Soldering iron for polypropylene pipes: for plastic, how to choose, nozzles for iron, welding and soldering PP, rating of devices

Soldering iron for polypropylene pipes can be bought at any construction shop Soldering iron for polypropylene pipes can be bought in any construction shop Recently it has become very popular to mount a heating and water supply system made of polypropylene pipes. Because of the low price and simplicity of materials, almost every homeowner can independently solder polypropylene pipes. For such a pipe joint it is necessary to have some skills and the necessary tool. But first, you need to figure out how to choose this technique correctly, so as not to pay a large amount for it, or, on the contrary, not to buy a cheap counterfeit.

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Soldering iron for plastic pipes: how to get quality

The main task of such a soldering iron is to maintain the necessary temperature for connecting a polypropylene pipe with a fitting, and its heating temperature is about 260 degrees.

When buying a soldering iron for plastic pipes, ask the seller for a certificate confirming its quality When purchasing a soldering iron for plastic pipes, you should ask the seller for a certificate confirming its quality.

According to customers, the soldering iron should be selected according to 3 criteria :

  • Heating element form;
  • Thermal power;
  • The price of the device.
  • At cost, soldering irons can be divided into 3 groups:
  • Russian and Chinese-made soldering tools are cheaper;
  • The most expensive soldering irons of Turkish production will most often be used;
  • Expensive soldering irons will be models from European manufacturers, and popular among them will be German and Czech soldering irons.

A soldering iron for plastic pipes of a Chinese manufacturer is suitable for soldering the home heating system. Experts say that such a soldering iron will be enough for two systems, and this is enough for the first work of a man who decided to make heating using polypropylene pipes, and even you can give someone some money.

Do not use Chinese-made soldering iron for commercial orders. The whole reason is not that it is not qualitative, but that it is not capable of maintaining the exact temperature. The error in cheap fingers is 10 degrees or more, and this contributes to a non-quality connection, and you can not control this visually. Defects of this kind are not allowed when the order is executed.

For beginners, a soldering iron for Turkish pipes is more suitable. The accuracy of the Turkish soldering tools is very small and the reliability of such a soldering iron is excellent. The average cost makes soldering irons of Turkish production popular even on companies that deal with the installation of heating from plastic pipes. In order to save the firm assure that it is more profitable to purchase 3 Turkish soldering irons than one German or Czech one. Masters who have been engaged in this kind of work for many years know that a Czech and German soldering iron will serve for a long time and will ensure the quality of soldering.

Hand-built soldering iron for pipes made of polypropylene

The work of the soldering iron is to adhere pipes that have been heated to the desired temperature. Not always there is a need to solder or repair half the wiring of heating and running water in the house. Often there is a need to work to replace two of the three connections. And in this case it is not necessary to buy a soldering iron, but you can do it yourself.

To make a soldering iron for pipes made of polypropylene, you should see a training video To make a soldering iron for pipes made of polypropylene, you should see the training video

For an electrician who has the skills of locksmithing, making such a soldering iron will take a couple of hours.

Most often, water pipes are hidden from the eyes, for this they are smoothed into channels and therefore you should not worry about beauty and aesthetics. But it is not important, it is important to incorrectly adjust the heating temperature and overheating of pipes or fittings, even if overheating is not many degrees, this will lead to a marriage. In such a soldering, the main issue is the quality of the soldering of the parts. If during soldering by a self-made soldering iron a slight discrepancy of the appearance of the soldered elements is allowed, then when using a purchased soldering iron everything should be perfect.

For the manufacture of a soldering iron for propylene pipes, the following materials are required:

  • Heating element;
  • Necessary fitting for your pipe size and nozzle on the soldering iron;
  • Nickel-plated bolts and nuts M8, they serve to attach the nozzles to the heater;
  • Based on the thermocouple;
  • Fastening for reliable fixing of the soldering iron on the auxiliary surface.

In addition to the temperature, the power and speed of heating the surface of the pipes for connection are of great importance. In the event that the heating of the connecting elements is long, the parts that are heated lose their shape and geometric dimensions.

For this reason, the material should be a diameter of 15 to 30 millimeters, and the power of the device from 700 to 900 units. This power corresponds to the heating of the iron.

The scheme of work for plumbing, it is very simple, you need a socket, ployka, PVC pipe, which must be cleaned beforehand and of course the master's desire. All work will not take much time, because it does not present any complexity.

Tips and Tricks: How to choose a soldering iron for polypropylene pipes

Having determined the shape of the heating platform, proceed to the selection of technical parameters. One of the first and most important is to choose the power. When choosing the power, do not choose the largest, if more, it does not mean that it is better. Since powerful soldering irons are intended for soldering large diameter pipes. In case you need a pipe joint, which is about 50 mm in size, that is, it is a standard heating system, then a soldering iron with a capacity of 600-800 W is suitable for such purposes. In general, the package indicates the number of nozzles and diameter for what they are intended. On such instructions you can navigate.

Select a soldering iron for plastic pipes, based on the amount of work and financial capacity The soldering iron for plastic pipes should be chosen based on the amount of work and financial possibilities.

It is important to note the thermostat, how it is tuned, how much the temperature holds, because the quality of the soldering depends on this. This is especially true for beginners.

In the absence of experience and practice in this type of work, it is based on norms and standards.

And this is why it is necessary to choose a soldering iron for pipes with a smooth temperature setting and to study the instructions for using the soldering iron before work. And you need to learn not only the instructions for using a soldering iron, as well as pipes and accessories you bought, where not only the component of pipes and other things is written, but the optimum temperature for soldering is indicated. Then we set the required temperature on your soldering iron. If not, not what instructions, then you can use the average holding time, but before you start soldering, you need to try your hand at pipe sections and more than once.

When testing on pipe lengths, you will also understand enough time to warm up, or you need to add or reduce it. Such pipes are not expensive, so you can buy with a margin for training. Also it is necessary to pay attention to nozzles. The nozzles should be covered with Teflon, because of the Teflon coating, the heated elements of polypropylene pipes are very easily removed. Quality coating should have a greenish-bluish color.

For welding propylene, it is better to choose a device whose rating is trustworthy. For example, an electric soldering iron produced by Turkey is of excellent quality. A Turkish electric soldering iron for polypropylene, this is a good choice if you need a professional approach and a reliable device. In addition, it looks like a soldering gun and will attract the attention of your employers. If you are going to work with the PPR once, then you can buy Russian stamps. A soldering tool can be provided to you by a sanitary ware shop called Castorama or Stavr. In addition, you can buy such goods on the CFM, where you can find out its full overview and view the photo.

Nozzles for soldering iron for polypropylene pipes

The minimum number of nozzles should be 3, they are the most popular, and their diameter is 20, 25 and 32 millimeters. But after a certain period of use, supplied with the attachment nozzles, they will wear out and need to be replaced.

Nozzles are cylindrical in shape from aluminum alloy or copper, which are coated with non-stick layer of Teflon. When buying attachments, pay attention to the quality of the layer, and do not save too much on this.

The nozzles often come bundled with a soldering iron, but they can be bought separately Nozzles are often supplied with the soldering iron, but they can be bought separately

The coating layer depends on the cost of the nozzle, that is, the smaller the layer, the lower the price and the service life is much less than expensive.

Wear of the nozzle is manifested in this way: the appearance of smoke, plastic debris on the nozzle, adhesion of parts and the emergence of difficulties in the removal of pipes.

How to use an iron for polypropylene pipes

The very process of connecting pipes is very simple and therefore attracts many home masters.

The work must be carried out in the following order:

  • Prepare the pipe for soldering in such a way: it must be cut off and cleaned smoothly, and if necessary, remove the foil layer;
  • We plug the soldering iron into a socket and adjust the temperature;
  • After the soldering iron has been heated to the chosen temperature, it will be indicated by a light indicator, we put the pipe and fitting from different sides on the necessary nozzles;
  • Hold without delay the specified time and carefully remove the parts from the soldering iron;
  • We connect the pipe with the fitting without rotation and the entire connection is ready.

The time to be maintained depends on the diameter of the pipe.

How does a soldering iron for polypropylene pipes( video)

When choosing a soldering iron for polypropylene pipes, you need to rely on the purpose of its purchase. Cheap models are only suitable for one-time use at home. Such soldering irons can be purchased for a very low price. But to start a professional career and activity, you need to buy more expensive and better. And do not forget that the customer always pays attention to the tool that you work with.

soldering polypropylene( photo examples)