Metal suspended ceilings: hinged rails and stainless steel, slabs for ceiling, fastening to farms

Due to its popularity and unique appearance, metal suspended ceilings are widely used for finishing offices and living quarters Due to its popularity and unique appearance, metal ceilings are widely used for decoration of offices and residences Perfect aesthetic and technical qualities that have ceilings made of metal, have a considerable popularity among consumers. This modern method of finishing the ceilings, in addition to these qualities, has also not only an excellent opportunity to hide all the defects ceiling, but also all kinds of utilities, which, if necessary, and then easy to approach for the purpose of repair or maintenance. As for the decorative coating, it can be, at your choice, the most diverse. Such ceilings do not need subsequent painting.

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metal ceiling - the best option

Metal suspensionThe ceiling is made of a different metal.


  • Made of stainless steel;
  • Aluminum;
  • Made of galvanized steel.

Although these materials are not susceptible to corrosion, they are nevertheless subjected to subsequent decorative coating.

The cassette ceiling is mounted from the finishing panels without the use of special tools: it has an undoubted advantage - it keeps the inter-band space free Cassette ceiling mount from finishing panels without the use of tools: it has an undoubted advantage - retains mezhpolotolochnoe free space

cover Materials:

  1. Matte paint;
  2. Glossy paint;
  3. Polymer spraying;
  4. Metallized mirror layer. The shades are different.

Metal ceilings are divided into several types.

Types of metal ceilings

  • Cassette. This is a suspended system, which consists of panels: square and rectangular. Cassettes are made of aluminum, which is coated with a mixture of bimetallic, or these cassettes are made of galvanized steel sheet.
  • Rack-and-socket metal ceilings are made of metal bands. Moisture-proof. This allows them to be used for rooms with high humidity. Details of lath ceilings are covered with various coatings, from polymer and mirror spraying, to gilding, chrome and even veneers.
  • Grilyato. This is a lattice ceiling, used mainly in commercial buildings. Due to the rather wide decorative features of this type of ceiling, the most daring design solutions are carried out.
Various design projects for the design of the premises provide for the use of the Grilyato ceiling, which is a unique design and convenient for installation Various design projects for the design of the premises include the use of the Grilyato ceiling, which is unique in design and easy to install.

All listed types of metal ceilings are applicable, and each has certain advantages. They are united by one common feature: to hide communications.

Cassette ceilings are characterized by simplicity of installation and a huge assortment of shades

Each of these metal ceilings has taken its place in the construction market.

Advantages of the suspended ceiling from the metal strip

The suspended ceiling, made of a metal strip, has proved itself, above all, because of its high moisture resistance.

However, this does not mean that all its positive qualities and advantages over other types of metal ceiling, this is exhausted.

Design Advantages:

  1. Environmentally friendly;
  2. Flameproof;
  3. The ability to fix its parts under different angles;
  4. Ability to withstand temperature changes;
  5. High strength.

The installation scheme and the elements of the rack metal ceiling Layout and elements of the rack metal ceiling

The surface of the rails can be decorated by perforation or relief.

The ability to apply various coatings to the surface of the ceiling made it especially popular among the population.

Ceilings are absolutely irreplaceable in bathrooms, bathrooms, laundries, etc.

Metal plates for suspended ceilings: durable and easy to install

Metal plates for suspended ceilings have gained popularity due to their excellent performance.

In addition to the beauty and non-combustibility, this ceiling has other, very important qualities:

  • Durability;
  • Easy to care for the ceiling.

However, it is the resistance to flooding, which often happens, due to leaks from the upper floors, becomes the most decisive factor in the choice of finishing ceilings.

Roof ceiling - the best solution for decorating the bathroom, thanks to its increased moisture resistance and beautiful appearance Roof ceiling - the best solution for decorating the bathroom, thanks to its increased moisture resistance and beautiful appearance

The birthplace of these ceilings is America, the beginning of the 20th century. It was from those times that metal ceilings became the most popular variants of ceiling finishing.

Easy installation is also an important aspect for choosing this type of suspended ceilings. The main material for the production of panel ceilings - steel, and, low-carbon, which is applied powder paint electrostatically. Coverage combines not only decorative, but also protective function. The latter function successfully protects the metal from moisture and damage. In addition, the surface can be either simple, or perforated, or microperforated.

Fixing a false ceiling to metal trusses

Structurally suspended ceilings can be divided into two main types.


  1. Ceilings over long span areas that are suspended from bearing racks or to other structures. In this case, a technical compartment for equipment can be placed above the suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings are used to ensure the placement of lighting systems, as well as to hide the structural elements of the ceilings.
  2. In this case, suspended ceilings are suitable for floors between floors, as well as covering low-floor spaces, where there is a gap between the suspended ceiling and the ceilings, about half a meter, which is used to build various engineering communications.

The installation of racking panels must be carried out with the help of a building level, fixing the slats in special holes on the metal frame The installation of the racking panels must be carried out using the building level, fixing the slats in special holes on the metal frame

With the help of different levels of ceilings, you can create a completely unique interior, thus breaking down the premises into zones.

Suspended ceiling includes steel suspension, fixation of which is carried out by attaching to the elements of the coating or overlapping.

The structural basis, as a rule, serve as rails fixed to walls, more often, to longitudinal walls. The basis of the suspended ceiling is the slats. The surface of the future ceiling is a lattice.

The most common system of suspended ceilings to date, is the construction of the Armstrong system. Such hinged ceilings have existed for a long time and perfectly proved themselves.

Installation instructions for metal ceilings( video)

In conclusion, I would like to add the following. The area where metal ceilings are applied is practically unlimited. They meet anywhere: in offices, shops, industrial premises, shopping centers, apartments, country houses. In a word, where there is a need for strong, beautiful, reliable ceilings. In this case, you need and you can safely arrange metal suspended ceilings of various types, sizes and colors. You just need to make your right, rational choice, using the help of managers and sales consultants, as well as installation specialists. Having made your choice, proceed to the installation of a metal false ceiling!

Metal suspended ceilings( photo)