Heating the garage is the most economical way: heating in the winter is inexpensive, cheap and fast with your own hands, how to heat

There are several ways to heat the garage, which they choose at their discretion There are several ways to heat the garage, which they choose . Many car enthusiasts tend to build a garage heating, as this will allow the use of the room for their own pleasure throughout the cold period, and also keep the car at a better levelForm. It is worth noting that the cold season is not only a discomfort, but also the time when mold and fungus begin to form quickly, as a safe wet and cool environment appears. Naturally, the desire to make the heating of the garage with their own hands always borders on the desire to save, but because you need to look at the various options to choose the most economical.

    • Gas heating of the garage
    • Heating the garage with solid fuel
    • Heating the garage with electricity: the most convenient and economical way
    • Is it possible to call the heating on diesel fuel and running economical
    • How best to heat the garage:Tips
    • Garage heating: the most economical way( video)

Gas heating of the garage

The room, heated by gas, will be warm, and heats up for a minimum of time. However, gas installations are possible only if a line is laid alongside, since only in this case the method will really help to save money.

Many people prefer to use gas heating for a garage, as it is fast and cheap enough Many people prefer to use gas heating for a garage, because it is fast and cheap enough.

Gas heating is the option when heating in winter is required, which can be installed:

  • Cheap;
  • Fast;
  • With your hands.

In addition, in order to carry out the installation of gas equipment, it is necessary to coordinate this moment with a number of special services, which sometimes causes many problems. If you fulfill these two conditions and invest the minimum costs, you can make heating quality and able to last for a long time. If a gas supply line is laid next to the garage, it will be necessary to determine which heating system will be installed. It is desirable to install a boiler for which gasification is required, and this will provide heat.

If the room is large, it will require piping and radiators.

In the opposite case, it will be sufficient to install a fan in the boiler, due to which a cold wind will be blown into the room space. The optimal option for placing such a product will be a wall that borders the street. An even cheaper option is a gas convector, which has a simple configuration, low power and optimal cost. Such convectors operate from cylinders, but it will need to be filled, with regular use, almost every day.

Heating the garage with solid fuel

The most important thing is to correctly calculate the design so that it can warm the garage, as it does not require too much construction, for example, as for heating a two-story private house. How inexpensively to warm up the garage room, and so that to use the self-made unit?

If you decide to heat the garage with solid fuel, then you need to pick up a quality furnace If you decide to heat a garage with solid fuel, then you need to choose a quality oven

In this case, you should prefer the options for solid fuel for which the furnace:

  • Sold ready;
  • Are made to order;
  • Do it yourself.

Fuel for such a furnace is solid, it can be heated with wood, briquettes and charcoal. Most garage owners use a device known by many as "Burzhuyka".With her help it is quite possible to warm the garage, and it's not difficult at all. The cost of such furnaces is not too high, and they have an excellent efficiency, which increases their popularity literally every day.

It is possible to install a brick oven, but this option should be used only for large premises, for example hangars, as it will take care of fire safety, as well as the installation of a flue to remove combustion products.

Due to the fact that there are flammable liquids in the garage and, first of all, it is gasoline, it is necessary to make it as safe as possible to avoid serious consequences in the form of a fire and explosion. It will also be necessary to take care of the place in the garage where the fuel will be stored, and so that it does not become damp, which will reduce the speed of heating.

Heating the garage with electricity: the most convenient and economical way

Electric heating is a system with a fairly high efficiency, but it has its own disadvantages and it is too high cost. If you heat the garage all day and almost daily, then the cost of electricity will not be small.

Popular and in demand today is the heating of the garage by electricity Popular and in demand today is the heating of the garage with electricity

The way of heating the garage with electricity is:

  • Convenient;
  • Practical;
  • Available.

In addition, the electric boiler is not autonomous, because it directly depends on the supply of electricity, and when it is turned off, it will not work. Among the minuses, it can be noted that electric boilers will not be able to be connected by anyone, and you will need to contact specialists, for an additional fee.

Electric heating is the most effective, as it can heat up the garage in just a few minutes, which saves time and waste on gasoline that is required by other devices.

Heating by electricity can be carried out by means of a portable heater, for example, it can be a heat gun or stationary. It is important that the equipment is installed as correctly as possible, since the stationary requires a special niche and a protective shield, and store near it oil and fuel for the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Heating the room with an electric fan is a stationary method, with great efficiency and too high energy consumption, and therefore, before giving preference to this option, one must look at all the positive and negative sides.

Is it possible to call heating on diesel fuel and operating economical

If you receive them completely free of charge, you can heat the premises of any format and, including, the garage is simple and without investing a lot of money. This economical heating will best catch up with the necessary temperature in the shortest possible time and will be able to heat the room for a long time.

It is extremely rare to heat the garage used diesel, because it is not entirely practical It is extremely rare to use solar oil for heating the garage, as it is not entirely practical.

It is not uncommon for people to have access to such materials as:

  • Solar;
  • Diesel fuel;
  • Working off.

In order to use such a fuel, you can use own-made units, but only if they have an outlet for the output of combustion products to the outside. The design should be connected in accordance with the requirements of fire safety in order to reduce the probability of fire to a minimum.

The garage, heated in this way, will be very comfortable and pleasant to stay, and you need to arrange the original boilers so that metallic or asbestos sheets are placed around them.

It is advisable, for safety reasons, to use exactly those boilers that are already ready for operation and require only a connection, as they comply with all necessary standards and exclude the moment that the heater will cause a fire or more serious consequences.

The design for heating must necessarily be with a special capacity for oil, which can be made from a gas cylinder or other products of this type. The length of the combustion products outlet into the chimney must be at least 1 m and have a diameter of 15 cm. Chimneys are best installed in a direct view in order to increase the level of heat transfer. The oil is poured into the tank by 3/4, and the ignition is carried out by means of an air blower. As a rule, there is no complete combustion of the oil and no smoke. The oil must be free of impurities and water. This heating can be water and, such heaters work on the antifreeze.

How best to heat the garage: tips

How to choose an alternative heating for a garage, so that it is as economical and most importantly effective?The choice of each owner of such a room, however, there are a number of criteria that will help to determine much easier and faster.

Before you start heating the garage, you can also get acquainted with the advice of specialists Before proceeding with the heating of the garage, you can additionally get acquainted with the advice of specialists

Typically, the choice of system or equipment is made by:

  • Fuel type;
  • Easy installation;
  • Price.

Of great importance is the moment how close the garage is located relative to living quarters. If the distance is too large, it is advisable to select an autonomous heating system, and if the distance is small, then it is possible to combine heating, by laying additional pipes.

In addition, when arranging the heating of the garage, it is worth paying attention to ease of operation, ease of maintenance, efficiency, availability.

There are some recommendations from experts about whether it is worthwhile installing air heating, for example, a fan heater, or it is better to give preference to a standard oven and preferably not to ignore them. If the installation of a heating boiler is planned, the damper adjusting the draft should be closed in the event that the fuel has completely burnt out and fuses. Strictly forbidden, when installing heating in the form of a boiler or furnace, store in the garage liquids that can easily ignite. Regardless of the type of heating chosen, there must be a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit inside the garage.

If the heating system is running constantly, and the garage is located next to the private house, the fire inspectors highly recommend installing a fire alarm system. It is forbidden to use heat guns to dry things, especially previously used rags. Store the gas cylinder above the floor in a specially designed shelf. At night, leaving the heating on is undesirable.

Garage heating: the most economical way( video)

In order for the installation to fully meet expectations and not require too much investment, it is best to choose it carefully and based on your own preferences and recommendations of the pros. In this case, the garage and its owner will be safe and, most importantly, at a low cost.