Burzhuyka on the working: oil for the oven, make by hand, drawings, rework on video, on wood, weld the garage

Burzhuyka on working is well suited for heating non-residential premises, for example, a garage stove on working out is good for heating non-residential premises, such as garages for heating the garage or any other outbuildings are often used stoves. But boilers are on the increase. The oil stove has a simple design, the necessary compartment can be welded by hand to the already existing structure. There are also a number of other advantages for oil heaters.

    • Pros and cons of stoves to oil
    • principle structural work on working out of oil
    • drawings of different stoves to working out with their hands
    • stove on working out with their hands from a gas cylinder
    • Remaking stoves to perfect
    • How to operate the oven for
    • oil stove on working out with his hands( video)

Pros and cons on

stoves oil stoves need for revisedASO.It is inexpensive, but effective fuel. In this case, flammable substances such as gasoline, diesel, solvent and kerosene can not be used.

The principle of operation is the direct heating of air that is in the furnace. The design consists of two chambers. In the first, the oil burns, and in the second - the vapors that mix with the air. The burning temperature of the vapors is quite high, and this heat is transferred to the stove and the room.

Among the advantages of a burzhuyki on oil is worth noting a small price and a long service life Among the advantages of stoves with oil worth noting a low price and long life

Oil stoves for home heating is not used. Such structures are relevant for garages and other auxiliary buildings.

The breeze works due to the influx of air. In the first chamber there is a special damper that controls the supply of oxygen. The connections between the chambers are performed by a tube with holes.

oil furnaces Advantages:

  • Safe operation by the combustion of vapor rather than oils;
  • Available mounting;
  • Easy to use;
  • The cheapest cost of equipment and fuel.

The drawbacks relate to the requirements for fuel. So the fuel must be stored in a heated room. When cold, the oil loses its properties and becomes unusable. Workings must be purchased separately, since the fuel must be filtered. At home, this can not be done.

Principle of operation of oil-working structures

Economical small-size turbosets are gaining popularity as an economical heating system. There are several options for the construction of the stove. Everything depends on the additional functions and material of manufacture.

Design and function of the kiln components for working:

  1. The chamber at the bottom of the furnace serves as a loading bay. The camera connects to the tank and creates an opening for oxygen ventilation.
  2. The combustion chamber is located in the middle of the structure. The element is in the form of a pipe with many holes for air supply.
  3. In the upper chamber, afterburning of gases takes place. A chimney is connected to it, which outputs the combustion products of the fuel.

The chimney for such boilers must have a length of at least 4 m. The pipe must be in a strictly vertical position. When the oil burns, a lot of soot is formed. She settles on the walls of the chimney, and the presence of the tribes, the pipe will clog more quickly. This can lead to the ingress of carbon monoxide into the house and the occurrence of dangerous situations. In the room allowed a slight slope of the system, but on the outside the chimney must go only straight. The end of the chimney is equipped with a lid - protection from rain and debris.

To ensure that the gases and vapors of the oil are completely burned, the manufacturer's instructions must be strictly followed.

Waste oil for the stove can be purchased at a small price Waste oil for a burner can be purchased at a small price

Increase the efficiency of the device can be equipped with a water jacket. The thickness of the metal should be 4 mm. The top of the structure is more heated. The temperature index can be 750 degrees. To ensure that the steel does not start to melt, it is required to use a dense material.

Drawings of different burzhueks on self-development

Make the oven itself, drawing on drawings. In this case, several types of structures are distinguished. Each option has its own nuances of manufacture, advantages and disadvantages of operation.

Types of fuel oil boilers:

  1. Standard version of a gas cylinder or steel sheets;
  2. Construction with additional ventilation;
  3. Drip furnace.

The drawings of standard furnaces are the simplest. So you can easily build a furnace made of steel or a gas boiler. The design with additional ventilation has some complications of installation, as it will be necessary to equip the fan. It supplies air to the second compartment of the boiler. Best of all, this option will look in the utility rooms, where you need to quickly raise the temperature.

The fan monitors the quality of the combustion of gases and helps to evenly distribute warm air in the room. So you can quickly heat up the room.

The drop furnace requires special knowledge and skills. It will be necessary to execute professional drawings. But with the right approach, you can build an efficient stove on waste oil.

Booster on self-working from the gas cylinder

Most often oil burners are made from an old gas or oxygen cylinder. Due to the optimal wall thickness, the structure is durable and durable. At the same time, such heating is efficient enough, as the stove can heat a room with an area of ​​90 sq. M.

When using a turbojet for working out of a gas cylinder, it is necessary to observe fire safety rules When using a gas turbine for working out of a gas cylinder, it is necessary to observe the fire safety rules

To build a gas tank, The thickness of the walls is not more than 1.5 cm. If the indicator is raised, the boiler will not warm up well.

It is not necessary to carry out compulsory air circulation for the turbojet. The movement of hot vapors occurs by gravity. The work is carried out strictly according to the drawings. Materials and tools require a gas cylinder for the hull, a chimney, a drill, a welding machine, a Bulgarian, a heat-resistant paint.

Sequence of execution of the oil boiler from the cylinder:

  1. The upper part of the balloon with the crane must be cut off by the bulgarian;
  2. The legs of 20 cm long are welded to the lower part of the structure with the help of the FLEX fastening;
  3. A hole is made at the top where the pipe is inserted and connected to the chimney;
  4. Another hole is fitted next to which the damper is mounted;
  5. In the cut off top, an eye is made to fill the oil with a size of 6 cm.

When the oven is ready, it only has to be painted. The sequence of work is quite simple. A metal disk can be welded to the top of the structure. Its optimal shape is a circle or a rectangle. This workpiece serves as a plate.

Altering the turbojet for working

If the house has a burner on the wood, but there is nowhere to do the waste oil, then you can build a combined version that will work simultaneously on wood and oil. At the same time, such universal options are presented on the market. But you do not have to spend money, you can change the existing furnace.

The lower part of the stove is heated by firewood. It has a grate through which ash and soot are sieved down. At the top of this design make a compartment for burning oil with a flap.

With a large volume of the oil tank, the fuel burns faster. So the stove quickly heats the rooms.

The lower part is attached to the second chamber using a tube with air holes. A chimney is installed at the top. For the operation of the structure on firewood, it will be necessary to remove the processing container and close the view with the pipe. For heating with oil, another technology is envisaged.

How to switch the stove to working:

  • Install the oil reservoir;
  • View view;
  • Open the shutter for oxygen supply.

Before starting the operation of the turbine on the working site, it should be checked for cracks and other damage Before starting the operation of the turbine during testing, it should be checked for cracks and other damage.

When all recommendations are fulfilled, it is possible to start the furnace with oil. To make the device work efficiently, you will need to periodically clean it. The top part for this must be removed, so it must be removable. In accessible places carry out manual cleaning. Chimney pipe will need to be cut off from soot. You will also need to clean the soot from the soot.

How to properly operate the oil burner

The oil burner can be purchased on the market or manufactured by yourself. Such designs use about 2 liters of work per hour. This is quite economically profitable equipment. But for effective use it is necessary to follow certain rules. During operation, certain difficulties may arise.

Problems with the use of oil stoves:

  • Uneven room heating;
  • The oil boils;
  • Fuel burns too quickly.

The first problem can be solved by connecting a special labyrinth to the second compartment. A pipe with a fan at the end is removed from it. This will allow the heated air to be guided in the right direction.

In the manufacture of the furnace, problems of oil burnup should be provided. With large tank sizes, fuel burns faster. To prevent boiling used oil, which stood for a certain time.

With proper equipment and use of the oven, the design will provide heat to the entire room. A simple device can be made by yourself. And all problems associated with the boiler can be prevented at the manufacturing stage.

Self-winding self-winding watch( video)

It is not difficult to weld the structure. In this case, the conversion of boilers on firewood is always actual. This is a cost-effective equipment. For the work you will need only a personal desire and metal for the erection of the structure. The housing of the turbo charger can be made from a cylinder or steel sheets.