Heating comb: distribution manifold of the system, made of polypropylene by hand, photo mounting

The heating comb allows you to use the pipeline system as efficiently as possible The heating comb allows the piping to be used as efficiently as possible The solution to this problem is the installation of a heating comb. It is needed to distribute the pipeline system in your home and use it as efficiently as possible. The comb also allows you to separate the problematic heating area without completely shutting it down. This is an undeniable benefit for the whole house.

    • What is a heating comb or distributor
    • How to make a collector made of polypropylene with our own hands
    • Do it yourself: comb by yourself
    • Combustion heater( video)

Such a comb for heating or distribution manifold

The heating system must firstly perform the proper heating of water and create comfortable conditions inside the premises of a country house. The heating system must be safe and at the same time be able to timely repair in the event of a malfunction.

The heating comb is an analog of the distribution manifold, which allows the normal operation of the heating system. The presence of a comb will help you solve the problem in case you have a radiator flow. For this it will not be necessary to turn off the entire heating system. You can simply shut down the required valve in the system to disconnect the leaking or simply broken heat.

The distributor manifold allows to solve the problem locally without completely switching off the heating.

The heating comb allows you to adjust the normal operation of the heating system The heating comb allows for the normal operation of the heating system

The distribution manifold has 3 main functions:

  1. Controls the heating process;
  2. Regulates the temperature in a separate room;
  3. Allows you to locally disconnect part of the water supply.

All listed collector or comb functions show the need to use this element in your home. Its presence will allow you to avoid a huge number of troubles in the event of a breakdown of a part of the heating system.

The heating comb must be present in every country house where the owner wants to quickly solve the heating problems and control the temperatures in each room of the house. Proper operation of the heating system is a guarantee of your comfort.

How to make a collector made of polypropylene by one's own hands

Residents often want to save an extra penny and try to make a collector made of polypropylene with their own hands. If you have minimal skills in the field of plumbing, then making a collector yourself will not be very difficult.

To design this device with your own hands, you need to buy all the necessary elements for its proper operation. To do this, you only need to select quality elements. Do not buy cheap, which can fail in two to three months. Moreover, the heating system is an important component of the life of your home.

Each collector has its own constituent elements:

  • Mixing valve;
  • Pump( circular);
  • Automatic air vent;
  • Shut-off and balancing valves;
  • Temperature sensor;
  • Manometer.

A collector made of polypropylene, many summer residents make their own Collector made of polypropylene, many summer residents make their own

Also need to have fittings, nipples and pipe adapters. To make the installation, it is necessary to connect all parts of the comb with a soldering iron, designed for pipes made of plastic. Then connect the air vent and the emergency drain valve. Another valve, together with the air vent, is placed on the second part of the collector. Next, put the pump to the boiler.

To spend less fuel, it is recommended to put a three-way valve after the pump.

After installation, two manifolds must be connected to the heating circuit. The final part is the connection of the boiler to the collector.

Thus, you will make a collector made of polypropylene with your own hands. This will help your house to effectively use the heating system. Acquire all the necessary parts for the design of the collector, follow the installation instructions and then you will make a quality collector. And the water distribution system will become much more effective.

Do it yourself: comb with your own hands

The comb is not that complicated in the heating system. You can do it yourself, if you include the wit and follow the step-by-step instructions. This is an important element in the heating units, which allows you to distribute hot water in your home.

Each comb has its own design. There is a steam comb for large diameter pipes. Of course, it differs from the comb for the house. However, for the most part they are presented in a basic form. The comb is simply necessary to adjust the temperature in the house.

The comb consists of:

  1. Collector;
  2. Pressure gauge;
  3. Disruption valve;
  4. Servo Drive.

Each of these elements is necessary and necessary for the construction of the comb.

Each comb, made by own hands, has a different design Each comb, made by hand, has a different design

There are two ways to manufacture the comb yourself:

  • Collect nodes from tees;
  • To solder the comb from polypropylene.

To assemble the comb from the tee, you will need ancillary elements. For example, valves. Welding is a more reliable way, but you must have experience working with a welding machine, so as not to spoil the pipes.

The comb is a separate unit in your heating system. To make it, it is necessary to approach carefully and scrupulously, so that the entire heating system does not break down afterwards. Use only high-quality materials and then heating in your home will bring you pleasure.

Combustion heater( video)

The heating comb together with the distributor manifold plays a vital role in the entire heating system in your house. They help distribute hot water on separate circuits. These are the main elements of the node for water distribution. Due to their wide application in country houses, many owners have appreciated the benefits of these elements and are already making combs and collectors themselves.