Burzhuyka from the gas cylinder: a stove with their own hands, to make in the garage, a boiler on the wood by video, from a propane homemade

To make a gas tank from a gas cylinder, you do not need to spend a lot of financial resources To produce a gas tank from a gas cylinder, you do not need to spend a lot of money An economical stove made from a propane bottle is not too expensive. The main thing is to make the right drawings. And the material for the work will serve as improvised means. So the old balloon, metal sheets, fittings and pipes - this is the whole set of necessary products.

      • Efficiency of using a furnace from a gas cylinder to the garage
      • Principle of operation of a gas cylinder from a gas cylinder on firewood
      • Kinds of stoves from a gas cylinder on firewood
      • A self-propelled stove from a gas cylinder: preparatory work
      • Self-propelled gas cylinder self-propelled: mounting technology
      • Chimney equipment for a gas cylinder from a gas cylinder
      • How to make a furnace from a gas cylinder( video)
      • Examples of gas turbines from gas tanksmalonic( photo)

Efficiency furnace from the gas cylinder to the garage

burzhujki of gas boiler allows heat to burn slower, recycling all of the fuel. At the same time, it is possible to control the air supply and the combustion process by means of a special damper. So increases the efficiency and duration of combustion. That is why homemade ovens are used in garages, greenhouses, baths, workshops.

With the help of a gas cylinder oven, you can easily heat a small garage With the help of a gas cylinder oven it's easy to heat a small garage

Furnace advantages:

  1. Simple assembly. You can build a building quickly and easily.
  2. Independent fuel. The boiler does not need electricity, only solid fuel. In this case, the type of solid fuel does not matter.
  3. Small size allows you to place the construction in any corner of the house.
  4. Easy to use. The mechanism is simple, the firewood burn long and does not require constant monitoring.

But for the operation of the furnace requires good ventilation, otherwise there will be no need for traction. The heat capacity of the structure is also not encouraging. This is due to the small area of ​​the boiler.

You can increase the heat capacity by equipping the shirt.

Only dry logs should be used for the oven. Of the minuses, the difficulty of cleaning the structure from soot and ash is noted. But there are fewer advantages than disadvantages. At the same time, the furnace equipment will not be expensive.

Principle of operation of a gas cylinder from a gas cylinder on firewood

The design of a gas cylinder is a system of long burning. It consists of three main elements: a furnace, a chimney and an ash-pit. The latter is a special channel, which is located at the bottom of the stove. The blower feeds air into the furnace, controlling the combustion. This part is equipped with a door to control the supply of oxygen. In addition, the soot accumulates in the ashtray.

The furnace is located above the ashtray. This element is used for fuel combustion. Air enters the chamber through the grate, which is connected to the ashtray. The furnace is equipped with a door. So the log is loaded with firewood.

The furnace is ignited when the furnace door is open and the ash compartment is closed. Unburned pieces fall through the grate or fly through the chimney.

The chimney is a chimney, through which the remains of combustion products leave. A special damper is installed in the chimney - a damper. It is used to block the chimney. Thanks to it, you can slow down the combustion process and increase the efficiency.

The main principles of the turbojet:

  1. The ashtray transports air to the furnace;
  2. In the loading chamber, burning of firewood or coal is carried out;
  3. Combustion products are eliminated through the chimney;
  4. You can control the intensity of combustion with a flap;
  5. Firewood is placed in the furnace through a special door in the body of the furnace.

Cut the necessary holes in the gas cylinder with the help of a Bulgarian The necessary holes in the gas cylinder can be cut using the

The ash and furnace are considered to be the main elements and are mounted directly in the gas cylinder housing. The chimney can be placed separately. The principle of operation is quite simple, it remains to be seen how to properly design a burzhuyk.

Kinds of stoves from a gas cylinder on firewood

The booths are divided for the installation method into vertical and horizontal. Each variety has its own mounting features, advantages and disadvantages. It is important to study each option in detail.

Nuances of installing a horizontal furnace:

  1. The construction of such a burzhuyki takes less time;
  2. The oven is installed on a metal sheet so that there are no fire hazard situations.

The vertical design is compact. It can be placed in a corner, it does not take up much space. The cylinder is installed crane down, so the design has its differences. The door at the vertical burner is at the bottom. It will take less steel for the substrate equipment.

Gas cylinder stove with own hands: preparatory work

To create a furnace with a metal cylinder on the wood, you will need to use welding. That's why you should choose a room in advance to work. It should be a well-ventilated room with reliable wiring and constant access to electricity.

You should immediately prepare all the tools for work. It will take a welding machine and a Bulgarian.

The stove from the gas cylinder should be installed in such a way that it does not come into contact with the plating of the room The stove from the gas cylinder should be installed in such a way that it does not come into contact with the plating of the room.

The process of carrying out the turbocharger can last several days. It would be better if the room with a roof. Good sound insulation is welcomed, because during the work it is noisy, but it will not please the neighbors.

Materials for the construction of the turbojet:

  1. Enclosure. Can be made from an old propane boiler. It is best to choose a large tank of 50 liters.
  2. In some cases, the oven can be equipped with legs. To do this, fit pieces of pipe, reinforcement, metal profile.
  3. With cuttings of the reinforcement, it is possible to make the handles of the turbojet. A similar handle will be on the top of the furnace.
  4. The door can be made with your own hands or you can buy a ready made of cast material. For the stove, you need 2 doors: on a furnace and an ash-pit. The first should be more.

Separately, you should take time to prepare the cylinder. To begin with, the tank will need to bleed propane. The operation is conducted in the open air. The tap of the feed opens and waits until the hissing stops.

Next, you will need to rinse the cylinder. The main thing is to get rid of the unpleasant smell that the supplier uses to determine the leakage. For washing, bleach is used, and then the structure is washed with water.

Gas cylinder self-propelled gas turbine:

mounting technology For the beginning, a container for the furnace is prepared. You should take a 50-gallon bottle. After this, you need to decide on the design of the turbo: vertical and horizontal.

How to make a horizontal type furnace:

  1. First, the top part with a tap is cut from the cylinder.
  2. Four legs are welded onto the vessel. The enclosure must be placed horizontally.
  3. At the top of the cylinder is equipped with a chimney hole. On the round hole welded bent collar of a steel bundle measuring 5 cm
  4. In the interior space set the grid at a distance of a quarter of its diameter. To do this, holes are drilled in the cylinder wall.
  5. The hole for the door is then made and the nut with the ball valve is welded.

The finished oven is installed in a garage or other room on a special steel sheet. The material should be sufficient to occupy space 50 cm more from the door. Vertical design has its own characteristics, but the preparatory work is the same.

Before installing the turbo charger from a gas cylinder, you should see a training video Before installing the turbo charger from the gas cylinder, you should see the training video

The hole for the valve in the vertical kilns is 10 cm larger. Next is equipped with a collar on the chimney. The ash-pit is installed at a distance of 5-10 cm from the bottom. Above equip the furnace. Between the hopper and the blower, grilles are installed. At the end, place the handles on the doors.

Chimney equipment for boiler from gas cylinder

To operate the stove, it will be necessary to equip a good thrust. For this purpose the chimney is mounted at a certain height. This place is located above the edge of the lattice. It will also be necessary to equip a place to collect moisture. It will also be necessary to remove heat from the chimney.

Heat dissipation methods:

  1. Carry out the installation of a horizontal section, observing a slope of 35 degrees. Further the chimney will need to be turned upwards and taken to the street. A heat exchanger is installed on the channel.
  2. Warm air can carry a pipe that comes out of the furnace at an incline. So increases the coefficient of efficiency and the duration of combustion.

Equipped with a water jacket can significantly increase the useful properties of the structure. All the features and nuances of installation can be considered on special drawings. In this case, the heat exchanger can also be equipped on the housing.

The circulation of the water in the jacket takes place on a forced basis using a pump.

The diameter of the heat exchanger must be larger than the diameter of the chimney. Open ends of pipes will have to be welded. When water passes through the shirt, it heats up and gives out the heat to the room.

How to make a furnace from a gas cylinder( video)

A furnace made of an oxygen or gas cylinder is a fairly simple structure. You can assemble such a burzhuy on your own. The main thing is to stock up the welding machine and the Bulgarian. Perform the installation should be based on calculations and drawings.

Examples burzhujki of gas cylinders( photo)