Pump for the fountain: with your hands, submersible pump

The pump for the fountain is needed for the water cycle through the system The fountain pump is needed for the water cycle on the system. To date, pumps are used that do not need to be connected to the water supply system. The pump drives the water that is in the fountain. With the pump, you can select nozzles for spraying water.

    • Outdoor or submersible pump for a fountain: what to choose
    • How to install a pump for a fountain with your own hands
    • How to make a pump for a fountain with your own hands
    • Fountain without a pump: the principle of operation
    • Selection of a pump forFountain( video)

Outdoor or submersible pump for a fountain: what to choose

Owners of small cottages and cottages try to beautify their plots, decorating beautiful flower beds and installing fountains. To ensure water circulation in the garden fountain, a pump is used. Modern pumps are easy to install and maintain.

By purchasing attachments with the pump, you can easily adjust the width and length of the jet, its frequency and direction.

The length of the jet of the fountain depends on the possibility of the unit to distill a certain amount of water in 60 minutes. Compact "wet" pumps work very quietly. To clean the filters, the pumps must be disconnected from the mains and removed from the fountain. Experts believe that submersible pumps are 3 times more economical than outdoor pumps.

The pump for the fountain can be submersible or external Fountain pump can be submersible or external

Surface pumps are placed near the fountain, and they must be covered with a special casing, as they are afraid of moisture. Their main advantage is ease of maintenance. Two tubes are connected to the pump, one leads to a waterfall, the other sucks in water. If necessary, the unit can easily be disconnected and hidden in a barn. Among the shortcomings can be distinguished loud operation of the pump and the high price of the unit.

For maintenance of fountains with a waterfall, you need to look for a special model of the pump, which will be able to give out different pressures.

How to install a pump for a fountain with your own hands

The submersible pump for a fountain is very easy to install. The main feature of installation of the unit is a hill. For this, a couple of bricks or a special plastic stand is perfect. The stand is necessary so that debris and silt from the bottom of the artificial pond does not get into the pump filter. Thus, it is possible not only to extend the service life of the unit, but also to simplify the operation process. The pump is firmly attached to the pedestal by four suckers.

Water from the pump is fed just above the water level, creating a fountain or a hose to any place of the water structure, if a waterfall is being made.

It should also be remembered that the water in the fountain should be periodically replaced and monitored for small and large debris entering the pond.

Modern pumps have adapters and nozzles for various applications. It can be either a variety of nozzles for the water jet of the fountain, or a device for pumping water out of the container.

When choosing a pump, you should pay attention to its size and power When choosing a pump, please pay attention to its size and power.

Nuances of work:

  1. The water intake is carried out from the place where the filter is located. As a rule, it is placed on the side of the unit.
  2. At the rear, an extension hose or various adapters or the fountain itself is attached to the appliance. The speed of water supply from the nozzle is also regulated by the nozzles.
  3. A wire is output from the pump, which is connected to the mains. Before connecting the pump to the power supply, make sure that the insulation is not damaged on the wire. Also, it will not be superfluous to install a device that reacts to current leakage.

When selecting a pump, it is important to consider its power and size. The material from which the unit is made must be resistant to corrosion. Even the best quality pumps for winter need to be cleaned to prevent their freezing.

How to make a pump for a fountain with your own hands

Buy a submersible pump in the store is not difficult, but you can make a primitive pump for small containers from improvised tools. To do this, you need: a plastic bottle with a lid, a dispenser from a dishwashing gel, a mini motor from a dvd player or any other technique, a plastic card, hot melt, a marker or pen, and a purchased power supply.


  1. Using a sharp knife, cut off the neck from the plastic bottles without removing the covers from it. Drill the hole in the middle of the plug.
  2. Install the motor and securely sealed with hot melt adhesive.
  3. Produce blades. From the plastic card, cut a strip 1 cm wide, 3 cm long. In the middle of the strip, make an incision and bend the edges in different directions.
  4. Mount the motor protruding from the cork to make an incision for attaching the blade. Paste it on the glue.
  5. Make a pipe from the plastic shell of the felt pen or pen. Attach it to the dispenser, having previously made a hole in it from the side. Pour all the seams with glue.
  6. Connect the two parts together by connecting the wires of the mini motor to the power supply.

Pump for a fountain can be made by own hands Pump for the fountain can be made by hand

After full drying of the hot melt, it is recommended to lower the self-made pump under the water pipe up.

With proper manufacturing, the water will circulate through the tube of the felt pen.

Such mini-fountains can be installed in domestic aquariums, after having pre-emptied the homemade pump.

Fountain without pump: operating principle

Fountain without pump - it is quite feasible for the owner of a summer cottage. The principle of operation of this fountain consists of three vessels with water. The water from the middle vessel is sent to an empty container located below the central one. The lower vessel communicates with a tube with a third vessel located above the central one. Compressed air squeezes water and the lowest vessel, thereby forming a jet. The greater the distance between the central vessel and the lower vessel, the greater the pressure, and the jet will be higher.

Fountain without a pump for the suburban area can be made by own hands Fountain without pump for country house can be made by own hand

However, one should take into account the fact that without the participation of pumping equipment, water can not be circulated continuously.

Besides, without water filters, the water in the fountain will start to deteriorate and become cloudy, which entails the multiplication of microbes. Therefore, it is very important to constantly monitor the water level and, if necessary, replace it with a new one.

Fountain pump selection( video)

Installation and operation of pumps must be carried out in strict compliance with the safety rules and instructions for each pump model. Connection of the pump to the mains is permitted only after a thorough check of the unit for the serviceability and integrity of the wiring.