Furnace for garage: stove and burzhuyka in the garage, how to make their own hands, on long burning firewood, heating

The furnace for the garage solves the main problem of heating the room oven garage solves the main problem of heating premises Climatic features do not change the fact that the furnace for the garage is a must. Correctly selected heat source reduces the likelihood of fungus development, damage to the wiring harness and stored in the garbage dampness. Before you buy and install it, you should carefully consider the need for thermal energy. To save on paying utility bills and not become a victim of a fire will help meet a number of practical tips.

    • Homemade stove in the garage
    • Budget oven garage with wood
    • Durable oven for garage waste oil
    • tips for beginners: how to make a stove made of bricks
    • Oil pressure stove in the garage with his hands
    • Gas oven with his own hands
    • Homemade oven for wood garage( video)

Homemade stove in the garage

to answer the question, what is better to choose burzhujku primarily Stoipay attention to the expected operating conditions.

In a temperate climate, preference should be given to the iron structure, characterized by high heat output and low weight. If we talk about the shape of the furnace, then there is no cube competition.

On the one hand, homemade heaters provide even large areas with heat, and, on the other hand, requires the minimum required combustion chamber size.

Before you make a bucket, think about a lot of details Before manufacture burzhujku, consider many details

In order not to have to regret the money spent in the manufacture burzhujki need attention listed below nuances:

  • minimum required thickness of the metal walls is 5 mm;
  • The diameter of the metal pipe is 300 mm or more;
  • The chimney unit is designed from the side or from the top depending on the type of construction;
  • The minimum required angle of inclination of the chimney varies from 30 to 40 degrees;
  • For exhaust gases, a pipe with a diameter of at least 120 mm is used;
  • The width of the chimney base of the heating system is 5 mm, otherwise the walls do not allow efficient generation of thermal energy;
  • The garage burner requires the installation of a zone for the concentration of ash, which will be collected directly under the furnace;
  • The recommended size of the slots for a small furnace varies from 10 to 15 mm.

The functioning of a large and small turbojet is built on the classical physical principle. The larger the contact area with oxygen, the more heat is generated. Do not lose with the purchase will help mandatory measurement of the area where the furnace is planned to be installed.

Budget oven for a garage with wood

apparatus of this type relates to a continuous burning units. When using them, it is not necessary to regularly place a heat source. From a technical and practical point of view, a wood-fired oven allows less to think about supplying the "vents" with food due to the presence of a special damper.

Depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the amount of generated heat, a person opens or closes it accordingly.

Another advantage of such a stove is a spacious fireplace. It allows you to immediately download the required amount of firewood.

The oven for a garage on firewood is very convenient in operation oven garage with wood is very easy to operate

If we talk about other attractive aspects of structures of this kind, the builders allocate the following features:

  • minimum volume of the furnace is 200 liters - this is quite enough for a complete heating even a spacious garage in the bitter cold;
  • The upper part of the structure is cut to form the hood - it is recommended to carefully check all dimensions at the time of drawing up the drawing;
  • Minimum required chimney diameter is at least 155 mm;
  • Sheet metal is used for cargo production;
  • The oven provides a continuous smoldering of firewood, which guarantees the generation of heat for at least 12 hours.

The wood-heated heating system allows you to monitor the amount of fuel in the tank to a lesser degree. The furnaces of long burning largely depend on the diameter of the chimney. The more it is, the faster the work of the bourgeoisie is.

Durable oven garage waste oil

selected as the source of heat the wood is not always possible. In some regions, the cost of their delivery exceeds all conceivable limits.

In this case, it is recommended to opt for another fuel - waste oil. On the one hand, it is quite difficult to build a construction by oneself, and, on the other hand, all expenses quickly pay off.

Everything begins with the selection of the boiler, where direct combustion occurs and sections where the vapors are mixed with oxygen.

The furnace on the waste oil is rather difficult to make by own hands furnace waste oil is difficult to do with their hands

matter on which operates the oil unit, it consists of the following elements:

  • Chimney;
  • Temperature section;
  • Afterburner;
  • Oil chamber - fuel is loaded here.

recommended to set the boiler operates on the waste liquid fuels from the end wall, near the entrance group. Thus, uniform distribution of thermal energy is ensured. In the event that there are significant temperature changes in the region, the diameter of the outlet pipe should be increased. If to speak about admissible kinds of used oil, the device of the heater allows to take a liquid without any restrictions.

tips for beginners: how to make a stove made of bricks

The harsh climate expedient technically correct to put the heating system on the basis of a more resistant material - brick. Despite the seeming complexity of the project, it is fairly treated to economy-options. First, the brick provides maximum thermal insulation. Secondly, the economical stove made of iron and bricks to a lesser extent has a negative impact on the family budget.

If we talk about the area of ​​the construction, it is about 2x2.5 or 2x3 bricks. Regardless of the planned size, each series is made on the basis of a brick with refractory characteristics.

When equipping the brick oven in the solution, it is necessary to add fireclay powder At arrangement of the furnace bricks in solution is required to add chamotte powder

addition, attention should be paid to the following details:

  • necessarily add chamotte powder solution to create furnace cottages or garage;
  • A similar composite element must be in the brick structure;
  • Economical iron sink for collection of waste material is located in a special niche;
  • order to gasoline or diesel combustion chamber to generate more heat, brickwork must include a number of 2-4 chamotte bricks;
  • The average height of the furnace structure is 9-10 bricks;
  • chimney includes a "sleeve" and a few discs, filters, the purpose of the task of which is to minimize emissions of environmentally unsafe.

Masonry heaters for garden and garage only a man can build, have sufficient experience. The price of the error is great, for example, it can be a fire, an increased fuel consumption or insufficient heat production. Regardless of the degree of complexity of the project, the design of the stoves is first worked out on the drawing table.

Liquid fuel stove in the garage with their own hands

It happens that there is only gasoline or diesel at hand. In this case, it is necessary to use accurate calculation and improvised materials. First you need to weld the frame. The larger the area is planned to be heated, the larger the capacity of the barrel-furnace should be taken as a basis. For example, a 3-liter design is enough to maintain a comfortable temperature within 15 square meters.

You can even build a burzhuyku, which feeds on working off. This oven is very simple and treat the drop type.

If there is no desire to tinker with the project and the subsequent installation, then in the trade network you can purchase a ready-made version.

For example, the Atomka model, which operates in addition to fuel oil on coal, and Emelya. The latter variety is ready to absorb another gas with appetite.

A liquid fuel stove will be able to heat a garage of any quadrature Oil pressure stove can heat a garage any quadrature

Regardless of existing preferences, builders with experience urged not to forget about the following details:

  • Improve the efficiency of the furnace will pre-processing base insulating materials;
  • Mini-boiler house with liquid fuel for relatively small rooms has a minimum recommended wall thickness of the base within 10-14 mm;
  • If there are children in the family, then for fire safety reasons it is forbidden to use liquid fuel heaters.

Liquid fuels are justified in cases where the weather outside the window is characterized by a harsh temper. On the one hand, the metal "shell" equally quickly heats the large and small area, and, on the other hand, a careful calculation of all parameters is mandatory.

Gas oven with his own hands

presence of a nearby source of natural gas makes it possible not to think about those kind of heating system to choose. Unlike heating "drip"( oven drip type), and wood, requires a lot of space in the shed for storing fuel, a compact gas boiler directly connected to the fuel source. For this, it is necessary to obtain an agreement with the local gas company.

This is done for reasons not only of a legal nature, but also of common sense. Only an experienced person can perform the connection of a gas furnace in accordance with current regulations.

Gas stove for garage - reliable and durable construction Gas oven Garage - rugged and durable construction

System reliability and durability of operation provide the following parameters:

  • equipment furnace fan will increase the amount of heat generated;
  • The thickness of the metal used is 15-25 mm;
  • firebox form selected taking into account characteristics of the heated area, for example, classical pyramid is justified in the case where the furnace is placed in a garage with a high ceiling;
  • The most expensive models have additional insulation from iron;
  • Removal of spent fuel is carried out with the help of prefabricated wells, sending slag to the sewage system;
  • In the case where the maximum level of heat production is required, a material marked "super" refractory is used for the construction of the furnace.

Homemade oven for wood garage( video)

construction or purchase furnaces for the garage - balanced step, on which depends the utility bill and a comfortable temperature. At the initial stage, the garage parameters, operating conditions, weather characteristics, humidity level and proximity of the potential fuel type are measured. Based on the collected data, a furnace drawing is made and a chimney is formed. At the construction stage of the furnace, you need to keep the plan drawn up before your eyes.