Pellet installation: heating boiler piping, chimney diagram, installation, connection and setup, pellet master

If there is no heating in a frequent home, you can use a pellet installation If there is no heating in a frequent house, you can use the pellet installation. While multi-storey houses are already equipped with such a blessing of civilization as heating, for a private house or suburban it remains a problem, but there are many solutions that will save the situation. An influencing factor in choosing the method of room heating is the savings of the future heating system. At the moment, the cheapest and most profitable option is the main gas, but only it is practically not carried to suburban and private homes. Therefore, their owners have to look for other options, they include the Pellet plant.

    • Installation of the pellet boiler: step by step instruction
    • Pellet boiler binding: basic requirements
    • Pellet boiler flue: the importance of the correct installation
    • Pellet boiler configuration: common errors
    • Pellet connection installation( video)
    • Examples of pellet boilers( photo)

Installation of a pellet boiler: step by step instruction

Before installing a pellet boilerIt is very important to prepare a separate room, floor and walls, in which should be made of material that does not burn. The floor is best made with concrete or with ceramic tiles. Take care that the distance between the installation and the walls is sufficient to maintain it, and the surface on which it stands perfectly flat. As for the space between the front side of the installation and the wall opposite it, it must be at least one meter. The acceptable temperature in the room, where the boiler is not below +10 degrees.

Another important condition in the installation is the correct arrangement of the boiler house, namely the hoods and ventilation, because the boiler furnace absorbs a large amount of air during combustion, and all the results of combustion are distributed from the outside.

When installing a pellet boiler with your own hands, it's best to follow the step-by-step instruction

There are 6 rules to observe when installing and designing:

  • The diameter of the connector for smoke output must be less than that of the flue duct, Based on the power of the boiler;
  • The chimney pipe must be at least half a meter above the roof;
  • The chimney must be made entirely of material that does not burn and does not pass gas;
  • Ensure that the gas outlet connector is located at the bottom of the chimney;
  • Be sure to protect the chimney from possible precipitation, conduct additional thermal insulation;
  • There must be a blade in the chimney that will close the hole and provide access to clean it inside on time.

If the system for combustion products is not done correctly, this may entail not only poor efficiency of the work process, but also a threat to human health.

Pellet boiler bundling: basic requirements

In general, the installation of boilers for heating corresponds to one standard scheme. It includes a number of stages.


  • Installation of distributing combs;
  • Setting of necessary circuits;
  • Fuse mounting;
  • Installation of the expansion tank;
  • Installation of shut-off valves;
  • Connecting the unit to the feed and return circuits;
  • Equipping of circuits with heat carriers;
  • Testing the operation of the installation.

For tying the pellet boiler it is better to ask the masters for help For binding the pellet boiler, it is better to consult the

foremen. It should be immediately stated that very imposing requirements are imposed on the binding of the pellet plant. This is due to the fact that the humidity of the fuel must be low, and since it heats up to a very high temperature, the high-quality operation can be disturbed and the installation will stop working.

Given the fire safety standards, it is better to use pipelines from a non-combustible substance to bundle the pellet boiler. It is better to refuse polypropylene materials. As practice has shown, such an application is dangerous and unprofitable, because the outlet temperature is sometimes much higher than the material can withstand.

The pellet installation is quite complicated, therefore, specialists do not recommend to engage in amateur performance and entrust the installation and strapping to those who work in this field.

But if you know the basic stages of the strapping and certain nuances of this case, then you can control the quality of the work of the specialists you called out.

Quality harness includes the following steps:

  • Boiler installation;
  • Installation of a suitable burner;
  • Installation of a bunker for pellets;
  • Connection of auger for fuel;
  • Connection of the remote control;

After all the above actions are performed, you can proceed with the following, which are basic.

These include:

  • Mounting a pressure gauge, automatic air vent and vent valve;
  • Installation of the sensor for the thermo valve;
  • Chimney installation;
  • Installation of devices that monitor and maintain a reverse flow;
  • Installation of the circulation pump and the thermal head.

The connection scheme is not complicated, all actions are combined. The wizard can easily install and configure any boiler. Categorically, it is not possible to use a pellet plant if the coolant has a low temperature. A temperature equal to 55 degrees was called "dew point", with this indicator a large amount of condensate is formed, as a result, the amount of soot in the heat exchanger increases, and the equipment reduces its power.

Chimney for pellet boiler: the importance of the correct installation

Thanks to the good draft, the efficiency of the pellet plant is increased. If the chimney is made, it is true, then it can provide the required traction, despite the weather conditions. How to look like a homemade chimney, you can learn from the photo.

It is very important to remember that the pipe diameter for the chimney must match the outlet pipe.

This chimney is used to install a device that will drain condensate. The correct approach to the installation of the hood will be the key to protection against aerodynamic overpressure or overlapping of the pipe.

When installing a pellet boiler, special attention should be given to the installation of a chimney When installing a pellet boiler, special attention should be given to installing the chimney

Most often for a chimney, metal pipes are selected which are equipped with hatches for cleaning and a heater. Speaking of the lumen between the outer surface and the roof, it should not be more than 13 cm. It is not superfluous to say that for a pellet boiler, both a small draft and a too big one are dangerous. To avoid this, an additional installation of the slide gate and the stabilizer is required.

Setting up a pellet boiler: common mistakes

Those who have not yet gained sufficient experience in installing pellet boilers often make a number of mistakes.

In order for the pellet boiler to function correctly, it must be properly set up In order for the pellet boiler to function correctly, it must be properly set up.

Here are the most common ones:

  • Neglecting the installation of a control unit over the return water temperature level, this is the cause of increased condensation and tarAnd carbon;
  • Poor sealing of the boiler, chimney or bunker, which entails leakage of pyrolysis gas and reduced efficiency;
  • Absence of thermal insulation during the installation of the base, will lead to the fact that in the winter the boiler starts to release harmful condensate;
  • Installation of a bowl that is not intended for this type of work;
  • Small dimensions of the room, which will not allow to remove the auger with pellets and clean the hopper;

If you are sure that the installation was carried out, it is true, but the boiler still smokes, the unburned pellets go off or remain, then after the boiler was started it was not set up correctly or no adjustment was made at all. Do not rely on the factory settings, they need to be adjusted taking into account the fuel and power of the boiler.

Pellet connection installation( video)

Installation and setup of the pellet plant is very serious. Do not accept this if you do not have specific skills and knowledge. It is better to get acquainted with the theory and control the actions that will be performed by specialists. Entrust this business to professionals. The correct approach to installation is a guarantee of good operation and long service of the boiler. Examples

pellet boiler( photo)