Maevsky crane: operating principle and photo, valve for cast iron radiators, key for automatic air cock

The Maevsky crane is very often seen in both urban and country houses Maevsky crane is very often seen in both urban and country houses The Mayevsky( not Mayakovsky) crane is always heard by residents of multi-storey houses, especially at the beginning of the heating season. After all, they face troubles, in the form of cold batteries. When neighbors have several days in the apartment warmly, and in their own apartment - it's cold. And at the same time, it is still very disappointing that for cold batteries it is necessary to pay a heating organization. What to do?

    • operating principle of bleed screw
    • When needed valve Majewski
    • bleed screw for cast iron radiators installation location
    • key for bleed screw: types
    • automatic bleed screw: Scope
    • Toolsinstallation air valve
    • How to use a valve Majewski
    • bleed screw: the principle of operation( video)
    • tap Examples Majewski( photo)

principle worksS crane Majewski

It is necessary to understand what the design of the Mayevsky crane is. Correctly this crane is called - the cock for the descent of the air-cork. The crane is necessary in order to remove air from the heating and radiators.

This "air" tap is necessary for normal operation of heating devices.

The Maevsky crane has an uncomplicated design, so everyone can easily open or close it bleed screw has a simple construction, so it can all be easily opened or closed

fact that often excessive air accumulated in the heating system, which disrupts the normal coolant circulation( hot water) inside the pipe system. And the Maevsky crane perfectly copes with this problem.

The Maevsky crane in the technical literature is named:

  • Locking equipment;
  • Crane Release;
  • Radiator needle option.

Invented this simple device for a long time, in 1930 in the USSR.Initially, this device was put into operation in order to prevent the population, actively disassemble the water from the heating system for their own needs. And already in the process of operation, another very useful property of this device was discovered - to set up the entire system of water heating. How the Maevsky crane is designed is a very simple device, and consists of a cone element that rotates inwards and the body.

When needed valve Majewski

valve Majewski - a combination of "cone in cone", and between the gasket and form a cross-shaped key. There is a small air outlet in the case. This, in fact, the simplest scheme of the device of this valve. It is necessary to understand how the valve or valve of Maevsky works.

With low water velocity and low pressure in the heating system, air accumulates in one place, and there are air jams. They then prevent the circulation of water in the system. And also air gets into the system for long idle periods( summer, not heated period).And therefore, when the heat is supplied to the system in the autumn, air must be displaced with water at a higher pressure than envisaged.

If this fails, it is necessary to force air out of the system.

Before you start using the Mayevsky valve, it Before attempting to operate the valve Majewski, worth seeing video tutorial

That this requires a valve Majewski. The heating system remains under increased pressure, and at the same time it is necessary to discharge the air through the air vent at the upper level of the system, including, in cast iron radiators, the basic principle of the crane operation.

How do you determine that it is necessary to use bleed screw:

  • Heating medium hot;
  • Batteries are cold;
  • Characteristic sounds in the coolant.

This means that somewhere in the system there is an airlock or a few of them, and you need to remove them from the system. What species are there at the cranes of Majewski? There are several of them, and we'll take a closer look at all of them.

Maevsky crane for cast iron radiators:

installation site

The heating system with cast iron radiators is a system of the old modification, in which case a Mayevsky type crane is used. It should be noted that all versions of the Mayevsky cranes are designed for high pressure, and can withstand a pressure of up to 15 atm, at a coolant temperature of up to +120 ° C.

Which heating systems are installed bleed screw of the classical type:

  • In closed heating system( central heating system);
  • Heated towel rail;
  • Autonomous modern heating systems.

Maevsky crane is correctly installed on the upper floors, if it is a centralized heating system. Experts recommend to install a brass crane Maevsky. It is reliable, durable and cheap.

When painting a cast-iron pipe, it is better not to paint the Mayevsky crane When painting iron pipe bleed screw is best not to paint

For each type of radiator is necessary to select a type of crane.

First of all, the Majewski crane is selected according to the size of the thread from the outside. In this case, with an old heating system with cast-iron radiators, a ¾-inch tap is used. But for other, more modern heating systems, use other sizes of a tap with standard thread on a cone of 1 inch or ½ inch.

key for bleed screw: types

How to be mounted Majewski tap into the existing heating system?The first rule is that the Mayevsky crane must be mounted in batteries, and in the side opposite to the point where the battery is inserted into the heating system.

What are the keys of Majewski:

  • Classical;
  • Automatic;
  • With safety valves.

The installation is carried out only at the top of the radiator, and it does not matter what the layout of the system is, upper or lower. The main thing is to properly install the equipment of the required type, excluding leaks.

Automatic Majewski crane: scope of application

In modern heating systems, an automatic Majewski valve is installed. What is it different from other types of crane?First of all, the automatic crane of Maevsky differs in the principle of action. The automatic version of the device looks like a metal cylinder, and inside it is a float, which is fixed to the valve in the upper part of the cylinder - such an automatic valve device of Majewski. And what does its action look like?

Most modern heating systems are equipped with an automatic Mayevsky crane Most modern heating systems equipped with an automatic bleed screw

When air is accumulated in the cylinder, wherein the hot water level begins to decrease, wherein the float falls, presses the valve, and the opening is opened.

Further, excess air exits, the air pressure in the cylinder decreases, and the level of the heat carrier increases. The float goes up and locks the hole. This valve operates in automatic mode and only when necessary. Experts recommend that this automatic valve of Majewski is installed only in those places of the heating system, where air plugs most often appear, but there are some nuances. This automatic faucet is designed in such a way that it is very whimsical and requires a high-quality and clean coolant. In other words, this fine variety of the glorious kind of Mayevsky cranes, these machines are not suitable for central heating systems.

Where necessary to install an automatic faucet:

  • In modern heating systems;
  • Heating systems with qualitative cleaning of the coolant;
  • In places where air most often appears;
  • In locations where the heating system is difficult to access the maintenance of the system;
  • On a battery that does not have free access for its maintenance;
  • Individual heating system with circulation;
  • Individual heating system using aluminum radiators.

And one more thing - if you are already a lot of heating air pockets, especially in individual heating systems with circulation in the system, in this case, you must first disconnect the electric pump, then bleed the air from the system. It is very important to know!

Tools for installing the air crane

How to install the Mayevsky crane on an existing radiator?What do I need to do?It is necessary to unscrew the radiator cap, and to install the Mayevsky crane or the air crane with the corresponding diameter of the external thread. And for sealing it is necessary to apply a rubber or silicone gasket specially designed for heating systems.

Tools for installing an air crane are inexpensive, so they can afford to each Tools for installing air valve are inexpensive, so they can afford each

Installation Tools Majewski crane:

  • Screwdriver;
  • Rubber or silicone gasket for heating systems;
  • Nut;
  • Adjustable wrench.

If you install in an old-style heating system( with cast-iron batteries), they use a slightly different technology. In the cork of an old cast-iron battery, drill a hole and cut the thread. And then they already installed a manual classic Maevsky crane.

How to use the valve of the Majewski

So how do you bleed the air?It is necessary to prepare some tools, place the battery where the locking device is located. Remove things, food, because the water in the system is dirty enough. Put a bowl on the floor, under the tap.

tools and materials when working with a bleed screw:

  • bowl of water;
  • Duster;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Pin;
  • Kerosene.

Use a screwdriver to turn the screw anti-clockwise and wait for air to escape from the system. If the air cork exists, then the crane needs to be opened slightly and wait. As soon as we open the tap, we hear a hissing, it should be so - it's air coming out.

To open the Majewski valve, use a screwdriver to unearth valve Majewski, should be used screwdriver

If all goes well with the heating system, the air quickly goes out of the system.

How can you tell if the air is already out?Very simple. As soon as the water from the Mayevsky crane starts to flow, there is no more air in the system. And therefore a bowl is needed under the tap - the water in the heating system is very dirty. As soon as water flows, it is necessary to turn the tap in the reverse order. Sometimes it happens that the Maevsky crane is strongly clogged and there is no way to open it. It is very easy to clean the tap. It is necessary to clean the hole in the valve with a needle or a pin. If the Maevsky crane rusted, and this happens often enough, the way out of this situation is simple - you need to drip a little bit of kerosene on the carving and wait for 2-3 minutes, and you can already unscrew and release the air.

If the Maevskogo crane no longer fulfills its functions, only the replacement with new ones will help. A dismountable or gas wrench must be used to dismantle the old tap. They clamp the radiator cap, and twist the old tap. And in the same way, mount a new tap, and then again you can use it. The best time for such a replacement is summer, or when the system is on preventive maintenance, when there is no water in the system. This can be found in the Housing and Communal Services. And one more nuance is to keep the device open at all times, it, and especially the valve, quickly becomes unusable.

bleed screw: the principle of operation( video)

considered above kinds bleed screw and several ways to mount. There are, of course, more complex installation of such cranes. In any case, it is necessary to consult with specialists and to consider the installation drawing. Good luck!Examples

Majewski crane( photo)