Two-circuit gas boiler: wall-mounted as well as what to choose, gas for heating a private house, the price of a suspension

Two-circuit gas boiler is great for heating a holiday home Turbofan gas boiler is perfect for heating holiday home heating Turbofan wall mounted gas boiler - this is a great purchase for those who live in a private home. With the right approach to product selection, as well as installation, you can achieve an excellent result in the form of heating the house without interruptions and problems.

    • How to choose a gas bypass wall-mounted boiler
    • avilable bypass boiler
    • Popular types of heat exchanger wall-mounted gas boilers
    • Types of burners on combi boilers
    • The principle of operation of the gas bypass wall of the boiler and how to choose
    • selection Rules: Turbofan gas boiler( video)

How to choose a gas boiler two-circuit wall

gas is nowI'm too cheap pleasure, and because many choose to install equipment such as gas boilers for the home. It is especially advantageous to install such devices if there is a main gas pipeline and technical capabilities near the house, and this is exactly the equipment for two-circuit equipment. With its help it is possible to provide both heat and hot water.

When choosing a dual-circuit gas boiler, it is worth considering the area of ​​the house and the financial possibilities When choosing a gas boiler two-circuit should take into account the area of ​​the house, and the financial capacity

To select a double-boiler required to pay attention to a number of criteria:

  • How is the assembly;
  • Product power;
  • Combustion chamber, for example, open or closed type;
  • Type of heat exchanger and material from which it is made;
  • What are the service functions.

There are other features that can be used to select these heaters, but these are considered to be the most important. To understand how this installation works, and decide whether it is suitable for a house or an apartment, it will be necessary to understand the boiler's peculiarity and the way it works.

avilable bypass boiler

It is worth noting that the price of various heat exchangers, as it depends not only on the technical characteristics, but also on the brand, the boiler model, as well as that from which they are made. Modern two-circuit heating boilers include 3 main modules.

Before operating a dual-circuit gas boiler, it is recommended that you read the instructions Before operating the bypass gas boiler is recommended to read the instructions


  • burner;
  • Heat Exchanger;
  • Automation of control.

The burner is installed in the cavity of the combustion chamber, above which there is a heat exchanger for heating the heat carrier, in particular water or any other liquid intended for the process. The process of operation is controlled by an automatic installation, which ensures the safety and selection of a certain mode. There are 3 types of materials, from which heat exchangers are created, and each has its own merits and demerits.

The stainless steel product is considered to be more durable, but has a low heat output, which lowers the efficiency of the heating system and the boiler itself.

The cheapest heat exchanger is galvanized steel, but the product does not have a long service life. Copper heat exchanger is durable, has an excellent heat transfer, but a high enough price, however it pushes potential buyers very rarely.

Popular types of heat exchanger for wall gas boilers

The choice of a boiler for a private house needs to be done as carefully as possible, and no matter what the heat exchanger will be. The peculiarity of dual-circuit equipment is that it is possible to simultaneously heat water for house heat and fence points.

The heating process is carried out separately, and therefore a special heat exchanger is required:

  1. The twin-type heat exchanger includes 2 separate modules, or more precisely, primary and plate-like.
  2. Primary designed for home heating, and lamellar for household needs.
  3. Primary heat exchangers look like a tube with fins on it, and a secondary one of several plates, and they are located in different parts of the boiler.
  4. Primary is installed in the upper part, and plate-like in the lower part, however one of the parts is connected together.
  5. Heat exchangers of the bithermic type are metal tubes in quantity of 2 pieces, having different diameters. One is inserted into the other. The inner tube heats the water for DHW, and the external one for the heating system.

Wall-hung gas boilers fit well into any interior due to excellent aesthetic qualities Wall mounted gas boilers fit well in any interior due to excellent aesthetic qualities

A more reliable option is a dual-circuit boiler with a dual heat exchanger. Due to the fact that the heating system of a closed type and the circulation of the coolant are carried out in a circle, the formation of scale is excluded.

When heating water for domestic needs, the situation is the reverse of the previous one, as there is heating of running water, and hence the probability of formation of scale increases significantly.

This part of the heat exchanger must be regularly repaired or replaced at all. In a dual heat exchanger, it is possible to carry out such actions, but in a bimetric heat exchanger, this is not possible, since separation is not envisaged. The replacement of the heat exchanger is completely inexpensive and, besides, specialist assistance may be required.

Types of burners for two-circuit gas boilers

Regardless of how much water is required for heating, two-circuit gas boilers are considered the best option to heat a house whose dimensions are far from small. There is also a three-circuit type, but this option is less optimal, since 2 circuits are enough. Wall gas boilers can have differences not only in the configuration, but also in what kind of burners are installed in them.

There may be differences in how the flame is controlled.

  1. A single-stage burner can either burn or not. An intermediate position is eliminated in order to support a regime is required. This option is not considered the most ideal.
  2. Two-stage burner has 2 modes of operation, namely, it works, either 100% or half. Due to the installed automation, the necessary power is regulated. These burners are considered more economical, allowing to maintain a precisely set temperature, thereby reducing the number of on and off.
  3. There are burners of a modulating type.

Buying a two-circuit gas boiler, it is worthwhile to consult with professionals in advance When buying a dual-circuit gas boiler, it is worthwhile consulting with

. The latter type is the most expensive, however, economical. The control is carried out at the expense of automation, and the power can be set manually. Two-circuit gas boilers with such a burner have a minimum amount of on or off, which increases the service life of the product, and reduces fuel consumption.

The principle of operation of a gas dual-walled wall-mounted boiler and how to choose it

The best boilers are those that are competently selected and installed with careful adherence to the instructions, regardless of whether they are chimneys( a chimney is needed) or others in appearance. The hanging or hinged double-circuit gas boiler must be properly selected.

For this, you need to review several models and pay attention to how much each type:

  • Weighs;
  • Consumes fuel;
  • Provides heat.

The gas dual-circuit boiler has special fasteners, so it is easy to hang on the wall The gas double-circuit boiler has special fasteners, so it is easy to hang on the wall

Connection of a gas dual-circuit boiler is carried out by means of a three-way valve. The accuracy of the operating mode depends on the manufacturer. The German brand is very popular, as these products occupy leading positions and are in demand all over the world. The principle of operation of such a device, as a gas dual-circuit, the boiler is very simple. As soon as the room temperature is reduced to a specific, at a predetermined level, the signal is automatically transmitted to the water circulation pump. The movement of the coolant begins, which creates a vacuum in the cavity of the return pipeline, and this activates the burner.

The heat carrier flows through the heat exchanger and heats up, the heat is transmitted through the heating system.

The heat carrier bypasses the radiators, cools and re-enters the cavity of the boiler, but with a low temperature. Then the reheating in the heat exchanger is carried out. As soon as the set temperature is reached, the burner turns off, and after a while the circulation pump. The boiler will not operate until the air temperature again drops to a specific level. Depending on the type of boiler, a different algorithm works, but the essence of the device is exactly the same. If domestic water heating is required, the operation is the same, but only the signal to turn on the burner is the occurrence of a flow within the circuit. In other words, when the hot water tap is opened, the burner ignites. In this case, the operation of the three-way valve when switching and closing the coolant is carried out inside the boiler. From the cavity of the hot coolant, the secondary heat exchanger is heated, and from it, heating of the running water takes place. The heating process stops when the water is overheated or after the valve is closed.

Selection rules: two-circuit gas boiler( video)

Gas double-walled boiler is an excellent option for those who prefer to save on heating and hot water. Gas is a resource, the cost of which is much lower than electricity and coal, and therefore once invested in this equipment, it is possible to use heat and hot water for a long time without interruption.