Warm floor on the balcony: on the loggia with your own hands, how to make electric infrared, video with heating

On the balcony you can install both water and infrared warm floor On the balcony you can install both water and infrared warm floor Why to purchase a warm floor for a balcony - is this the right solution?The first thing to distinguish from its positive qualities is that it is more pleasant to stand and breathe fresh air on this floor than on the cold plates. In addition, the heat energy is distributed in such a way that all the cold air rises to the ceiling, and the heat remains in its place. Such an installation is more customary to use for basic heating, but this is an excellent option for comfortable heating the loggia.

    • What kind of floor heating can be installed on the balcony
    • How to install the heated floor on the balcony with your own hands
    • Electrical floor heating on the balcony: advantages and disadvantages
    • We lay the infrared floor on the balcony
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What kind of heated floor on the loggia can be installed

It is commonly believed that the balcony is best set to an electric or film type of the warm floor. Most of the loggias and balconies are not adapted to heating, so in the cold season, the temperature in this room is low, even if it is insulated. Such heating can control the temperature when it is necessary, this will help to save the family budget considerably.

Choosing a warm floor for a loggia follows, based on the financial possibilities and design features of the balcony The choice of the heated floor for the loggia follows from the financial possibilities and structural features of the balcony

If you install water heating, you need the permission of many instances, so this decision will require a change in the heating project. This type of heating provides for a large expenditure of energy in order to maintain the temperature regime.

This is due to the fact that the entire looped heating system will go from the common boiler, then the warm floor will have a common temperature. If we draw a general conclusion, such heating will not be economical. There are many different brands on the market, some are quite expensive and the cost can be great only because of the famous name. However, if you take into account the technical characteristics, they are almost the same.

An excellent option will be if you calculate the necessary power and equipment of a warm floor you will help an independent specialist. And you can buy it not only in a regular store, but also with the help of the Internet.

How to install the heated floor on the balcony with your own hands

The installation of a warm floor must be carried out by a master electrician or specialist who is exclusively engaged in this field. However, if you have certain skills and viewed training videos, then everything can be done by yourself.

To do this, you need:

  1. When purchasing equipment, or to be more precise than the cable, purchase a thermostat or in other words a thermostat. Pay attention to those thermostats that belong to the same firms as the equipment. Most often, manufacturers test their products, this helps save electricity.
  2. Prepare all the necessary tools. You may need scotch and staples in order to fix the material.
  3. Lay a special substrate, before you start, it will ensure the heating of your floor, not the ceiling of the neighbors.
  4. Make sure that the system that is mounted independently is functional. Otherwise, the above-laid screed may damage the heating cable.
  5. Make sure that the maximum temperature is set on the thermostat. This is done so that in case of excess temperature, flammable materials do not catch fire.

Before installing a warm floor on the balcony, the surface should be leveled and cleaned of debris Before installing the heated floor on the balcony, the surface should be leveled and cleaned of debris

In order to avoid unpleasant moments, you should immediately pay attention to the warranty card that gives the manufacturer. The organization in which the material was purchased may disappear, but the manufacturer itself is not.

Most plants do not give a guarantee, as the material for the warm floor that is laid is not properly broken and easily burned. It is almost impossible to prove that this was done through the fault of the manufacturer or the master.

In spite of this, if the material was qualitative, and the installation was carried out, it is true that the warm floor will last very long, since it has no expiration date.

Electrical floor heating on the balcony: advantages and disadvantages

Electrical floor, the main element in which is the cable that connects to the network. It fits in a concrete screed, and initially heats it up, and only then gives heat to the air. For such a floor, the concrete screed is an obligatory component. From above it is possible to put a laminate, a tile or linoleum. Advantages of such sex, you can list a number.

Here are the main ones:

  1. The air temperature warms up evenly. The floor temperature can reach +24 degrees, and in the head region up to +18.
  2. A concrete screed can accumulate temperature, as in a Russian stove, so heat loss is unlikely.
  3. If we compare radiators and convectors, then the cable floors can spend 50% less electricity.

Despite the positive aspects, it has a number of shortcomings, which should be noted. Among the advantages of an electric floor heating it is worth noting the long life and efficiency of

These include:

  1. The room warms up very slowly, in order to reach a temperature of +24, it will take half an hour at least because the electricThe cable first heats the screed.
  2. Installation of this cable is accompanied by the appearance of an electromagnetic field. Of course, it is not so active as to worry about your health. If you take in comparison a mobile phone and such a floor, then the first radiates a lot more microwaves.
  3. As it is necessary to make a concrete screed during installation, the installation of this floor is considered to be the longest.
  4. Such a floor is not intended for placement of dimensional furniture on it, since dents will remain on it.

Most often, these cables are chosen because of the opportunity to save on electricity, but do not forget that this can only be achieved if the thermostat is installed.

We lay the infrared floor on the balcony

This type of floor during the connection to the network emits an infrared beam that has ions charged with negative energy.

Since any heat source is infrared, we can say that the name "infrared", this is no more than the marketing move of the manufacturer. The method of heating does not differ from the others, it, as well as others, initially heats the floor, and later air.

Laying infrared floor can be used for almost any floor covering: tile, laminate, linoleum You can lay the infrared floor under almost any floor covering: tile, laminate, linoleum

It can not be overlooked that ionization of air is very useful quality, as it is capable of killing the fungus and making the air cleaner. However, in this case, the entire positive effect will stop after warming the floor covering.

Specialists recommend to treat the coating seriously, the most resistant options are carpet, tile, wood and laminate.

But even these materials are predisposed to drying out.

Warm floor on the balcony with your own hands( video)

It's very simple to choose the warm floor for a balcony, it is enough to take into account all the details of the organization. The choice will not be difficult depending on how seriously you want to do it and how much time you can give it. A little effort, time, the ability to understand the details, and you can enjoy a pleasant, warm and cozy environment on your balcony or balcony.