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Even a small living room can be furnished with functional furniture and original decorations Even a small living room can be furnished with functional furniture and original decorations. . The spaces of most apartments and rooms are too limited to place everything that the owners want and allow their fantasy to be fully realized. Often the imagination is limited only by a set of clichés, and at the first complexity everything rushes, and the repair is done "like everyone else".Well, if the construction of a private house, the owners allowed the budget, and they did not limit the size of the rooms. If you had to be content with the fact that there is or build a larger room was not possible, then in this case, do not despair. In any space, you can enter a beautiful interior with convenient functions. Especially if the room is initially the right shape( square or rectangular).

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How to make the design of the living room 5x5 functional and cozy

You can not call a living room of 5x5 very small, but to create comfort and udYou need to know a few secrets. First of all, people try to visually expand the space, but at the same time to fit into the room the most.

For this task it is better to choose one of the suggested styles:

  • High-tech;
  • Minimalism;
  • Constructivism.

These styles of interiors have clear, even lines, and are designed to use the space to the fullest. In a square room, design can lead to any of the styles, but trying to increase space is better to remember and apply a few high-priority secrets.

The first is a large window. Trying to visually expand the space, you need to emphasize the dimensions of the windows and let in as much light as possible into the room. Do not drape the window with heavy and dense curtains.

In order to visually expand the space, you can make large windows and take care of good lighting In order to visually expand the space, you can make large windows and take care of good lighting

If you want sometimes to still shade the light, then if there are thick heavy curtains - ensure that they can move wider and fold, So they do not eat up space.

The second is lighting and evening lighting. Light in the room should be a lot. This simple axiom will help in creating a good interior. You need to use not one powerful lamp, but several lighting sources. On the ceiling, you can hang point lights, hang lights on walls, in the niches of walls and ceiling, build in lighting. There are people who do not like bright lights, but we must leave the possibility to turn on and off all the elements of the illumination independently of each other. If you do not take care of this in advance - then no longer simply remake everything. Remember: there must be several sources of illumination and it will be ideal if the light source itself is not visible. The light should be visible, but not the light bulb.

We decorate the interior of the living room 5 for 5

When buying furniture in a room it is important to remember that it is not worth choosing bulky and pompous. A square room can be furnished with furniture and symmetrical and chaotic. To buy in a small living room a huge corner sofa does not make sense, if the family consists of three people, and guests are not a frequent phenomenon. Enough of a small sofa and a small chair. If the main function of the room are gatherings with family and friends, then of course you need to get a big and comfortable sofa, but think about the need for other pieces of furniture.

In general, the arrangement of interior items along the perimeter of the walls is the last century, but a small area leaves no choice. The sofa is put to the wall, in front of him a coffee table, and everything else around the perimeter.

In a small living room you should put furniture around the perimeter of the walls, leaving an empty space in the center In a small living room, you should put furniture around the perimeter of the walls, leaving a gap in the center of the

It's worth remembering the main rule: everything must be arranged so that it's convenient to walk. Extra items of furniture in the living room should not be.

When organizing holidays in the hall, it is better to have a table-transformer. Firstly, when folded, it can serve as a magazine one and do not take up much space, and secondly, you do not have to carry a table from the kitchen around the apartment.

We hope that such a thing as the "wall" from the Soviet past no longer clutters the rooms of people, but if it's still somewhere else, we need to collect the silt and get rid of it. Now there are beautiful coasters for TVs, narrow, long and capacious, which not only allow them to house their little things, but they do not occupy the whole room with their size.

Correct sitting room 5 on 7: design and photo

A rectangular room of this size gives an excellent opportunity to turn around with the design of the living room.35 meters is a solid area to fit everything you need. The length of the room allows you to experiment with the placement of niches in the walls. Nishi is a modern and beautiful solution in the replacement of bulky cabinets. Neat gypsum board, with glass shelves and backlighting will not only emphasize the decoration of the room and allow placing on them, souvenirs, small items, photo frames, but also will not eat up space.

In a room of this size you can play with zoning, for example, to separate the rest zone, and make another zone with a piano, for example, or to place a flower garden.

A medium-sized living room allows you to fit in the room all the essentials A medium size living room allows you to fit in the room all you need.

Do not place screens in the room, as they absorb the dimensions of the room. The furniture itself serves as an excellent zoning object. A sofa or an armchair placed not along the wall, but in the middle of the room will themselves delineate the area.

It often happens that you need to combine in one room the kitchen and living room. This is not a problem if you approach it correctly. The room can be demarcated 3x5 and 4x5, where the first zone is the kitchen. It is not recommended to set high countertops-islands, they are very bulky, the cooking zone and the dining table can be separated from the living room by a sofa.

Spacious living room 5 to 6 meters

When placing a sofa against a wall, you can apply an excellent trick - hang over it a wide mirror or a big picture with a bright landscape. If the choice falls on the picture, then it can be a modular design. If the whole design is made in the classical style, then the picture can also be framed in a baguette, but this will only weight it. Using paintings from the canvas on the stretcher is an ideal solution for minimalism and high-tech.

Decorate a small room can be a bright picture or a large mirror Decorate a small room with a bright picture or a large mirror


It's better to decorate the walls or the background of the room in light colors: white, beige, pastel yellow, light blue. Such colors in a compartment with bright lighting visually expand the boundaries of the room and create ease in space. The color of the walls can be alternated and use different shades of the same color on one wall. For example, the whole wall is light beige, and the area around the TV and above its bedside table can be painted in light brown or dark yellow. Such decorative techniques will bring additional details to the interior.

The guest room is best decorated in light or pastel colors The guest room is best decorated in light or pastel colors


Ceilings in the living room can be made stretchy glossy. This is an elegant and inexpensive solution. If the surface of the ceiling is uneven, then tension elements are used - this is an ideal option. They are put quickly, but are not expensive. The glossy surface of such a ceiling will visually expand the boundaries of the room.

How to make a small living room( video)

Using the above tips, you can make a living room of any size cozy and functional. Piling up furniture is the main enemy on the road to convenience. Choosing furniture and decoration materials, you start with taste preferences, but do not forget about practicality.

Interior design living room 5x5( interior photos)