Volume of the ring: concrete, meter cesspool, bottom of reinforced concrete, diameter of sewer 1500, count well

The choice of a concrete ring follows, depending on the purposes for which it will be applied concrete ring should choose depending on the purpose for which it will be applied correctly fitted sewage system - a pledge of full comfort. Even on a small country plot you can enjoy all the benefits of civilization by equipping a cesspool of concrete rings of different diameters on the site.

    • Rings cesspool: general information
    • classification and volume of the RC-rings
    • volume of the concrete ring 1 meter nuances septic tanks built
    • Sump of concrete rings without a bottom: the installation of their own hands
    • How to calculate the volume of ring( video)

rings cesspool: general information

Concrete rings are widely used for the construction of the sewerage system - manholes and cesspools. The use of rings is considered to be the simplest and most convenient way of arranging the sewage system.

Rings are made of reinforcement and concrete, they are very durable and are used mainly for long-lasting work.

When choosing rings for a cesspool, it is worth considering the number of people living in the house When choosing rings for sump should take into account the number of people living in the house

sewage system equipped with an RC-rings, is protected from all weather conditions and protects the groundwater from leaking sewage.

It is possible to distinguish two types of rings - a euro ring with a lock and ordinary reinforced concrete rings. The second type of rings is joined together by cement mortar and iron staples.

Advantages of using RC rings:

  • Long service life of the product;
  • Resistant to loads;
  • Do not allow moisture;
  • Ease of installation and operation;
  • Low cost;
  • Can be used for sewage system equipment, small tunnels, power lines and heating systems;
  • Protected against ground water.

To the disadvantages can be attributed purely technical aspects - the heavy weight of RC rings provides transportation in a large car, and their installation is possible only with the use of special equipment.

Classification and scope RC-rings

These rings are made of heavy concrete B25, which frost F-100, the water permeability W4.The RC rings have a marking according to which the classification of the ring can be determined.

Ferro-concrete rings are divided into prefabricated, additional, with a lid, with a lock and with a bottom.

First, the design type is indicated on the marking: CS - wall ring, CSD - wall ring with bottom. After the type is prescribed the size of the ring, the first group of numbers denotes the diameter of the ring, after the hyphen - the height of the product. For example, KS-15 stands for a wall ring with a diameter of 1500 cm.

Before buying RC-rings, you need to check them for cracks Before buying RC rings, check for cracks

When installing a sump on the site, first of all, the size of the future sewage is taken into account. Depending on the depth of the sink pit, the required number of reinforced concrete rings and their types are calculated.

The standard height of the rings is 90 cm, but if necessary, the design can be completed with rings of other sizes. Depending on the needs, the diameter is also chosen - from 70 to 200 cm. The thickness of the concrete wall is 7-14 cm.

The strength of the structure depends largely on the bottom well ring - experts recommend installing a ring with a bottom. Next are the wall rings and the cesspool is closed with a lid with a hatch. The diameter of the septic elements should be the same everywhere, otherwise the structure will be unstable and possibly draining the drains into the ground.

volume of concrete rings 1 meter nuances septic built

single chamber septic tank of concrete rings must have a bottom and a lid. Such a cesspool is considered ineffective, it is installed most often in the country.

A sink pit is installed at a distance of no more than 20 m from a residential building. The further the septic tank is located, the more pipes will have to be laid from the sewerage system in the house to the septic tank. At the same time, the minimum distance to residential buildings is 5 m. When installing a septic tank, account should be taken of the number of people who will use sewerage. On average, a person uses about 200 liters of water per sewer per day.

When selecting reinforced concrete rings, it is important to know how many liters of drains the design can contain. It is believed that the minimum volume of the septic tank from the rings is 6 cubes. To calculate the amount of RC-rings need to multiply the number of inhabitants per 200 liter, the resulting sum is multiplied by 3( period of time for which the waste water is processed in the pit).To obtain the volume of the ring, divide the final amount by 1000. Based on the tables on the Internet, choose the RC-ring that is suitable for the diameter. In one standard ring 90 x 150 cm approximately 1.59 liters of water or drains are placed.

The pit for concrete rings is best digged with an excavator pit for concrete rings it is best to dig with an excavator

When installing the septic tank of the rings must be remembered that the surface on which the rings are placed, must be strictly horizontal.

If it is not possible to install a bottom ring with a bottom, you can fill a dense layer of crushed stone and pour a solution of cement. The top of the septic tank is covered by a ring with a hermetically sealed cast-iron sewer hatch.

Sump of concrete rings without a bottom: the installation of their own hands

Before installing the rings, you need to prepare a trench depth of 3 meters under the cesspool. Its width should be slightly larger than the diameter of the RC rings selected for the septic tank.

It is possible to dig a hole under the excavation independently by shovels, or you can hire a special technique for faster execution of work.

The bottom of the excavation must be leveled with sand, on top of which a concrete ring with a bottom or a conventional wall ring is installed.

Cesspool without a bottom can be installed in places where there is no underground water cesspool without a bottom can be installed in places where there is no groundwater

How to install a septic tank of the RC-rings:

  1. Set first ring. Check that it does not slope to the side.
  2. After installing the next wall ring, fill the space between the septic tank and the pit.
  3. Gradually build a septic tank, not forgetting to check the level of installed RC-rings.
  4. Joints between rings should be cemented with cement mortar with sand.
  5. Use a perforator or a grinder to make holes under the sewage pipes. Sewage from the house is installed at a small angle.
  6. If the sewage system consists of several septic tanks, in addition to the drainage pipe, it is necessary to lay a pipe connecting the septic tanks. This pipe is located 20-30 cm below the sewage.
  7. To prevent drains from entering the ground, it is important to choose the right waterproofing. For this, bitumen or polymer mastic is used.
  8. The final step is to install the covers on the septic tank. After the joints have dried, you can start using the cesspool.

Septic rings of reinforced concrete does not require special operating rules, but it is important to time to clean it and use special bacteria for better processing of waste.

How to calculate the volume of the ring( video)

septic concrete work depends largely on the quality of the materials from which it is made. All elements must necessarily have the correct marking. Observing all the nuances and technology of installation, the sink pit will last a long time.