Household grease trap: in the sink the grease separator with your own hands, the drawings for the sink, the separator for the sewer

Prevent clogging in the pipes will help household grease trap prevent clogging in the pipes will help household grease trap In Western countries, grease trap put in almost every home. Thus, there is no clogging, and water quickly passes through the pipes. At first glance, it may seem that the separation of water from fat is a complex process. But this is not so.

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Why do we need zhiroulavlivatel sink

The owners of private houses, villas and other places you can often find sewer that runs autonomously. In it, after a long operation, there are clogs in the pipes. This is due to dirt, fat and food particles that do not dissolve in water. They stay in the sewer. The blockage can be formed as a result of poor installation of pipes, their incorrect gradient. But most often, the cause of the blockage is large particles and fatty water. This problem is eliminated by a household grease trap.

The grease trap is installed under the sink grease trap is installed under the sink

grease long been used in queuing organizations. In such places, pipes are often polluted, because they constantly wash the dishes and throw large particles into the pipes.

unit can see in:

  • Cafe;
  • Bar;
  • Restaurant;
  • Canteen.

With this device, a pump for additional pressure is also installed. In these cases, the grease trap is installed under the sink. It is needed to receive the primary streams of water that you have already used. For example, they washed food or dirty dishes. The unit acts as a small septic tank that retains fat and oil. Also, in the cottages can install a grease trap in the well. In this case, for installation in the well, it is better to buy the unit in a specialized store, since the kitchen grease trap may not be suitable for use in suburban areas.

The grease trap itself does not need to be connected to the network, which will save your money on electricity.

The principle of operation of the device is similar to the settler mechanism. The grease trap looks like a container that has a rectangular shape. Inside it there are cameras separated by special partitions. This is a kind of separator for the walls.

The need for a grease trap under the sink is due to the cleanliness of the pipes. If you do not install such a structure at the time, then within a couple of years your pipes will become completely unusable. This can lead to their cleaning already from the inside, or to a complete replacement of the pipeline. The installation does not take much time, and there will be a clear benefit. Therefore, it is better to install a grease trap under the sink as soon as possible.

What is a grease separator

A grease separator is needed for cleaning sewage that flows through pipes. It can be installed inside the premises, and outside. In this case, the fat does not get into the sewer pipes, and there will not be bad smells.

The separator will stop the fat and prevent it from getting into the sewer pipes fat separator stop and you will never get him into the sewer pipe

fat separator made of different materials. Most often used stainless steel and polyethylene, as it is cheap and at the same time, strong materials.

The separator construction consists of two parts:

  • Sump;
  • Special filtering device.

In the sump, during the operation of the household grease trap, all the fat accumulates, which goes in the water, for example, after dirty dishes.

The filter device does not allow grease to penetrate the pipeline.

The principle of the fat separator is based on the physical and chemical properties of various substances. Light substances during draining, such as grease and oil, are collected in the top layer of the container. Heavy substances immediately go to the bottom. The material of the tank itself does not react to the aggressive environment in the form of fats and oils, and the lid for ventilation does not penetrate the smelly odors that are deposited inside the grease trap.

If you own a bar, cafe, dining room, restaurant or just want to keep pipes in your house, get a fat separator. It will help you stop the fat before it enters the sewer pipes.

How to make a grease trap under the sink with your own hands

The grease collector for a sink or sink can be bought, or you can make by yourself. If you have at hand all the necessary materials for the manufacture of such an assembly, you can save money on its purchase and make it yourself.

Having prepared the necessary materials and having made the layout of the arrangement, it is possible to make and install the grease trap yourself Having prepared the necessary materials and having made the layout of the arrangement, it is possible to manufacture and install a grease trap

Many craftsmen make a grease trap on their own. You can do it yourself, if you basically represent its design. It is quite simple, so it should not cause difficulties.

To make a grease trap you need to use:

  • Food plastic;
  • Fiberglass;
  • Polypropylene;
  • Stainless steel.

If your farm has tanks made of such materials, then boldly take them.

The body for the grease trap must be selected such that it was rectangular with a lid. It can be a large children's box for toys made of plastic.

The nozzles can be used standard. The device has a place for input and output of pipes. For these purposes, the sewage knee will work.

Specialists recommend before making work to make an approximate drawing, where you are going to install the unit. A painted diagram with all the dimensions will help you not to be mistaken during the installation.

After this, you need to do the following:

  1. In the box, cut two holes on the sides for input and output;
  2. To the bottom we glue a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm;
  3. 50 mm pipe fitting inside the 100 mm pipe;
  4. Install the insertion knee;
  5. We take sealant and lubricate all input and output places;
  6. Use a sealing tape to glue the edges of the cover of the box to the body;
  7. After drying, we put the grease trap into operation.

Thus, you will make a grease trap yourself, with minimal cash costs. So say the reviews of summer residents, who made such an assembly themselves.

The grease trap is easy to manufacture and can be made by yourself. The main thing is to use strong materials without cracks and dents, otherwise the water will flow out of the tank and the unit will not fully perform its functions.

How the grease collector for sewerage works

The grease trap for sewage is similar to that of a household appliance. Due to the sturdy materials from which the device is made, it is placed under the ground where sewer pipes pass. After installation, the unit performs water purification in an autonomous mode without outside interference in the process.

For efficient and long-lasting operation, periodic cleaning of the grease trap for sewage For an effective and long-lasting operation, you will need to periodically clean the grease trap for the sewer

It is important that the grease trap is installed immediately correctly. Otherwise, you will have to dig up the ground and climb into the pipes.

The grease trap for sewerage produces the first stage of cleaning. At this time, there is a separation of dirty wastewater into fats, oils and other substances that pollute the sewage system. That is, there is work on the principle of the separator, when the oil separates from the water.

The device is divided into two chambers:

  • The first is a container for heavy substances;
  • In the second - the water is cleaned of oil, where it floats to the surface.

When the oil level reaches a certain value, the sensor will work. It signals that the oil layer has reached the size when it is necessary to clean the tank.

It should be taken into account that during the long operation of the grease trap, oil can accumulate in it, which in time will become solid. After that the unit will have to be cleaned.

After passing two chambers, the water in the sewage system becomes clean without odors, impurities, and especially without fats and oils.

The grease trap for sewage is not a complex structure. But it is important to remember that it must be properly integrated into the sewage system from the very beginning. Periodically clean your unit and then, it will work as efficiently as possible.

Types of household grease trap( video)

A household grease trap is the thing that is needed in the house to prevent pipes from contamination. After all, sooner or later, pipes without grease trap will become unusable and then it will be necessary to change the entire pipeline system. Therefore, choose to purchase a good water treatment unit.

Examples grease trap( photo)