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To fix the lid of the toilet bowl, it is necessary to choose the correct fixing In order to secure the lid of the toilet, it is necessary to choose the correct mounting . Even consultants in the store often advise to do so - sketch the full-size toilet rim, measuring its maximum width, length and distance between the fastener holes. This is done on a newspaper sheet. If you have such a sketch, the plumbing store consultant will easily select the right model for the buyer. You can, of course, take a picture of the bezel, but this is not the best option, because the measurements will be more correct.

        • How to fix the toilet cover
        • How to install the cover on the toilet

Dismantling: how to remove the lid of the toilet

There is nothing complicated to unscrew the old lid. However, there are cases when the lid is hardly unscrewed, this is due to the peculiarities of the model. In general, it is not difficult to do this.

Remove the lid of the toilet can be handy if you competently approach this process You can remove the toilet cover yourself if you approach the process correctly

How to remove the toilet seat cover:

  • Remove the plastic clip easily - the bolts are usually fastened out quickly. But if the product is already old, it is dirty, then the fastener is unscrewed with some effort. If the plastic bolts do not want to be removed, they need to be removed with a red-hot knife blade. In this case, the material will not contaminate the toilet bowl - it is not difficult to remove the hardened plastic.
  • Remove the steel fasteners from the seat harder. Such details, by the way, are not recommended at all in places where high humidity is formed. You can buy a special lubricant that penetrates into the gap between the materials and freezes rust.
  • Brass fastening is easier to remove, but if something does not work out, it will be solved with the help of ordinary kerosene.

If you choose which fasteners to install, the best option is plastic. Such fasteners are not only easy to install and unscrew without special tools, but it is very easy to remove them when they are soiled. And you can put all this alone, with your own hands.

Instruction: installing the toilet cover

An important role in the installation is played by the kind of the toilet seat, with the whole-piece model it will be easier to work. But the waybill, the so-called "eared" copy, requires more attention. Lock the lid in the same holes where the tank is attached. Therefore, before screwing the lid with the "ears", additional polyethylene clamps will be required.

To quickly install the toilet cover, experts recommend easy installation

How to facilitate the installation process:

  • When screwing brass parts, use intermediate plastic washers( otherwise there is a risk of breaking the toilet);
  • If after the new seat has been secured, the toilet seat has shifted, the water has started leaking, check the rubber cuff.

Sometimes the cuff has to be replaced. First turn off the water supply, then unplug the drain tank, then remove the cuff itself. And before fixing a new part, clean the place of fixing thoroughly from plaque and lime. And then calmly mount the seat.

Put a narrow part of the product on the toilet shelf. Return the water tank to the right place. Pull out the cuff, cover it with the wide part on the body bell. Drain the water, and thus, check if there are leaks.

Quick repair of the toilet seat cover

Sometimes the toilet seat or toilet seat cover is suddenly damaged. The fault is simply an old, worn-out design, or inaccurate handling of the product, or a blow with something heavy. Someone, for example, thinks of becoming feet on the lid, suggesting that nothing terrible will happen.

Before you begin to repair the lid of the toilet, you need to clean the surface of the toilet bowl and prepare tools for work Before starting to repair the toilet cover, it is necessary to clean the toilet surface and prepare tools for operation.

How to repair a crack?In the case of a plastic seat, dichloroethane or acetone will help. Just drop some liquid into the crack, tighten the edges tightly, and then let it dry thoroughly. The fracture points can be carefully melted to softness, and then combined and allowed to cool. Then it is supposed to be light grinding.

It happens that the eared toilets burst cover or seat, and sometimes the ears fall off. You can buy a new plastic construction, but if the previous one broke, try to fix it.

How to repair a broken "eared" structure:

  • Clean the damaged area from dirt;
  • Dry well( can be used with a hairdryer);
  • Fully degrease the product with acetone;
  • Mix hardener and epoxy;
  • With this compound, grind cleavage sites, mix surpluses can be removed and needed directly;
  • Smoothly connect the edges of the chips, firmly press them against each other.

Put everything in place when the material finally hardens. But no longer allow a reason, due to which I had to fix( and sometimes change) the lid. Not only to fasten it should be cautious, but also to be used in the future should be carefully.

Tip: How to fix the microlift of the toilet cover

First the construction is dismantled. After that, the right and, accordingly, the left microlifts are disassembled. A standard screwdriver removes the holders. In the mechanism of microlift there are: pistons, cylinders, piston covers and, of course, lubricating material. Often the microlift falls and breaks if a lubricant accumulates in one zone of the cylinder.

To fix the microlift of the lid of the toilet, it will be necessary first to dismantle the structure To fix the microlift of the toilet seat cover, you will first need to dismantle the

design. Distribute the lubricant evenly over the cylinder. Assemble the system in reverse order, accurately installing each part. If, when closing / opening, the lid of the toilet bowl is fastened, you do not just need to add lubricant, but replace it.

When buying plumbing fixtures, whether brands like Berges Wasserhaus or something simpler, ask the consultant about what accompanying materials may be useful. It's about the same lubricants, spare attachments and so on. Sometimes it is necessary to assemble such a kit in order not to worry about further exploitation.

How to install the lid on the toilet( video)

To avoid problems with the lid and seat mounting, do not expose them to risks such as bumps and other injuries, clean the fixture in due time, lubricate if necessary.

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