Repair of pumping stations: with their own hands, pumps for water, troubleshooting, water gaining pressure

Repair of pumping stations is to determine the problem Repair of pumping stations is to determine the problem of The most common causes of failures: the pump is buzzing, but does not pump water, can not pump at all or functions intermittently. But most often complain that the station is constantly running and does not turn off. The methods for solving these problems are quite diverse.

    • Causes of malfunctioning and repair of the pumping station
    • Causes and repairs of the water station if it does not gain pressure
    • The pump station does not shut down: causes and troubleshooting
    • Repair of the main pump station breakdown by one's own hands
    • Pump station "Marina": operating instructions for the fault
    • Repairing the pump station with your own hands( video)

Causes of pump station malfunction and theirwound

design pumping station consists of a control unit, relay, pump, hydraulic reservoir and other incremental elements. The control unit includes a manometer, motor and compressor. If the fault is rectified, the broken parts or wiring are replaced.

Reasons for possible breakdowns:

  • Broken pump;
  • No power supply;
  • Not enough liquid;
  • Problems in the storage tank;
  • Do not work the control unit.

When troubleshooting a pump station, the broken parts or wiring are replaced If the pump station fails, the broken parts or wiring is replaced

When the unit breaks, first pay attention to the power consumption, the strength of the connection of the circuit. If the voltage is too low, the system is connected to the stabilizer. Then turn off the power supply and scroll the shaft. This will help to eliminate the possible wheel lock.

Any repair work by one's own hands must be carried out when the water pump station is de-energized and the crane is closed. It will also be necessary to drain the fluid, disconnect the pressure switch and the tank. It is the relay that gives the command to start the system.

A malfunction of the unit may be a violation of the integrity of the system. This happens when air bubbles form in the body or in the hose. A malfunction may also occur due to an insufficient level of water height, a small head of fluid, a problem with the pipeline or valves.

Causes and repairs of the water station if it does not gain pressure

In some cases it can be noticed that the pumping station is working for a long time. When inspecting the manometer it becomes clear that the system does not gain pressure, which should be. When the maximum value is reached, the system switches off and the pressure drops. After the flow of water, it again slowly rises. However, if the shutdown threshold is set too high, the device will operate continuously.

Reasons and repair if the water station does not gain pressure:

  1. No water in the well or well.
  2. Pipeline problems - long pipe lengths with small diameter or leakage.
  3. Filter or check valve clogging. To restore efficiency, the system is dismantled and cleaned.
  4. Breakdown of the pressure switch or improper setting of the pump shutdown limit.

You will need to look for a solution in the reset settings. Also check the relay contacts. If necessary, they should be cleaned with sandpaper. Work should be done carefully, so as not to damage the pear diaphragm.

The reasons why a water station does not gain pressure may be several The reason for the water station not gaining pressure may be several

The cause of the failure of operation may be the low voltage of the network. In this case, it is necessary to mount a pressure stabilizer.

If the domestic pumps are not working, the problem may be in the impeller. During the work it could be erased and now the power of the system is not enough. Then you need to remove the protective cover and replace the impeller or purchase a new hydrophore.

The pump station does not shut down: causes and troubleshooting

If the pump( bezbashenka) works without interruption, it is important to know why this happens. The most common cause of the violation is in the wrong settings. If the automatic shutdown of the system does not work for a long time, the pressure adjustment is carried out using a large and small spring. The problem may be a clogged block.

Sequence of troubleshooting:

  1. To start, it is necessary to disconnect the station from the mains;
  2. From the battery tower, drain the water;
  3. A household battery or a machine pump with a pressure gauge must be connected to the battery inlet valve;
  4. The working pressure is required in the accumulator tank;
  5. The cover must be disassembled by accessing the springs.

Most often, the pumping station may not be shut down due to incorrect settings The pump station can often not be shut down due to incorrect settings.

The minimum pressure is set by means of a large spring. To increase the rate, turn the spring clockwise, for the opposite effect - counter-clockwise. The minimum value is set with a small spring.

Repairs of main pump station punctures by one's own hands

A frequent problem with pumping stations happens when the mechanism operates in jerks. Then the system turns on and off in unstable mode. In this case, check the system pressure. In the case of a jerky water supply, the cause is a suction of air. Then, all communication between the well and the pumps should be inspected.

The accumulator can be repaired by rewinding. But if necessary you will have to purchase a new part.

Common malfunction - the mechanism does not turn on. The main reason for the breakdown is the breaking of the electrical circuit. The problem is detected using a tester. Also, the membrane can not hold, then its cleaning is required. If necessary, you can completely change the membrane.

The process of repairing a pumping station with one

The impeller spell occurs when the pump is not used for a long time;
  • Condensate faults;
  • Incorrect pressure settings.
  • Problems can be when the pump does not pump water, but it works. If the liquid does not go, then first check the condition of the check valve. The part needs to be cleaned. Also, there may not be enough water in the well or well. The required amount of liquid will need to be poured through a special hole, and then start the station.

    Pump station "Marina": operating instructions for the fault

    The water pump station "Marina" can only work with water, the temperature of which is above 30 degrees. The temperature below creates unfavorable conditions for work and threatens to breakdown. The troubleshooting is better performed by the service agency. Minor breakages are easily eliminated by hand, especially if it is a mini pump. It does not take much time, all the work is done quickly.

    Instructions for removing a malfunction in an inoperative station:

    1. First, determine the cause. If the station does not work, then check the power supply, the condition of the voltage fuse and the wheel of the operating mechanism.
    2. The electrical connection scheme is further called.
    3. The suction mechanism and gaskets should be cleaned.
    4. Then the master turns the impeller of the automatics. With her spell, the problem is looked for in the mechanism.

    The work of the station can also be a problem, but it does not pump water. In this case, the service includes checking the integrity of the water supply. It is necessary to pump the liquid into the membrane tank or lower the fence branch below.

    Pumping station "Marina" can only work with water, the temperature of which is above 30 degrees The Marina pump station can only work with water, the temperature of which is above 30 degrees

    A frequent breakdown is when the domestic water supply station is operating intermittently. In this case, disassembly of the structure is required to clean the tank and seal it. If there are problems with the membrane, it should be replaced. Similar rules apply to the automatic pump "Pedrollo" and other manufacturers.

    If air is detected in the system, it is necessary to pump the entire system with water.

    It is important to check the entire system for clogging. The pressure switch may need cleaning. The most common problems occur with the membrane, pressure switches and hoses. That is why it's important to constantly monitor the condition of the unit.

    Repairing the pumping station with your own hands( video)

    For a private house, a deep well or drain pump is often purchased. Popular are the stations "Akvarobot turbinepress", "Marina", "Gileks", "Kerher", "Marcus", "Grundfos", "Whirlwind", "Jumbo", "Pedrolo", "Sprut", "Alco".It is better to do serious repairs by a professional, but the amateur will cope with minor faults.