Kaminopech order: with their own hands, a stove-plate, a photo, with a bed of brick, a cooker with a higher heat capacity

Kaminopech - a great attribute for heating the house Kaminopich - a great attribute for heating the house For each person, the dacha is a resting place. Cultivate crops, has long been not important for modern summer residents. Nowadays, the dacha is a resting place. And since they come to rest even in the cold season, in that case it is necessary to think about heating and maintaining the heat in the room. To heat a summer cottage, it is necessary to build a fireplace fireplace with his own hands. It should also be remembered that the construction of a fireplace is very hard work, but if you are virgin according to instructions and rules, it will be easy.

              • The main elements of the heating plant for the increased heat capacity of the order
            • Installation of a heating furnaceCamping with their own hands: how to choose the place

              When laying the stove of the fireplace, the combination of the elements that are present in the bread stoves will be performed by hand. These elements keep the heat perfectly.

              The fireplace itself has an open fireplace, it is able to warm up the room almost instantly. And if you do not add a large stove to the fireplace, you can cook on it. The main feature of the fireplace stove is the presence of 2 burners and 2 chimneys. Based on this feature, the stove and fireplace can be heated separately.

              The fireplaces in the chimneys have a huge amount of smoke. And with the help of such a quantity of smoke, heat remains for a long time. Also, fuel consumption is reduced. For heating, you can use different fuels, for example: firewood, peat, coal and other types.

              Place for a fireplace in the house must be chosen very carefully The place for a fireplace in the house needs to be chosen very carefully

              When choosing a location for a fireplace room, it is necessary to remember that such a structure is a thorough construction, and it is better to think about the place where such an oven will be installed in the construction of the villa itself, And only in this case you will manage without reworking the room.

              You can also mount the fireplace in the walls of the house, but for this you will have to partially dismantle the floor and the roof.

              Brick stove: masonry on rows

              Before you start laying, you need to make the right plan for the work and if you stick to it, you will get the desired result.

              The masonry rows are as follows:

              1. We spread the first row without mortar, leaving gaps between the bricks of 5 mm. After laying out the first row, it is necessary to check the evenness of the walls with a level or rule and measure the diagonal of the laid out rectangle. If the diagonal is the same, then the angles are straight.
              2. Next, put the 2nd row on a solution of clay and sand with bandaging of the seams. The masonry of the fire-chamber furnace starts from the third row. Starting from the 9th row, the furnace window is overlapped by the brickwork. Overlapping can be done in the form of an arch, that is, laying a brick in a semicircle.
              3. We overlap the 13th row with a wedge overlap. But until the 14th row is laid out, which will press the ceiling, it will not hold. And it is for this reason that before the laying of the 13th row, it is necessary to make a wooden shield and fix it in the furnace with the help of wooden supports at the level of the upper edge of the 12th row and only then make the laying of the overlap, that is, the 13th row.
              4. At the end of the order, the shield can be missed, as it will burn out after the first furnace of the fireplace stove, but the overlap will be maintained due to the pressure of the upper rows of the masonry. And, along with the overlap on the 13th row, they also begin to push the fireplace shelf forward. This shelf is put forward at 5 cm, and on the next tier it is still extended by 7 cm. Bricks that are laid on the overlap significantly increase its strength due to bandaging of the seams.

              Furnace-cooker made of bricks performs several functions simultaneously The brick oven serves several functions simultaneously

              If the description seems difficult to you, the diagram on the photo, where all the rows of masonry are detailed, can always come to your aid.

              What includes a fireplace with a couch

              According to the scheme of its design, a fireplace with a couch usually comes in several types, such as the usual Russian, Kuznetsova and a hob.

              And in the manufacture of such furnaces are allocated the following elements:

              • Construction for heating;
              • Surface for cooking;
              • Ash;
              • Oven;
              • Seat cover;
              • Woodburner;
              • Place for kitchen utensils.

              The design of the stove with the stove can be carried out with own drawings and drawings. As a building material, refractory brick is used. Drawings and schemes are carried out in advance. Determine the number of necessary bricks, you can perform the order. Mixture for masonry can be purchased ready or mixed, independently using: sand, clay and cement. Also, for some time before the masonry of such a furnace, it is necessary to buy grates, a latch, doors for firebox and cast-iron cookers.

              Kaminopich with a couch - a design that you can build with your own hands Camper with a couch - a construction that can be built with your own hand

              An excellent decoration of the house will be a corner oven, its construction and installation practically does not differ from the standard type. Like all other furnaces, such a furnace requires a foundation base, since the total weight of the furnace will be approximately 10 tons. Such a foundation can be made independently from the calculation that every 50 mm approximately, this is one ton of weight and the basement area should be 15% more than the base of the stove.

              After determining the size of the foundation and digging it, the bottom is covered with a layer of crushed stone, make a formwork and pour concrete just below the floor. Concrete seizes for 2 weeks and only after that waterproofing is carried out. It is done to prevent moisture from entering the oven.

              And so we proceed to laying the furnace in rows. To begin with, lay several rows of brick on the foundation horizontally and with straight angles. Significantly, the distance between the furnace and the wall must be at least 150 millimeters. Further laying out the next rows consists in laying an ash-pit and air ducts. As further masonry is performed, you can see above.

              The main elements of the higher heat capacity kaminoope

              Kaminopech can replace any heating appliances and can become an excellent oven. How to make her installation at the dacha can be learned from the video. It is a tortuous serpentine air duct that allows heated air in the furnace to rise, pass through the entire structure of the stove and thereby warm up the stove. On the 9th and 8th row, overlap is performed on the stove and the stove. Next are reported rows for the hob and oven, another row that separates the oven from the wall. After the jumper has been laid out, it is necessary to apply a simple or decorative masonry over the windshield: a wedge or an arch. Further, above the cooker for cooking, a metal corner is used, a decorative shelf is made of it. The next rows will unite all the chimneys into one and windows are made on the walls of the stove.

              Kaminopech can replace any heater Cameronge is able to replace any heating device

              The window is necessary for maintaining the combustion in the warm season and it is located under the oven, and those windows that are located above are designed for stronger heating in cold weather.

              Next, lay the pipe. It has a square shape, and the optimal pipe masonry will be in 2 and a half bricks. The overlap, through which the pipe passes, is exposed to insulation by means of basalt slabs in several layers.

              When we build brick kilns, you need to know all the nuances and have designs, even the smallest detail can disrupt the design.

              Installing a heating furnace in the country: installation( video)

              Now you know how to perform the masonry of the stove yourself. It was enough detailed how to execute the basis for it. Also in detail in the article it is written how the furnace is ordered. This work is not very simple, but the execution of the fireplace stove with your own hands for a long time will please you with its durability and functionality.