Toilets for odorless and pumping out: what is better for a private house, how to choose peat bio-neutralization

To choose a good bio-toilet for use in the country, you need to know the information about how it is arranged To choose a good bio-toilet for use in the country, you need to be informed about how it works often suburban houses do not have a connection to central sewer, and a cesspool construction is not always suitable for the person who carries out the countryOnly a few months of the year. To make pastime at the cottage more comfortable, gardeners have found an excellent solution - the installation of a dry closet. What toilets without odor and pumping out exist for today and how to choose a design in the house and at the dacha - read in the article.

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Peat toilet for questioning: what better

What is a composting toilet?A biotoilete is a special construction in which waste products are processed and converted to organic fertilizer or liquid without a characteristic odor. The main advantage of the design is that the bio toilet is completely self-contained: it does not require sewerage and the organization of a cesspool. What are the dry closets?

A peat toilet can be installed anywhere in the plot or in the house. And also move if necessary The peat toilet can be installed anywhere in the plot or in the house. And also move if required

By purifying waste type for giving biotoilet may be:

  • peat;
  • Electric;
  • Chemical.

The first option is an excellent solution for giving. Such a bio-toilet is reliable and safe, as it excludes any chemistry. In addition, in the process of processing waste, it produces compost, which is valued by many summer residents.

The peat toilet must have a fixed type of placement, since it requires the equipment of the ventilation system.

The electric bio-toilet is characterized by convenient and simple operation, has a built-in fan and small dimensions. The cost of this biotoilet is relatively high, but it allows creating comfortable conditions for life activity even in marching conditions.

The minus of an electric toilet is that it works only if there is a constant connection to the power source.

The chemical toilet is convenient and mobile, it takes up little space, and its work is controlled by a special electric pump or manual flushing system. Such toilets can often be seen on the streets( such toilets met in one of the series in the sensational series "The Beard Man" and the film "Eccentrics").

Different types of chemical toilets have different reagents that recycle waste. The most safe are bacterial and ammonium-based.

The chemical toilets differ in size. In this case, the compact sample has the same principle of operation as the large one.

We choose a biological toilet for a summer residence: the requirements of

What is better to choose biotoilets for a summer residence?The choice of a dry closet depends on the financial possibilities of the owner of a country house, the number of family members, the availability and quality of power transmission systems and aeration in the house.

Before choosing biounitaz for a summer residence or a home, you should determine the main characteristics of the operation Before choosing biounitaz for garden or home, we should define the basic characteristics of operation

To choose a bio-toilet the cottage is necessary to define:

  • What type is a device( street type orWith accommodation inside the house);Will the toilet be portable or stationary?
  • What type of waste treatment will be in the bio-toilet( liquid or chemical);
  • How often can you pump out and clean the toilet;
  • Which flushing system will be in the device( bellows, electric, piston or pump);
  • Can you provide a mechanism for a permanent job( if it is an electric toilet, and power cuts frequently occur in your area, then it makes sense to think about the purchase of an electric generator).

As for the brands, such manufacturers of biotoilets as: Thetford, Camping, Biosphere, Enders, Separett( liquid species) have proved to be successful in the market.

How to choose a biotoilet for a private house

Biounitaz for a country house should be as comfortable and convenient to use as possible. In addition, such devices are usually taken with a calculation not for one decade, so the toilet should be distinguished by its durability and quality.

The easiest to maintain are portable models that can be installed in a convenient place for you The most simple to maintain are portable models that can be installed in a convenient place for you

To choose a comfortable and safe biounit for a country house you need to consider:

  1. Toilet dimensions. Mini-toilets are ideal for indoor use in small bathrooms. Most often they have 42 cm in width and 37 in depth.
  2. Toilet bowl height. Use of the toilet should be convenient for all family members. This is especially important if the family has small children. They are suitable for devices with a height of 30-35 cm
  3. Pump type. The most convenient is electric, which runs on batteries and doses water when pressed.
  4. Equipment of the dry closet. Any convenient bio-toilet should have: an indicator of filling with waste from the lower tank;Integrated drain pipe;Overpressure relief valve;Two - sided flushing.

Be careful when choosing household chemical toilets for a private house of unknown brands: often the manufacturers do not specify all the chemical composition of the processing reagents. Most often, the concealment of a substance is toxic and dangerous to health.

The best biotoilet for the house

Based on customer feedback you can make a rating of the most convenient, safe and durable biotoilets. It contains models in a different price segment, which allows you to choose a quality model for everyone.

The first thing you need to decide when deciding which toilets to choose is the volume of the waste accumulation tank

So, the rating of the well-proven biotoilets includes:

  1. Portable bio-toilet Thetford Porta 365
  2. Compact bio-toilet Piteco 505 on peat waste treatment.
  3. Composting bio-toilet on anhydrous basis Separett villa 9000/9011.
  4. Affordable and small Enviro for 20 liters.
  5. Cassette Danfo Pacto.
  6. Electric waste-free biotoilet Cinderella.

The cost of a dry closet depends on how much time and effort you need to apply in order to clean the device.

Installing biounitaz for the house

The installation of the biotoilet in the house is quick and easy, as the devices do not require connection to the sewage system and water supply. The main thing is to place the device correctly in the plan. So, the toilet should not border on the kitchen. It is not advisable for the bathroom to go through the bedroom of one of the family members.

To keep the biotoiler cleaner for much longer, choose a device in which the flushing covers a large area of ​​the inside of the toilet bowl To ensure that the biotoiler is kept clean for much longer, choose a device in which the flushing covers a large area of ​​the inside of the toilet

The installation process for the dry closet includes the following steps:

  1. Preparation of a special place. If the toilet is on the street, then the terrain should be level. It is better to make a foundation under the toilet, which will protect the device from groundwater.
  2. Installation of a vent pipe. The pipe is installed in an upright position and is taken to the street at an angle of 45 °.
  3. Connecting a drain hose for draining liquids. The hose is taken out to a storage tank or soil.

After that, the bio-toilet is filled with reagents, necessary for waste processing( peat, chemicals, etc.).

How peat bio-toilet is used for cottages( video)

Biotoilet is a convenient design for the processing of waste products in the absence of connection to the central sewage system. When choosing a device, you should take into account some of the nuances associated with the composition of the family, the features of the site on which the dacha or apartment house is located, the performance characteristics of the device. Use the above recommendations, selection criteria and rating of the best quality biotoilets, and choose a reliable device that will last for many years!