Suspended ceilings for the hall of the photo: suspended two-level ceilings in the apartment, design

Suspended ceiling looks practical, original and beautiful Suspended ceiling looks practical, original and beautifully very notion of false ceiling means that the structure is hung or mounted on the suspension system to the unfinished ceiling. Usually refers to a metal frame or lath, on which the decorative coating is held.

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Suspended ceilings for hall: plasterboard and preProperty

Suspended or hinged gypsum board constructions are one of the most frequent variants of ceiling design. And such designs have many advantages.

Suspended ceiling from plasterboard - a very common design solution suspended ceiling of plasterboard - a very common design decision

Thanks plasterboard ceilings, you can:

  • embody virtually any design construction - this multi-level ceilings with curved areas, which, though in needHands of professionals, but your sketch can be embodied in reality;
  • Do not worry about the ecological cleanliness of the material - because gypsum cardboard is a "sandwich" made of three layers, cardboard-plasterboard;
  • Be confident in the strength and reliability of the structure;
  • Have a wide choice of finishing possibilities - paint, paste, whiten, etc.;
  • Hidden to hold virtually any communication system;
  • Install any lighting;
  • In this case, do not spend to impropriety - the repair will be relatively inexpensive.

However, it is worth mentioning about the shortcomings. Firstly, the ceiling uniquely "eats" at least 4 cm high, and if initially low ceilings in your room, it makes no sense to make such a design. Installation time is considerable, if the suspended ceiling is set for a couple of hours, the plasterboard ceiling requires not even one day of repair.

Duplex suspended ceilings plasterboard

Duplex room plasterboard ceilings are already in the multi-level structures. And to make such constructions it makes sense only in the halls, where the height is not less than two and a half meters. If nevertheless you really want a two-level ceiling, and the height does not allow, such a compromise is possible - the second level will be only around the perimeter, designed to set the backlight.

If you are bored with the usual ceiling and you want something new, unusual and inexpensive, then a two-level ceiling made of drywall will be an excellent solution for you If you are bored with the usual ceiling and you want something new, unusual and inexpensive, then a two-level ceiling made of drywall will be an excellent solution for you.

The two-level ceiling gives room for zoning - levels, color and light. Thus, you can select a recreation area, a dining room, a sofa zone, etc. in the hall.

But, by the way, if all the same height can not, think about the option of a one-level ceiling, as today it can be no less impressive than the multi-layered structure.

Suspended ceilings for the hall in the apartment: plasterboard finish

As mentioned above, you will not be shy in the finish.

The plasterboard ceiling can be lined:

  • Paint;
  • Mirror inserts;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Wallpaper;
  • Gypsum or polyurethane stucco.

Using gypsum cardboard you can create an individual and unique design of the suspended ceiling With the help of gypsum cardboard it is possible to create an individual and unique design of the suspended ceiling

Until now, the gypsum board ceiling with polystyrene beams does not go out of fashion. Products from polystyrene imitate wooden beams, which look very stylish in the eco-interior, interior of the Provence, etc.

Often used for finishing gipsokartonnogo ceiling stretch ceiling. This is a popular technique for bunk and multi-storey ceilings.

Design of hanging ceilings for the hall: painting options

The optimal option for painting the plasterboard ceiling will be water-based and water-dispersive paint.

The market is simply teeming with water-based paints. This is silicone, and acrylic, and acrylic with latex, and silicate, and mineral paints, etc.

Latex paint is considered to be one of the most expensive. But the price justifies the quality - the coating is not afraid of pollution, it is easy to take care of( it can be washed), it is very durable.

A modern and stylish way of finishing the ceiling coating - a combination of a stretch fabric with a suspended ceiling made of plasterboard A modern and stylish way of finishing the ceiling - the combination of a stretcher with a suspended ceiling from a gypsum board

As for the color, it does not go away from the classic white, beige and milk. But more and more bright accents break into the interior, built nevertheless on the classical style. Color or color fragments on the ceiling resonate with other elements of the interior - for example, textiles.

Aluminum lath ceiling: this is

Suspended ceilings made of aluminum can be rack, cassette and lattice.

Advantages of the rack ceiling:

  • Ease of installation;
  • Excellent quality, which is confirmed by certificates of different levels;
  • Durability;
  • Water resistance;
  • Flameproof;
  • Ability to mount virtually any lighting system.

The main advantages of aluminum rails are fire safety, moisture resistance and durability The main advantages of aluminum rails are fire safety, moisture resistance and longevity

Well, the drawback is actually one - it also reduces the height of the room. But the lath ceiling is still a rarity for the hall, it's more office decoration. Although there are such design options that will be shirkarnymi in the hall loft, high-tech hall, etc.

Ceiling from the lining in the hall

A lining called a wooden plank, which along the perimeter is arranged with grooves. The design that forms the lining is a perfectly flat ceiling surface. Undoubtedly, most organically the board looks in the hall of the wooden house.

The ceiling of the lining - a popular type of decoration for a wooden country house A lining from a lining is a popular type of finish for a wooden country house.

Recently, the lining has been used more often - it is characterized by surface treatment. The boards are polished from the outside, treated with a special impregnation. On the back surface of such a board there is a furrow for evacuation of moisture and ventilation. The lining has precise geometric dimensions, and what is important, a perfectly flat surface.

The most expensive decorative wood covering for the ceiling are wooden panels. Patterns and carvings on them make the ceiling almost an artistic object.

Ceiling finish with lining( video)

Suspended or suspended ceilings are a choice for those who are not afraid to reduce the height of the hall by installing a structure that actually transforms the room.

Successful repair!

Design false ceiling of the hall( Photo Interior)