Growing greenery in a greenhouse as a business: parsley for sale, dill in winter and garlic, how to grow all year round

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Growing greenery in a greenhouse - business year-round Growing greens in the greenhouse - a year-round business for profitable business of growing plants in a greenhouse should be familiar with some rules. You need to properly equip the greenhouse and know exactly how much greenery grows and what are the requirements for the microclimate and care. Favorable production requires attention and a certain knowledge of agricultural technology of each culture.

    • Features of growing greens in the greenhouse in the winter for sale
    • Agrotehnika growing parsley in a greenhouse for sale
    • Nuances growing dill in the greenhouse in the winter on
    • Selling a Business in the cultivation of garlic in the greenhouse
    • Growing greenerygreenhouses( video)

Features greenery growing in the greenhouse in the winter for sale

winter growing and realization of greenery brings a good income. Most often, parsley and dill are planted. But in addition to the obvious advantages of this business there are disadvantages.

Growing greenery in greenhouse conditions can be confidently called one of the most promising types of business Growing greens in greenhouses can surely be called one of the most promising types of business

Pros growing greens for sale:

  • Greens unpretentious in the care and does not require a lot of attention;
  • does not require a large initial investment, since the seeds are cheap and special equipment for maintenance is not required;
  • You can quickly get income, as the ripening period of the green is short;
  • Greens have a regular demand in the market.

But the numerous responses of farmers highlight the negative side. This business requires a constant clientele, as the greens quickly lose their presentable appearance. It will also require finance and time spent on greenhouse equipment and creating optimal conditions for growing crops. But these expenses quickly repay themselves with the timely sale of products.

When growing greenery in winter, it is necessary to properly design a greenhouse. For coating, you can use film, glass or polycarbonate. The most optimal option is cellular polycarbonate.

Glass does not scatter light, so plants can get burned. In the summer, it is advised to shade the greenhouse to avoid this.

The winter greenhouse should be equipped with heating, automatic irrigation and a system for maintaining the microclimate parameters. Due to modern developments, greenery can be grown in the northern regions. It is possible to equip a new generation greenhouse and save considerably on electricity and heating.

Experts advise to grow greens on hydroponics. So vegetative period of growth of cultures is reduced. In addition, caring for plants is much easier. Hydroponics does not require fertile soil, you just need to buy plastic cups.

This production technology also provides for the purchase of nutrient solution, which must be fed greens. It is also convenient that this plant can be placed vertically with such growing. This will help maximize the economical use of the area of ​​the greenhouse.

Storage and green fees:

  1. Before collecting plants is necessary to carry out irrigation. So the greens will be easier to assemble from the beds.
  2. Collected crops should be stored in waterproof containers. There should be added water with aspirin. So the green will stay fresh for a longer time.

It is important to follow these rules when growing crops, otherwise the plants will quickly lose their fresh appearance. Greens can be planted and in a closed ground, using liquid fertilizers. It will cost more, but the plants will have an expressive taste. Grown on hydroponics greens tasteless.

Agrotechnika growing parsley in a greenhouse for sale

The demand for parsley is available all year round. At the same time, business can also be arranged all year round. To do this, you need to equip the winter greenhouse and comply with a set of business plan requirements.

The demand for spicy vitamin greens is stable throughout the year Demand for spiced vitamin greens is stable throughout the year

Nuances of growing parsley:

  1. It is necessary to establish preliminary trade relations;
  2. The winter greenhouse should have lighting and heating;
  3. Seeds can be obtained independently or purchased;
  4. It is necessary to familiarize with the requirements of the plant to the microclimate and care.

Only knowing the cultivation of parsley can properly organize a regular sale. You can only sell fresh greens. The maximum shelf life of a plant in a cool place is a week. For a good income, you need to collect the maximum amount of harvest.

With parsley it is possible to grow a feather of onion, dill, salad. This will increase profits, and beams of different greens have a greater demand.

To get started, you need to familiarize yourself with the plant classification. Parsley is leafy and root. Both species are quite valuable for vitamin performance, but the root has a valuable root. Leaf parsley may differ by leaves: smooth or corrugated. The first option has a more intense smell.

Parsley seeds slowly rise. Before sowing it is necessary to bring them to the stage of the proklusnuvshihsya and only then sow. The first harvest can be collected after a couple of months, then the products for sale will be ready every month.

The optimum temperature for seed germination is 3-4 degrees. But grow green at a temperature of 15 degrees. Watering should be moderate. Top dressing should be done 2 times during the growth period of parsley.

The nuances of growing dill in a greenhouse in winter for the sale of

To obtain fragrant bunches of dill, certain rules of growing green must be observed. First you need to prepare a greenhouse. This event starts in February. Then the area under the greenhouse should be cleaned of winter precipitation. To quickly heat the earth, it is necessary to cover it with a film or roofing material. Already in the beginning of spring, the soil will warm up quite well.

For sale, you will need to grow greenery, which has an attractive presentation For sale, you need to grow greenery with an attractive presentation

Before sowing the seeds must be soaked. But do not germinate them, otherwise there will be problems with their landing in the ground.

It is important to remember that when growing dill for sale, you do not need to sow the entire area of ​​the greenhouse. So the plants will not receive their share of the light and will not grow in lush bushes. Therefore, it is better to make a groove landing.

Nuances of growing dill:

  • Sprouted seeds should be planted with beds, sprinkling a little on the ground;
  • It is necessary to regularly moisten the soil with water from the spray gun;
  • We need to get rid of weeds in time;
  • Periodically you need to loosen the soil so that there is no hard crust that will prevent the fennel from germinating;
  • Thick planting should be thinned;
  • At least once during the growth period it is necessary to perform top dressing.

For early harvesting it is advisable to use early ripening varieties of dill. And for regular plant growing it is necessary to sow it. In addition to diluting dill in the soil, you can try growing on hydroponics. This is a budget option, but the green will lack a characteristic taste.

Business for cultivation of garlic in the greenhouse

for industrial enterprises such business it is necessary to register. But if the sales volumes are small and extremely familiar, then there is no point in formalizing everything. Legal grounds for registering a business - if more than 1 hectare of land is involved in growing garlic.

Cultivating garlic in a greenhouse is a productive way of making a profit Grow garlic in the greenhouse - productive way to profit

benefit from growing garlic for sale:

  • equipped business can be at home, in the country;
  • Garlic is in demand among buyers;
  • Minimum competition;
  • Requires small financial investments;The garlic is not whimsical in the care of
  • .

There are 2 types of garlic: winter and spring. Before starting a business, it is important to determine what kind of service will be used. Winter garlic is more suitable for breeding for sale. It is frost-resistant, has high yield and excellent taste qualities. Yarovoj is more suitable for growing in warm edges.

Garlic is not sown by seeds. For planting, denticles and bulbots are used. They must be quality, not affected by disease.

The microclimate for garlic depends on the selected variety. But the culture is very unpretentious in care. In the technology of growing must include regular watering, loosening, harvesting of weeds and arrows, as well as fertilizer.

Growing greenery in greenhouses( video)

To grow quality greenery in a greenhouse, you must follow certain rules. Each culture is unique, but for the best profit it is advised to grow several types of greens at once and to implement prefabricated bundles. For the year-round cultivation will need a winter greenhouse with heating and lighting.

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