Infrared heating: panels for home, film heaters, heating systems, IR ceiling thermal

Infrared heating has a long service life and good efficiency Infrared heating has a long life and good efficiency The most popular for heating a private house uses infrared heating. It does not function as a more conventional convector. From the waves radiated by the heater, the objects are heated, and they give off some of the heat and heat the air. The person in the room literally shrouds in warmth from all sides. Infrared heater can be used as the main heater and as additional heating to create the most comfortable conditions in a certain area, for example: near the work table, in the recreation area, on the terrace. Such heaters are very suitable for heating even very large areas. With their help you can simply create the desired temperature in the room, and you can do it zoned.

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Infrared heating of the house

Infrared heaters are much betterAnd more functional than thermal water batteries, as they are suitable for absolutely any premises, regardless of their size and purpose. As a result, the entire area of ​​the room is evenly heated. Infrared heating devices are presented in the widest range and have several options.

If you do not have the experience of installing infrared heating, it is better to seek the help of specialists If you do not have the experience of installing infrared heating, it is better to ask for assistance from

. In particular, you can distinguish such models as :

  • Wall;
  • Floor standing;
  • Ceiling.

With infra-red heating by ceiling heaters, such units are installed to the ceiling, and due to this the heat flow is directed downwards and diverges to the sides.

Important!The ceiling heating device includes a reflecting element and a plate made of aluminum, emitting electromagnetic waves of a certain length.

Ceiling heating devices are often used in a country house as an additional source of heat. They are attached to the ceiling and do not occupy the free area of ​​the room. It is worth remembering that such heating devices are good for those who have high ceilings, because otherwise the flooring can get very hot, which will result in its damage.

Wall-mounted heating ultraviolet devices designed to heat a country house, and can be a good alternative to conventional heating with the help of radiators. The wall unit is very comfortable and functional and can be mounted very simply on the wall. As floor heating systems, film mats are widely used, to which flat heating elements are connected. Heaters of this type are ideal for absolutely any floor, regardless of the finish coat.

Description of infrared panels

Recently, infrared panels have been very popular because they are of high quality and unique technical characteristics.

The construction of this device is simple enough and consists of :

  • Dielectric base;
  • Carbon thread;
  • Decorative coating emitter;
  • Built-in and remote temperature sensors.

Infrared panels are compact in size, so they are suitable for small spaces Infrared panels are compact in size, so they are well suited for small spaces

The panel heater works by the principle of ultraviolet radiation, not heating the air, but the surface of objects that then give up some of the heat. Depending on the design of the heating device and the method of its installation, the heat panels are divided into built-in and hinged. As a basis for the built-in models, plasterboard is applied with a heater and thermal insulation applied to it. The surface is covered with a protective element, which simultaneously acts as a decorative element.

The hinged panels are made of metal, glass or heat-resistant plastic. The heater of such a device is tightly closed by a reflective screen made of ceramic or aluminum. Depending on the thickness of the decorative coating, the service life of the heaters, which often reaches 25 years, largely depends.

Heating by infrared heaters

Infrared radiators, like any other heaters, have their own specific pros and cons. Such a device allows you to create the most comfortable living conditions in the house.

The main advantages of an infrared heater can be considered such as :

  • Infrared radiation is similar to heating by ultraviolet;
  • You can apply it zoned;
  • They are well combined with floor and wall decorative coatings;
  • Low level of inertia;
  • For them are not critical power surges.

Heated infrared heaters can be both small and large rooms

The heating system can be heated by infra-red heaters, either small or large.

The electrical energy consumption of this heating system is approximately 50 W / m2 per hour. Despite the fact that such a system has many advantages, there are also certain disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that the heating is based on electromagnetic radiation, which does not always positively affect the human body. In addition, static electricity accumulates on surfaces, attracting dust to itself.

Regular heating of household appliances can lead to disruption of their operation. In addition, using certain types of infrared heaters, you may need a significant investment of funds, and it is important to properly install them, which can only be handled by an experienced master.

Film heating

In a private house, the heating battery may not be fully functional, which is why many prefer infrared heaters, which are much warmer, regardless of the fact that the window is very cold. Heating with such heaters is comparable with ultraviolet rays. However, it is worth remembering that film heating is best used not as the main, but additional heating at home, as its performance depends entirely on the uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Film infrared radiators are considered a very good device, however, for qualitative heating it is necessary to make certain calculations, namely :

  • Total area of ​​the house and each room where the film will be mounted;
  • Number of window openings and their dimensions;
  • Method of thermal insulation of the foundation and walls;
  • Electrical power.

Film heating can be installed either on the floor or on the ceiling Film heating can be installed either on the floor or on the ceiling

For heating well insulated inside and outside the house, it's enough 50 W / hour for each meter of heated area. If you need to heat a panel house, then in this case you will need much more power, for example 180 W / h. However, it is worth noting that after careful warm-up the automatic system will switch to the constant temperature control mode. The ultraviolet heating of the house with film panels is energy saving, since it consumes much less electricity than floor-standing infrared heaters.

Using infrared heating panels

Infrared heating panels are characterized by the fact that they are able to convert electrical energy into heat. By their action they are comparable to ultraviolet radiation. It is worth noting that they do not absorb oxygen unlike other heaters.

Infrared plates are very well suited for heating rooms such as :

  • Apartments of any type;
  • Private mansions and small houses;
  • Office space;
  • Production facilities;
  • Warehouse;
  • Open areas.

Infrared heating panels are often installed in offices Infrared heating panels are often installed in

offices. The main characteristics of such heating devices are: the presence of a thermostat, the minimum temperature difference in the floor or ceiling area, the absence of radiators, pipes, boilers, it is possible to place the panel onWall or ceiling, long period of operation, environmental friendliness. Infrared heaters are available in a variety of sizes and colors. That's why, everyone can choose the required option for themselves, depending on the stylistic decision of the house.

You can purchase a model made in the form of a skirting board, which can be attached around the perimeter of the room instead of the usual one. This is a ribbon type infrared heating device.

Features of infrared heating systems

An infrared device for heating of any type of room is considered the best and most functional. Heating infrared lamps has many advantages in comparison with many other heating devices. Before you buy and install such heaters, you need to carefully carry out all the required calculations.

Before you start using infrared heating systems, it is worth reading the recommendations of specialists Before starting to use infrared heating systems, it is worth to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of

. The costs consist of such items as :

  • Cost of equipment;
  • Installation costs;
  • Operating costs.

When carrying out calculations, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room where assembly work is to be carried out. Specialists recommend not covering the entire area, but only partially mount the film coating.

Before selecting and installing an infrared heater, you need to carefully read the technical characteristics of the system, as well as the peculiarities of this method of heating for a certain type of room. If you correctly compute all the calculations and carry out the installation, then the infrared heating system can be very profitable and rational.

Infrared heating unit( video)

Infra-red heating system can become a very economical, rational and easy-to-install option for main or additional heating for a country house. Examples

infrared heating( photo)