How to make a drill: a well with your own hands, to drill the earth, self-made drawings, hand drills, for a well

To make the drill serve for a long time, it should be made of high-quality metal To drill served for a long time, it should be made of quality metal Boer - a tool that should be in the economy, and not only a geologist. Virtually every owner of a house is required to drill a hole or open a hole for pipes. For this, it is not necessary to use a special technique, but you can independently make a drill from improvised materials.

    • stretcher drills for drilling earth
    • stretcher drill the well with your hands: the drawings and instructions
    • How do spiral drill the well with their hands
    • Hand drill the well: how to use a tool
    • Homemadedrills for wells( video)

stretcher drills for drilling earth

for soil that is resistant to shattering, the most commonly used type of drill stretcher. The drill can be made from a pipe of the necessary size or from a piece of sheet steel, which must be rolled to a certain diameter. The drill has a cylindrical shape with a slot along the bottom along the instrument. The cut on the bottom of the drill can be made with a bulgarian with a circle around the metal.

If the soil is very free-flowing, the slit should be as narrow as possible to hold it.

To make the spoonbore effective, it needs to be sharpened To stretcher drill to be effective, it must be well sharpened

The average length of the drill - 70 cm in diameter can be different. When drilling a well, the deposited rock is trapped inside the cylinder, compressing and sticking to the walls. Even if the drill rests in water, the ground does not fall off, but remains inside the spoon.

Sometimes a drill bit is welded to the bottom of the drill for metal, which visually continues the axis of the drill. Due to the sharp tip, it is easier for the drill to make a hole.

A homemade bur-spoon removes the soil with a transverse edge and a vertical notch, and the well may be larger than the diameter of the drill.

Spoon drill is used not only for drilling wells and wells, but also for installing fences or poles, preparing pit for foundation or planting trees.

stretcher drill the well with your hands: the drawings and instructions

Features of the hand drill stretcher type lies in the fact that it is designed for drilling in very viscous clay rocks or in the wet sand.

You can make it with your own hands from a sheet of steel, twisted into a half-pipe. The vertical should remain a slot with a protruding edge of the axis for a couple of millimeters.

Thus, the tool can not only bite into the ground, but also cut a layer of soil from the sides.

Bottom steel bends, so that it turns out a raking spiral - the same as a spiral storm.

The drawings of the spoon borer can be easily found on the Internet or done by yourself using a computer program Drawings stretcher drill can be easily found on the Internet or make your own using a computer program

Key Features:

  • At the end of the drill has a tip of the drill bit or other sharp instrument;
  • The bar can be dismountable or integral as required;
  • The handle of the drill is made broad or thin, depending on the strength of the soil;
  • The length of the cylinder, as a rule, does not exceed 70 cm.

The work's princes are to take the soil to the maximum and pull it to the surface. The edges of the vertical and horizontal edges are necessarily sharpened to simplify the process of turning the borax spoon.

In addition to the spoon, it is possible to single out one more simple drill for wells - a frame drill. It's quite easy to make it yourself. To work, you need a rectangular frame, one side of which is sharpened at an angle of 20 degrees. To the bottom of the frame weld a tip or a drill, to the opposite end - the handle of the drill.

How to make a spiral drill for a well with your own hands

This kind of drill is designed for drilling small holes, but if you can extend the barrel, you can drill a well up to 20 meters.

The spiral drill is suitable for both vertical and horizontal well drilling.

The hand drill consists of a drill pipe, a handle with which it is convenient to rotate it, and the drill itself. To make such a drill at home, you need to have some skills in working with metal, as well as a welding machine.

We will need:

  • Pipe diameter of 500 mm;
  • Two discs with a diameter of 100-150 mm;
  • Tip( the drill is suitable for at least 20 mm).

A drill or any other sharp tip is welded to the edge of the pipe. As an option, the pipe must be flattened from one edge, and then the Bulgarian cut edges to get a sharp peak.

The discs are cut in half, the edges of their edges in the place where the cut was cut are honed. This will determine the ease of rotation of the drill and the speed of work with it.

After that, not lower than 20 cm from the tip weld half of the circle. The angle between them is not more than 40 degrees, 35 will be ideal.

The height of the spiral drill should be made depending on your height The height of the spiral drill should be made depending on your height

Centimeters through 20 weld the second 2 halves of the circle. On the second side of the pipe we weld perpendicularly another piece of pipe, such that it was convenient to turn. If you are going to drill deeply, the handle should be made long, so that you can twist together.

Hand drill for borehole: how to operate the tool

A hand-held spiral drill is a fairly handy tool for drilling wells. The principle of its work is to loosen a part of the earth, which then can easily be got with the drill. First, the drill is pushed into the ground and, turning clockwise, is screwed into the ground. Then the drill is removed from the well and cleaned of the soil. He copes well with clayey rocks.

The only drawback is the inconvenience when working with wet ground, the ground is very clinging to the drill, weighting it and hammering it. For this, a burl-spoon is used.

If a tool is needed to drill a deep well, a drill is used with the possibility of extending the rod. The bar is extended with the help of pipe parts, which are screwed together with a threaded fastener. To avoid disconnection of parts, the parts are fixed with additional cotter pins. As the deepening the bar increases. When the drill comes, the bar is dismantled. When drilling a bore out of a well, it's important not to forget to fix something with the bar so as not to accidentally drop the remaining short piece into the hole.

Homemade drill bits for the wells( video)

Working with homemade drill is characterized by low cost and the ability to work even when power is cut off. At the same time, the terrain of the site remains intact, as there is no need to use heavy equipment.