Two-level stretch ceilings: photo mounting, video instruction, backlit bunk, 2-level

Two-level stretch ceiling - a modern and popular option for finishing the ceiling, which will give your room a new look Duplex suspended ceiling - a modern and popular option finishing the ceiling, which will give your room a new look Bunk ceilings - it's interesting options, aesthetic, sophisticated design of the ceiling surface. Looking at pictures of such ceilings, you can see examples of design space, where beautiful ceilings take on, consider, the main role in design. They both zoned space, and decorate, and unite the disparate elements by themselves, and form a new look of the room.

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Two-level suspended ceiling: features of

structures There are many advantages to such a structure, many times greater than the disadvantages. Level ceilings not only make the design new, ennoble the space, but are also a repair with a long-term perspective.

In addition, two-level stretch ceilings:

  • For a very long time they retain their original appearance;
  • Installation of the tensioning cloth passes in a matter of hours, without noise and dust;
  • The surface is smooth and smooth, hiding all the defects of the base ceiling;
  • And even if you managed to make the main repair, by stretching the canvas you do not damage the done, the technology in this respect is very clean;
  • In inter-ceiling space, various types of communications can be carried out;
  • This ceiling is additional soundproofing and soundproofing.

Two-level stretch ceiling - additional noise insulation and sound insulation Duplex suspended ceiling - additional insulation and soundproofing

Contrary to myth, there are no harmful emissions canvas stretch ceiling does not exude. Modern quality stretch ceilings are no more harmful than the fact that we wear synthetic clothing. Another question is if you get the ceiling uncertified, cheap, not known where produced.

But the drawbacks can also be mentioned: making the installation of the ceiling itself is problematic, you need additional equipment. If you tap the canvas with a point, it will be very easily damaged. Glossy ceiling has a feature - it is visible seams, but matte ceilings in this regard is better.

Trey ceilings with their hands: Can

If the level of your knowledge regarding the repair and related the above entry, at least partially, a two-level setting, you can do yourself. Create a sketch( you can spy on the Internet), make a calculation of materials( calculator calculation is also on the network), purchase materials, take a measurement, etc., - all this can be done without problems yourself.

On the Internet there are drawing-examples, detailed feedback on the work done, which are better than the abstract instruction, etc. The scheme of the future design can also be compiled using online tips, and one level you will do for yourself.

The two-level stretch ceiling can be installed independently, the main thing is to make precise measurements, to properly design the frame Duplex suspended ceiling can be installed independently, most importantly - to make accurate measurements, the right to construct a frame


  • you need to measure the room to make notes, and begin to construct the frame;
  • The metal frame is then covered with plasterboard;
  • Drywall is exposed to finishing. All

Everything, the lower tier is ready. And then you invite specialists who install a tensioning cloth for a couple of hours( having removed preliminary measurements).Completely make such double ceilings most problematic, because, for example, to stretch the PVC ceiling, you need to use a heat gun.

Installation of two-level tension ceilings( video instructions)

Installation of the

First you define the boundaries of the levels, it's a thick marker on the main ceiling. Along the marked line, fix the aluminum profile, it becomes a puncher and dowels.

If the profile is not straight( it needs a curvilinear fragment), it is cut with special scissors for metal. The end surface is covered by a strip of plastic. Along the strip you need to install wooden blocks, which in height do not exceed the width of the strip. The number of bars depends on the configuration - the more complex its shape, the more bars. Depends on the length of the dividing line. Fixation to the bars is carried out by self-tapping screws.

In order to install the Kaskas with your own hands for a two-level stretch ceiling, you will need all the necessary tools and material for this In order to install the Kaskas for the two-level tension ceiling yourself, you will need all the necessary tools and material for this.

There is one more variant of the assembly: you can use not a whole plastic strip, but pieces, with fixing screws.

Setting the lower level of the ceiling

The first thing you work with is the metal profile. It will stretch the canvas.

Work order:

  • Draw a contour around the perimeter of the room, the profiles are already set on it;
  • The profiles are fixed to the wall with self-tapping screws and dowels; for this, drill holes;
  • The distance between the fasteners must not be more than 30 cm;
  • The frame will have two rows of profiles - the upper row will be mounted on the lower row;
  • Then, any angular end of the web is installed in the profiles, and then distributed along adjacent walls;
  • Other ends are suspended to the profile, and this is done on special attachments, which are fixed to the corners of the room by a cord;
  • The outer sides of the canvas remain suspended, attention is now shifted to the inner edges, where material is fastened to the profiles;
  • Then fill the outer edges, and this requires a gas burner - the tensioning sheet is heated, the ends and edges are inserted into the profiles.

Installation of a two-level stretch ceiling begins with the installation of the lower level( frame) The installation of a two-level stretch ceiling begins with the installation of the lower level

After cooling, the coating becomes smooth and smooth, perfectly stretched. In this way, you yourself can stretch the canvas without resorting to the help of specialists.

Two-level stretched ceiling with lighting: how to install lighting elements

In this regard, there are two options. The first is that all the elements will be removed inside, in this case they will have to be installed before the voltage already occurs.

The second option is to bring the elements out, in this case, you need to carefully cut the ceiling, and paste the plastic inserts in the places where the lamp will be.

If you are installing the ceiling yourself, consider all the smallest details, because the manufacturer of the canvas will not have any guarantee. That is, if you damage the ceiling during installation, no one can replace the canvas.

Two-level suspended ceiling with lighting looks beautiful and modern. It is important to install lighting fixtures - do not damage the tension web Two-level suspended ceiling with lighting looks beautiful and modern. It is important to install lighting equipment - do not damage the tensioning sheet

Today, the LED backlighting can also be ordered from specialists, being sure of the safety of the canvas.

Design of two-level stretch ceilings

Black-and-white versions are always relevant, they look good in a spacious apartment, in a studio apartment. A square ceiling or rectangular ceilings can decorate photo printing today.

To date, the design of tension two-level ceilings is very diverse, and a wide range of colors and material will allow you to choose exactly what you like To date, the design of tensioned two-level ceilings is very diverse, and a wide range of colors and material will allow you to choose exactly what you like

Photo printing can completely change the whole face of the room. It is also used for photo printing in ceilings with interesting shapes( wave, drop, sun, flower, etc.).With its help make the most romantic view of the ceiling - the starry sky.

Installation of a gapless 2-level ceiling and begins with the choice of design, determining what load will lie at these levels - simply the decor or zoning of the room, for example.

How do two-level stretch ceilings( video)

Wherever you purchase materials, Moscow, Odintsovo or a small company on the outskirts, ask for certificates of conformity, make sure of the good reputation of the manufacturer and the seller, and then the repair will be a joy.

Successful work!

design of a two-level ceilings( interior photos)