks or natural stone. Each material has its own nuances of installation and service life. Optimum to mount steel corners. After these works, you can start assembling the greenhouse.

    Instructions for assembling the framework of the greenhouse DUM2:

    1. It is necessary to get all the details and add them according to the number;
    2. Assembly of arcs;
    3. Installation of the end part, its connection and alignment vertically;
    4. Assembly of the second arc;
    5. Supported parts are attached to the arcs;
    6. In the same way, the second end part is assembled;
    7. Installation of ventilation pans and transoms.

    After installation of the frame, the polycarbonate covering must be fixed. With the correct installation of the arcs, this process will pass unproblematically. It is necessary first to clean the outer surface of the frame from contamination. Next, apply an elastic seal to the arcs. The next stage is the pasting of the greenhouse with sheets. For this, self-tapping screws and thermowells are used. The final work will be a reliable sealing of the polycarbonate.

    Techniques for improving the greenhouse DUM2

    It was previously indicated that the installation of the foundation instruction is not provided, since the kit includes special fixing parts. But in some cases it is better to secure the building. It is necessary that the greenhouse does not settle or become warped because of heavy precipitation or loose soils.

    The "Dachnaya-2DMUM" greenhouse is designed to create a microclimate favorable for the cultivation of orchard and garden crops in country and private plots The greenhouse "Dachnaya-2DMUM" is designed to create a microclimate favorable for the cultivation of garden and garden crops in the country and homestead areas

    Methods for securely fixing the greenhouse:

    1. The lower part of the greenhouse to be buriedIn the ground, treated with an anti-rust composition or bitumen;
    2. The greenhouse is mounted on a steel corner, which raises it slightly above ground level and provides a reliable base.

    In winter, the surface of the structure should be cleaned every day. This is stated in the instructions. But to simplify the care can be a number of activities.

    Construction strengthening methods:

    1. In the cold season, special supports can be installed. They are mounted on each arch.
    2. You can change the design of the greenhouse by creating a frameless farm.
    3. You can harden the frame with the help of gnutikov, which are installed instead of strips.

    The upper part of the structure can expand during heating. As a result, a hole forms on the lateral part. To prevent this, insert a polycarbonate strip 10 cm wide at the joints of the roof and the side walls.

    Caring for the greenhouse of polycarbonate DUM2

    Any, even the most reliable construction, for a long and trouble-free service life requires proper maintenance. The greenhouse DUM2 is no exception. There are a number of rules on how to properly care for the design.

    Greenhouses made of polycarbonate must be washed both outside and inside with a plain rag with water or a soapy solution Polycarbonate greenhouses must be washed both externally and internally with a plain rag with water or soapy solution

    Basics for proper care of the greenhouse DUM2:

    1. The substrate must be cleaned regularly. It is the clean coating that ensures maximum penetration of sunlight into the structure.
    2. In winter, snow should be removed from the surface of the hotbed. The weight of the snow cap can lead to deflection and deformation of the polycarbonate. At the same time, ice leads to rupture of the sheets.
    3. In winter, the greenhouse should be further strengthened with supports.
    4. In the summer, the greenhouse should be regularly ventilated. For this purpose, the windows are provided in the structure. Doors are not recommended to open. This can cause a too large temperature jump.

    All care for the greenhouse is quite acceptable. Only the correct operation of the hotbed provided a long service life. It should be remembered that the state of the greenhouse directly affects the good harvest.

    Greenhouse of Doom 2( video assembly)

    The uniqueness of the greenhouse 2DMUM is ensured by its design, as the manufacturer received a patent for some elements of the greenhouse. It does not require a foundation installation, easy to assemble and maintain. In this case, the greenhouse can be left for winter, it is not afraid of wind and snow.