Food waste shredder for sink: for kitchen, household disposer for garbage in a sink, setting shredder

Efficient and quick to process the remains of food will help you a practical food waste shredder A practical food shredder will help you to efficiently and quickly process food residues. For the recycling of household waste, a chopper for the kitchen is often used. It must be mounted at the bottom of the shell, and connected to a sewage system. The destroyer operates due to electricians or hydraulics. Choosing the best option should be based on personal needs and features of the water supply.

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Dispouting device for the

The food washer( disposer) works on the principle of crushing. This design does not require additional power supplies. The work is carried out by flushing water, which starts the knives.

Before using the device, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with how the dispouter unit works for the shell Before using the device, please read how the dispouter unit for the

works. The electrical appliance on the sink is a two-level system. Thus, solid and small waste particles are processed. Gets a homogeneous mixture, which is easily washed away by the liquid.

The mechanism of the two-level system is provided by:

  • Rotary table with undercutting devices;
  • Crushing ring.

The rotation speed of the table is 2000 revolutions per minute. First, the waste is fed to the turntable through the neck of the chopper. And then the garbage is thrown on the crushing ring. On the table are the cams, which control, so that the mixture does not get lost in one lump.

Recycling will operate until the debris particles pass through the pipe, and go to the sewer. Further they are washed without problems with liquid and do not clog the pipeline.

Thanks to the pruning mechanism, fibrous waste particles do not enter the gap between the crusher and the table. Each turn carries out pruning of fibers. Each time the particles become smaller, so they can not hammer the pipeline.

The Dispouer is operated by the flow of water. It starts when the device is turned on. The liquid cools the engine, which can become hot during operation. In the absence of water, the mechanism overheats and the chopper breaks.

Types of shredders for the kitchen in the sink

The shredder can process any food waste. It can be the remains of vegetables, fruits, small bones of fish and meat, pasta. Disposers can have a different design, which causes a variety of devices.

Types of shredders:

  • Electric;
  • Mechanical.

Popular today are both electric and mechanical shredders for the kitchen in the sink Popular today are both electric and mechanical shredders for the kitchen in the sink

The power of electrical appliances depends on the electrical network. The engine starts the work of the crushing mechanism, which carries out the grinding of waste and debris. Further, the particles are further processed by a stationary float. Crushed porridge dilutes the liquid and is sent to the sewer. The maximum particle size is 3 mm.

Subsystems for electric heaters:

  1. Continuous load system. First, the device is started, and then the waste is sent to the chopper. When washing the dishes in the sinks the unit works constantly. Only after removing all debris the device switches off.
  2. Installation of pre-loading batch. At such work, the hopper is first filled, and then the device switches on. When the processing ends, the device switches itself off.

Mechanical devices are also called hydraulic. The work is carried out due to the pressure of water. No additional power supplies are needed for this. The shredder has several knives that perform crushing work. Hydraulic structures are more powerful than electric ones. Such mechanisms can grind even coarse fibers.

With a small head of water, it is better to install electrical varieties. Mechanical devices depend only on the force of the head.

Mechanical devices, as a rule, work without creating excessive noise. They turn on when draining the water. Such designs are safer, since they do not need to make up the power network. That is why the cost of hydraulic devices is higher than electrical.

The principle of the shredder for the

The shredder works both hydraulically and electrically. Make the right choice, based on the principle of action, it is not easy. It is important to understand all the nuances of the work.

The electrical firewall is powered from the network. The circuit includes a start button, an engine, a grinding chamber and a flush. These are reliable and powerful structures. But the installation has its own difficulties. Additional security measures are also required. At work electric models are loud enough.

You can familiarize yourself with the principle of the trash shredder for the shell yourself using the Internet You can familiarize yourself with the principle of the garbage shredder for the shell yourself using the

Internet. However, a significant disadvantage is the failure of the device during the reboot. To rewind or replace the engine, it will take a lot of time and effort.

Hydraulic shredder is reliable and easy to clean. Its work is carried out thanks to the pressure of water. After opening the valve, the liquid seeps into the hopper and starts the disposer.

Disadvantages of using hydraulics:

  1. The work is completely dependent on the liquid head. Therefore, there are breakdowns due to a bone of fruit or fish.
  2. Minimum pressure is provided for the operation of the device. This is why on the upper floors of the multi-unit home the device may not function.
  3. A mechanical device can cause injuries and hazards. This is due to the uncontrolled start-up of equipment during the descent of water.

The right choice depends on the purpose of the purchase. You need to build on your needs. You can buy a quiet hydraulic device for an apartment with an uninterrupted and powerful water supply. For the upper floors of the house acquire a reliable electrical design.

Criteria for shredder selection for

As far as types of shredder are concerned, the installation remains the same. The design is mounted below the drain sink and represents a chamber with a cutting mechanism. The shredder is attached with rotating knives or disks. The walls of the tank have the appearance of a grater, which makes it possible to efficiently grind garbage.

When choosing a shredder, it is necessary to take into account its quality, practicality and other characteristics When choosing a shredder, its quality, usability and other characteristics must be considered.

Parameters to consider when selecting:

  1. Device power and blade speed. At low power, the structure can not cope with solid waste.
  2. Security. Choose a model that eliminates the dangers of use.
  3. Material of construction. Durable appliances are made with stainless steel.
  4. Ease of operation. The device should be easy to disassemble and clean if necessary.
  5. Possible replacement of parts. There must be access to buying parts.

When used on the walls of the container, debris and grease remain, which become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, an unpleasant odor may occur. To prevent the spread of pathogenic microflora, use a special substance.

Many manufacturers prescribe the use of a certain tool in the instructions. They may even deny guarantees if another substance is used during operation. Therefore, it is better to choose a device that can be cleaned with any drug.

When buying a device, it is important to consider its dimensions and nuances of installation. Features of the construction include the length of the pipe for the supply of waste, the length of the outlet nozzle, the location of the start button. It is important that under the sink it is possible to locate the chopper freely without damaging the countertop. When choosing a mechanical design, take into account the water head. And when choosing an electrical dispositor, pay attention to the power supply parameters.

Steps for installing the food waste shredder

First you need to check the availability of all items and tools. It will take a key, a pneumatic switch, rubber gaskets. The design of the shredder should allow for self-assembly.

You can install the food waste shredder yourself, if you have previously read the attached instructions Install the food waste shredder yourself if you first become familiar with the accompanying instruction

Sequence of installation of the dispouter:

  1. The kitchen siphon from the sink is disconnected;
  2. Gaskets and necessary fasteners are installed at the bottom of the sink;
  3. The heat exchanger is connected by means of fasteners;
  4. To the output of the shredder a drain pipe is installed to discharge the waste into the sewage system( if necessary, use adapters);
  5. The appliance is connected to the mains or pneumatic actuator is installed.

For sewage, smooth pipes should be selected. Corrugated material will begin to collect contaminants in its folds and quickly clog. All actions are prescribed in the instructions. If you follow its instructions, you can quickly make the installation yourself.

In high-quality models, the issue of safety is acute. When a foreign object enters the bin( for example, a metal knife), the system automatically locks.

It is important to use the chopper correctly to avoid breakage. First, cold water is started, and then the disposer is turned on. A characteristic noise signals its operation. After the unit has calmed down, the appliance must be switched off.

Food waste shredder installation( video)

The food processor allows you to efficiently get rid of debris and debris. The crusher includes cutting knives or disks, and the walls of the container have the form of a float. Connecting the device is quite simple, everyone can handle it. Use a meat grinder is also quite easy.