Buglerian stove: a miracle on a wood-burning stove, a hot wizard, a scheme and drawing, photos and video, the principle of work

The Bugler Furnace has a long service life and an attractive appearance The Bugler Furnace has a long service life and attractive appearance Nowadays all products of Boulurjan are manufactured in 5 plants. And with this manufacture is subjected to very strict quality control. All these moments make it possible to manufacture furnaces with the highest heat transfer. Also, manufacturers have tried to make very solid casings for furnaces. Such a body consists of a steel sheet 4 mm thick. Due to the use of modern technology, fuel consumption is small. As a result, this design is safe and not harmful to human health.

      • Bilergar stove: positive and negative sides
      • Baking ladle oven with your own hands: diagram and drawing
      • What you need in order to make a bubble yourself
      • Miracle furnace on wood bouleri: the principle of operationAnd the device
      • Burger: user reviews
      • Hot Wizard( video)
      • Examples of the furnace bakerian( photo)

Oven bakerjan: positive and negative sides

This oven is like a bakeriahas many advantages: quickly heats the room, large wood can burn for a long time, even this oven is safe and has an efficiency of about eighty percent. The design of such a furnace is well thought out, and it is difficult to find bad reviews about it.

The stove is ideal for small country houses The bakeran stove is well suited for small country houses

Furnace consoles of bakerian:

  1. High fuel requirement. For such a stove, use only fuel from wood or processed wood such as chips, paper, cardboard, briquettes and pellets. And with such fuel it must be dry.
  2. Condensate accumulation. Such a corrosive condensate is very difficult to dispose of, since it can not be poured near the yard or the house, it is very toxic.
  3. The soot accumulates very quickly in the chimney and needs to be cleaned periodically. The formation of soot, it turns out, from the use of raw firewood. And if you use only dry fuel, then cleaning will be required much less often.

For this stove, these are all cons. If we are talking about the independent manufacture of such a stove, then from a practical point of view it is a complex construction, which has a huge number of welded seams and a requirement for them. And if you do not have experience in welding. It is better to buy a new oven, and its price is not very high, if you compare the cost of material for self-production.

Bugler Furnace with own hands: scheme and drawing

This furnace has an original structure in which everything is done to quickly heat the room and maintain further heat.

The furnace body consists of pipes that are parabola-shaped and welded with metal strips. These pipes protrude only one-third of their diameter, and the rest of the pipes are in the furnace's interior.

This system is an efficient heat exchanger and coolant that acts air. And when the furnace is ignited, air is sucked into the lower part of the pipes, this air takes away most of the heat from the heated metal. This flow is quite intense. With an excellent burning of the stove in a minute, through 6 pipes passes more than four cubes of air, and the temperature of this air at the outlet is more than 120 degrees.

Before starting the operation of a boulerian oven it is worthwhile to study its design Before starting the operation of the bouleri furnace it is worth to study its design

Active combustion is not the main operating mode of the bouleriard furnace. Most of the fuel is smoldering. In the smoldering mode, the air that passes through the pipes is no longer burning, but only sixty to seventy degrees, and the case is heated to about fifty degrees.

Internal combustion chamber is divided into 3 parts:

  • The bottom of the furnace is separated by a grid of grates;
  • The upper part is also separated by the bars; it has the name: a chamber for afterburning;
  • The furnace itself.

Grate from grates can be made from standard cast iron bars, and steel, but steel should not be less than 4 mm. The upper part of the partition does not reach the door. Also, this baffle is not solid, but has holes, holes in the upper baffle are necessary for air to enter the furnace and to maintain the combustion of gases. On the area of ​​the partition, the holes occupy about seven percent.

The upper part of the rear wall has an outlet for exhaust gases. It has a damper or a damper, the damper and the damper have a smaller diameter than the diameter of the chimney pipe by about ten, fifteen percent. Also in the flap a sector is cut out. Such a sector regulates the thrust in the furnace, and the gaps that between the flap and the outlet for evacuating gases at any position of the gate do not allow the carbon monoxide to enter the room. The passage of carbon monoxide will not happen even if the oven door is open.

Further in the furnaces of bouleri from the branch pipe there passes not a chimney that is directed upwards, but a horizontal section of the pipe, in this pipe the unburnt gases cool down a little. Then the chimney curves upward. In these furnaces, the boulevard is in this bend, an economizer is mounted. This section is very insulated, it also serves for periodic burning of gas from the furnace.

What you need in order to make a self-made bakederean

You will need a special material to make a stove yourself.

To make a bakerine oven yourself, you need to know how to use a welding machine To make a baking oven yourself, you need to be able to use the

  • Cut pipes, pipe diameters of at least 60 mm and must be thick-walled if the pipe diameter isLess, the air permeability will be insufficient;
  • Sheet metal thickness of four millimeters;
  • A small piece of a thick-walled pipe with a diameter of 350 millimeters, from which pipes are cut rings for further manufacture of a door or sheet of metal for cutting strips;
  • Chimney piece for a chimney diameter, which must be from 100 to 120 mm and a small piece in order to make the choke body on the door;
  • For fastening doors, loops are required;
  • Handle - lock for the door and handle lever for the throttle and still the damper flap;
  • Asbestos cord, which will serve as a seal.

The tool you need: a welding machine, electrodes and pipe benders.

Create yourself a miracle of the furnace buller( bullet), which will work on firewood is not easy. But if you have a diagram and you have seen the master class on video on youtube( it will not be enough to look at the photo only), then you can easily draw a drawing and understand the whole principle that the device will work on.

The Canadian calorifer heater of the Bulerjan type is made of high-quality materials, and many allow a gross error in its self-creation. In no case should you allow the use of a gas cylinder. Its walls can not withstand the hot air, but if you still took it as a basis, then you need to compact the walls, as you can see on the Internet, there you will find the corresponding pictures.

Miracle furnace on bakerjan firewood: operating principle and device

Partially cooled gases enter the insulated section of the pipe, in which there is already accumulated heat.

Bugler oven is recommended to clean regularly Boolean oven is recommended to clean

regularly. If the temperature is increased, the gases expand, and since they have nowhere to go in the pipe, they clog the chimney to form a gas stopper. Then the gases burn out and cool down and the formed cork dissolves. Initially, the stove works just like the usual one until the required amount of heat accumulates in the economizer, this accumulation depends on the position of the flap and on the quality of the firewood.

To adjust the combustion of fuel in the door of the stove there is a throttle, the throttle blocks the air supply. The door is often round in shape and large, the large size of the door allows you to put large logs in the stove, large logs are needed for long decay. But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the tight and tight fitting of the door, since only the products needed for burning must penetrate through the door. In this sealing, there is also a difficulty in the manufacture of such a stove.

If you compare the oven Buryan, Brenenar and Butakov oven, the latter has several advantages. For example, her burdock is square. But, despite the difference in the profile form, they are wood-burning and all are made for long burning. Each boiler is also designed for aqua work, because their system is convective, so the boiler design can be supplemented with a water circuit.

Burger burger: feedback from users

Furnace Buleryan has earned many positive reviews. Buyers really like the big camera for loading fuel. Since a camera of large size and depth allows you to lay a large amount of fuel. In many cases, wood and coal are used as fuel. Also, the oven can work on peat, bark and chips. But when using such combustible the furnace will not work at full capacity, but only by 75%.One full bookmark of fuel is enough to work about eight hours. With these properties, fuel loading will only be needed twice a day. The furnace power is controlled manually. The power adjustment is in a convenient place, and the adjustment process is very easy. Also such furnaces received good reviews and for compactness. Such a furnace has such dimensions: height 71cm, width 49cm, and depth 68cm. The weight of such a stove will be approximately 60kg, not least it is important that the chimney has a diameter of 120 millimeters, which makes it easy to install it.

Hot Wizard( video)

In general, the stoves of long burning Buleryan excellent reviews deserved for good reason. But all, it is necessary to calculate all the risks before installing the oven in the room. After all, when using a solid fuel stove a very high fire hazard. The build quality is always excellent, and the warranty for a long time. The design of such furnaces is ideal and suits almost any interior. With the maintenance of furnaces there are no difficulties, and their periodic selection of ash will not be very difficult. Examples

buleryan furnace( photo)