Living room in the Art Nouveau style: furniture for the interior, photo hall and style, Italian cuisine from the array, glossy modules

For the Art Nouveau style is characteristic of the presence of floral motifs to Art Nouveau is characterized by floral motifs France is the basis for the birth of such an interesting and elegant style as the modern. Its characteristic features - the presence of smooth lines, many figurative patterns and images, as well as floral motifs.

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Seating Nouveau: features

style After the breakthrough in technological progress, most urban residents wanted natural motifs, leisure and spokoystViya, which can be found, creating a cozy corner in the living room.

Brown color is widely used in decorating the living room in the Art Nouveau style Brown is widely used in the design of the living room in Art Nouveau style

The main features of the materials used in this style are:

  • Eliminating bulky pieces of furniture;
  • Stone, clay, glass, wood are often used;
  • In addition to natural materials, it is allowed to use semi-precious stones in small quantities;
  • The color range varies from light and beige to dark brown.

Also, experts recommend not to adhere to strict lines in the placement of furniture, but to arrange it both diagonally and create interesting compositions. Doors and windows often go to the arch, and if you need to round the rectangular windows, then use different curtains or curtains with drapery. They complement the overall tone of the room and emphasize the design.

Often used for decorative wall finishing are dark wood colors, they create a certain contrast and harmoniously blend with the pastel range of the room.

ceiling for Art Nouveau is best to cover the plaster white or color, it does not clutter the room and add harmony. The floor can be separated with the use of a variety of modern materials - parquet, pantry in an interesting way, marble - its minus is a slippery surface and high cost. Also it is allowed to use the patch material on which the painting is applied.

Illumination paid no less attention than other elements of style - it is divided into functional, which is necessary for the purposes of direct and decorative - used primarily to illuminate the individual elements and creates an interesting effect. For both purposes, a variety of hanging lamps, spot lights are suitable. Specialists recommend using certain rules when choosing lighting devices: they should be rounded, without sharp lines and transitions, and have matt plafonds. The addition of glossy metals and forged elements is allowed.

Glass can easily be used to highlight certain elements of Art Nouveau - it is used for tables, partitions, doors and complement their picture frames. Textiles adds comfort and warmth to the living room, so it is better to use as decorative elements - cushions, curtains curved and rectangular shapes, upholstery on the furniture.

Nouveau furniture living room: The living room features

, which is furniture should have a modern design, and meet the requirements of the time.

In the modern living room in the Art Nouveau style, forged products are often found In the modern living room in a modern style often found forged products

Modern Art Nouveau highlights:

  • thread;
  • Forging;
  • Using precious stones and metals.

dark and light wood used to create a bright contrast with the pastel walls, and are used for headboards, railing and flooring. For the living room, you can use bold combinations of wood massif with metal forging or real leather. Furniture with a similar stylistic solution will be advantageous to stand out in the room, and emphasize the general mood of the room.

Lines must be either strict, but without sharp angles, or with a smooth transition. The color scheme is also diverse, but it is better to take into account the repetitions, and competently combine them.

Before buying furniture, you need to check its dimensions, and in the presence of non-standard premises, it is better to use the services of an individual order. At it the wishes of the owner and presence of decorative elements are taken into account, and also furniture is adjusted to the necessary parameters.

It is mandatory to have a certificate of product quality, because even a slight deviation from the norm during furniture production can cause health problems not only in children, but also in adults. It is necessary and carefully check the corners, joints and joints in the furniture, the correct operation of all fasteners and opening mechanisms. It is also important to know about the possibility of replacing certain items in case of damage, so you do not have to buy furniture again.

Interior of the living room in the Art Nouveau style

To emphasize the Art Nouveau style in the room, one of three principles is used, characterizing the depth of immersion in the design.


  1. Radical - when using it, the designer must fully adhere to all the rules for the location of furniture, dishes, accessories. This method should be a complete copy of the proposed style.
  2. Scale-decorative - when used in a premise, several basic elements that characterize this interior should dominate. They add a touch of elegance to the hall and smoothly flow from one direction to another.
  3. Superficial - it shades one accent, which serves as the highlight of the room.

One of the main Art Nouveau accessories is the outdoor vases in the living room One of the main accessories of the Art Nouveau style are the floor vases in the living room

The highlight of any style is accessories. In the modern - a large floor or expensive vases of small size, various painted dishes, compositions from a variety of stained glass, in harmony with the overall color scheme. This exquisite design will be complemented and emphasized with interesting sculptures, reproductions of famous paintings, jewelry, supplemented with precious stones and metals, exclusive calendars.

Experts recommend that when creating a design yourself, it is better to consult experienced and knowledgeable people to avoid blunders and not to waste money.

Art Nouveau style is complex, with the presence of certain features and subtleties, so you need to think about the size, the design of furniture and accessories, the color scheme in advance.

Italy: modern living rooms and rules of style

Lovers of luxury, elegance and harmonious connection with a modern design, will appreciate Italian features of the Art Nouveau style.

Living room in the Art Nouveau style with an Italian accent is a luxury and simplicity The living room in the Art Nouveau style with the Italian accent is a luxury and simplicity

Italy presents its concept and rules for creating a modern:

  • Modular or cabinet furniture dominates;
  • Sometimes a hi-tech style note is allowed, which takes place mainly in the kitchen;
  • Chests and showcase should be decorated with gold leaf or expensive carving;
  • Furniture you need to buy one that has a large-scale arboreal array, the best color is wenge, and is characterized by smooth lines;
  • The kitchen in the Italian modernist style has a special surface - glossy with the presence of glass fragments.

When creating a living room with Italian accents, the owners receive as a result a simple but at the same time competently planned space, dominated by luxury, smooth lines and high cost.

For furniture used high-quality materials - natural leather, glass, metal, eco-friendly plastic.

The color scheme of Italian modernism is similar to the French style: beige, pastel, brown and black shades dominate. Correctly combined colors make it possible to get a spacious and bright room, with dedicated dark zones.

Modern living room in the Art Nouveau style( video)

If you use the services of a professional specialist, you can achieve an ideal modern interior and get a result of coziness, simplicity and convenience, turning every day into a holiday.

living room design in Art Nouveau style( interior photo)