How to bend a profile pipe: products from a bent, a bending machine, with your own hands, bending square, at home

Bend the profile pipe in several different ways The profile pipe can be bent in several different ways. Different metal constructions can be made from profile pipes of various shapes and sections, from benches to full structures. When working it is important to correctly calculate the angle of the bend, then the design will last a long time and will please its appearance.

    • What products can be produced from a curved profile pipe
    • Curved profile tube for a frame of greenhouses
    • How to bend a square tube at home
    • How to make a bending machine for a profile pipe with your own hands
    • How to bendProfile pipe on the machine( video)

What products can be produced from the curved profile pipe

Quite often for the construction of numerous structures it is necessary to use wildebeests profile pipes as decoration or for creating a certain form of construction.

Before starting any work, you need to calculate the material and sketch the schematic of the future design.

From profile pipes it is possible to make any street constructions and some elements of an interior of a premise.

With the help of a bent profile pipe it is possible to produce greenhouses, gates, gazebos and much more With the help of a bent profile pipe it is possible to produce greenhouses, gates, gazebos and much more

What can be created with bent proftrub:

  • Greenhouses - arched, gable structures for growing vegetables and seedlings;
  • Stepladders;
  • Entrance gates;
  • Pergolas;
  • Benches;
  • Forged fences;
  • Decorative arches.

Quite often the curved profile pipe is used to create a visor above the entrance to the house or railings for the steps to the second floor. Making furniture from the company will take more time and effort, but as a result, you can get an exclusive and beautiful decor.

Curved profile tube for the frame of greenhouses

One of the most common applications of bent proftruby is the frame of greenhouse structures. This frame is considered the most durable and durable in the operation of greenhouses at any time of the year.

When assembling the frame, the metal pipes are connected with each other by a welding seam, and the galvanized pipes can be bolted together.

Curved profile tube for the frame of greenhouses - very strong and reliable Curved profile tube for the frame of greenhouses - very strong and reliable

Before starting to work with the frame of the greenhouse, it is reasonable to prepare a drawing indicating all the dimensions of the structure. For a more solid frame, a 4 x 4 cm metal profile with a metal thickness of 2 mm is used.

When working with profile pipes it is important to consider not only the width and length of the future greenhouse, but also its height. It is these characteristics that affect the cutting of the pipes. It is also important to take into account the shape of the greenhouse - arched, gable or one-sided. When calculating the material, it is recommended to take about 40 cm of stock in case of unforeseen events.

How to bend a square pipe at home

Very often when building a plot, cottage or dacha, it becomes necessary to use a profile pipe with a bend. In order not to contact the workshop for the fulfillment of this task, many craftsmen have found ways to bend the pipe themselves using improvised materials.

For frequent use it is recommended to use profile benders that are suitable for proftrub with square section.

It is not advisable to buy this machine if the owner periodically needs to bend the profile pipes. For infrequent use, hand methods are suitable.

Bend the square tube at home with the help of profile rollers You can bend a square pipe at home using the profile bends

How to self-bend the pipe:

  • Use a pipe bender. When working, you need to put a lot of effort to bend the pipe. The device is suitable for both round and proftrub with a square cross-section.
  • Cold method. Bending consists in pre-cooling the pipe filled with water. After freezing the liquid inside, the tube is easier to bend.
  • Hot method. In the factory pipe, on one side closed with a cork, river sand is poured. On the site that needs bending, you need to make two holes. Then the selected area is heated to a certain temperature and it is possible to proceed with the formation of the bend. To do this, most often use a bar with a suitable diameter.
  • Bending is the use of a grinder and a welding machine. In the places of the future bending around the metal make 3 transverse cuts, then the pipe bends at the right angle. After bending, all seams should be carefully brewed and cleaned.

Among the manual methods, pipe benders win, because only they make an impeccable bend of the pipe with minimal effort.

How to make the bending machine for the profile pipe with your own hands

With the growing popularity of products from the curved profile pipe, the demand for equipment such as pipe benders has also increased. With this tool, you can bend pipes of different diameters under a degree from 0 to 180.

There are 3 types of roll forming equipment:

  • Hydraulic - mainly used in production;
  • Electromechanical - thanks to electronics, the bending angle can be accurately calculated;
  • Manual - used for bending metal profiles of small diameter.

Several methods are used to create your own hand-held pipe bender. The simplest is to make a device from a wooden semicircular template.

This version of the manual pipe bender is suitable for profiles of steel and aluminum with a small cross-section.

For production you need: a piece of thick solid wood, several screws and a screwdriver.

Make a bending machine for the profile pipe can be hand-made Make a bending machine for the profile pipe yourself with your own hands


  1. Take a piece of wood and cut out the hemisphere of the required diameter. You can make several different workpieces.
  2. The thickness of the wood should be larger than the pipe to be folded.
  3. The hemisphere should be fastened with a screw to any base on which it will be convenient to work with a profile pipe.
  4. At one end of the template, fasten the stop so that the pipe fits seamlessly between it and the semicircular pattern.
  5. We check the pipe bending. We insert the pipe exactly between the template and the stop and gnom until the required angle of bending is formed.

This way of creating a device for bending the tubing is the simplest and cheapest, since you can make as many templates of different diameters as you like. More serious models of pipe benders require the use of rollers and shafts of different sizes.

How to bend the profile pipe on the machine( video)

When faced with the need to bend the profile pipe, each host decides independently on the choice of the processing method. For their own needs, a manual method of bending a pipe using a pipe bender is suitable. If this device is not available, you can use any other method of bending the metal profile.