Pellet boiler: retort burner for heating, the best auger device for the boiler house, the principle of work on granules

Even in the hottest summer, a good host should remember that. That the cold will come. Names Pellet boiler can differ in design, size and price The pellet boiler can differ in design, size and price but for this reason the issue of competent heating of housing remains relevant. Everyone wants his house to be warm and cozy, but there is no desire to overpay. The problem is easily solved if you are able to install a gas heater in your home. But what if you do not have such a good as gas, and electricity seems to be an excessively expensive pleasure?Here, pellet boilers come to the rescue, which are becoming very popular.

    • How pellet boilers work
    • How pellet boilers are better than others
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    • Pellet boiler device: retort burner
    • Heating boilers on pellets: heat exchanger structure
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How pellet boilers work

A pellet boiler is a equipment that operates on a special kind of solid fuel - pellets. Pellets are pellets, which are made by pressing the waste produced by processing a tree. The device is designed to provide a hot water supply. There are models that have different power from 15 kW to 100 kW.

Among the advantages of pellet boilers is worth noting the efficiency and efficiency Among the advantages of pellet boilers is the efficiency and efficiency of

There are 3 variants of this equipment:

  • The first is designed to operate exclusively on pellets;
  • The second one provides the opportunity to use firewood briquettes, but only as a reserve, since the work will last no more than 2-3 hours;
  • The third one is combined and is able to work not only on pellets, but also on wood with coal, since the design includes several combustion chambers.

Boilers are a construction made of sheet steel. It includes several mechanisms at once, for example, a boiler with special pellet burners, a conveyor that will feed the pellets into the combustion chamber and a bunker that stores fuel.

The work is done in this way:

  1. Pellets that are loaded into the tank with a screw are sent to the furnace. There is burning.
  2. Heat generated during combustion warms up the heat carrier. He, in turn, carries it around the room, which is heated.

Basically, all devices are equipped with automatic type control, it creates regulation of the fuel and maintains the temperature that was set by the coolant. Operation is very simple. Granules in the boiler are placed once for 3 to 14 days. It depends on the volume of the container. In addition, the boiler needs regular cleaning of the burning channels and cleaning the ash box. The lifetime of such a facility varies from 10 to 50 years, depending on the class.

Than boilers on pellets are better than others

Those who have already bought and use such a boiler allocate a large number of its positive sides during operation.

Before operating pellet boilers it is worth to carefully read the instructions Before operating the pellet boilers it is worth to carefully read the instruction

The following advantages can be distinguished from the main advantages:

  1. Economical consumption of combustible matter. Since the wood in the compressed form burns without residues, the consumption is not large. The exact figure is difficult to say, since it depends on the composition and quality of the material. But if you take the average figure, the pellet will be several times less than conventional wood.
  2. Independence from electricity. Most of the boilers that are on the market depend on the availability of electricity, the more modern models include electrical appliances.
  3. Economical. The cost of such equipment is less than for analogs working on gas or electricity. In addition, fuel is also budgetary than coal, gas or wood.
  4. Easy to use.

In addition to these advantages, one can also say that their work is environmentally friendly and does not affect the environment. The choice of fuel boilers is gradually receding into the past. The boiler house, the principle of which is in granules, is a new word in modern house economy. This solution allows you to choose a solid fuel boiler on granular fuel, that is pellets and not worry about household issues.

The best automatic boilers can help to choose a video course. For example pellet pellet boiler "Elephant", which has an improved bundle and works on pellets, will not leave you indifferent, all its merits can also be learned from video reviews.

Pellet auger - what is

These boilers can be equipped with rigid or flexible augers. Rigid have a simple design and an acceptable price. It is able to supply fuel to the combustion compartment without failures and has a simple but reliable fastening, which guarantees a long working capacity of the parts. Speaking about the shortcomings of a rigid variety, we can say that the main is their limited length. It does not exceed 2 meters, otherwise the device can grind sawdust. In addition, you can not change the location of the hopper, since it is firmly attached to the burner. The space in this version is not used rationally.

In order to solve this problem, many resort to installing an additional auger, which will need to be connected by the method of coupling electric motors.

A system that prevents the occurrence of "backfire" may include the use of a fire extinguisher or a second air chamber, and this greatly complicates the entire structure.

If necessary, the pellet auger can be replaced with a new one If necessary, the pellet auger can be replaced with the new

There are no such defects in the screw type flexible. It can allow you to install a hopper with any parameters, and the distance between them can be up to 12 m. Despite the complexity, it is able to execute any geometry. The biggest drawback of this design is the difficulty in mounting.

Pellet boiler device: retort burner

In order that you do not make a mistake when buying, you need to pay attention to some factors. In some situations, they affect the operation of the boiler.

Modern sales points offer boilers with several types of burners. For example, a retort type torch directs its flame upward. It is not particularly sensitive to fire and does not require the use of high quality pellets, since they can work on low-quality fuel.

When buying, note that the retort burner can quickly become clogged and will often be cleaned.

If the unit is not serviced in time, the heater will stop working. However, despite the complexity, experts recommend retort burners.

Heating boilers on pellets:

heat exchanger design There are several heat exchangers designed specifically for the pellet boiler. They can be vertical, horizontal, flat or tubular, with a large or small number of turns, vortexes for waste gases. All this is called turbulence. Also, the installation can be without them.

When choosing a pellet boiler, consider the dimensions of the room and the quality of its thermal insulation When choosing a pellet boiler it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room and the quality of its thermal insulation

Specialists believe that the most efficient models will be those with a turbulator and several moves at least 3.

Devices of this typeAre designed to reduce the temperature from 900 degrees to 110.

In this case, we can say that the vertical type design spends most of the energy for heating the coolant. Also, vertical structures make it difficult to settle the ash, and it starts to fall down due to gravity.

Another important detail when choosing a boiler is its brand. It is better to give preference to those companies that will not give rise to doubt in their production, and whose boilers are often used for several years in the region where the buyer resides. If you decide to purchase one of the new models, you risk getting problems, so be sure to ask the consultant about the availability of spare materials in the warehouse. Your boiler must receive a guarantee and have a certificate from the service center.

Pellet boiler operation principle( video)

Boilers that work on pellets are becoming more popular and popular even regardless of the cold seasons. Experts say that they have a great future ahead of them. Since they are not whimsical in care, the result of their work is environmentally friendly, they represent a serious competition to other devices. A competent application of such an installation will make it possible not only to save money, but also to receive a reliable, practical system for heating.