How to insulate the balcony: with their own hands step-by-step instruction, a photo from the inside and video as correctly, on the loggia penoplex

Modern insulating materials have a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, with a minimum thickness modern insulating materials have low thermal conductivity, with a minimum thickness of Recently apartment balcony was only a supplement to the same apartment, he went on to take the air, or to hang out the laundry to dry. The balconies were not glazed, so they could not be used for anything else. After the balconies began to glaze, and began to use as a pantry, there were stored all unnecessary things in the house, gradually littering it. In our time, the design of the balcony is suitable from a more practical point of view. The balcony is a continuation of the apartment, it makes a full living quarters, turning it into a recreation area, an office and even a nursery. This result is achieved if properly insulated balcony.

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Possible insulation loggia: material choice

most effective external warming - a multilayered outer cladding, which protects the room from the condensate steam mold and moisture, and the junction temperature difference occurs outside. This type of insulation requires certain skills, and in some cases permits.

Warming the outside of the balcony more effectively Warming balcony external circuit more effectively

There are 5 embodiments of materials with which to insulate the balcony:

  1. foam .The most affordable and economical insulation of our time. Due to its lightness, the material is easy to install and cheaper than mineral wool.
  2. Mineral wool .Very effective material. Harmless and made of natural material of natural origin. Low cost of mineral wool insulation allows inexpensive and independent use of it for insulation of walls, ceiling and floor.
  3. Expanded polystyrene ( insulation with foam).The material has the greatest number of good properties than the mineral wool or foam. It is protected from moisture, is laid without the construction of a grate, since it is quite rigid. It has a smaller thickness, which has a favorable effect on the arrangement of a small area.
  4. Foiled foamed polyethylene .Lightweight material having a cellular structure, inside formed on a layer of foil.

latter variant has a small thickness and cost, but differs in that provides excellent thermal insulation and has a high sound insulation and waterproof. Lining is also used, but only with a well-heated room. Otherwise, it is necessary to install a base heater.

Diagram: how to insulate the balcony in the panel house itself

Almost in every panel house, a modern apartment has a balcony or a loggia. And in order for the room to function properly, the loggia needs to be insulated, and you can do it yourself.

Multilayer insulation gives the maximum result Multi-layer thermal insulation gives the maximum result

Many use loggias for household purposes, such as:

  • Warehouse items;
  • Drying of linen;
  • Due to the loggia they increase the room of their apartment;
  • Make an extra room or extend the adjacent one.

For the implementation of all of the above ideas, it is necessary to heat insulation with foam. A special waterproofing compound on a cement base, by means of surface treatment of walls and ceiling, creates a barrier to prevent moisture from penetrating through the partitions of the balcony. In this case, a special polyethylene is used, which keeps the heater from moisture, so that mold and fungus do not develop after condensation and water accumulation under the finish coat.

Polyfoam is quite airy, since it consists of 85% of air, creates good sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Using a metal corner and "umbrellas" plates are attached to the ceiling of the balcony, and with the help of a dowel drill to the walls, wooden slats are at a distance of 50 cm, forming a crate. To create a solid coating for floor warming, you need to follow the same pattern, only wooden slats need to be taken much thicker. In the cells formed by the crate, fit the cut out the right size sheets of insulation, which are attached to the surface of the adhesive composition.

Modern technology of balcony insulation

The technology of strengthening the balcony consists of a complex of repair works that are aimed at creating special structures that provide comfort and warmth in the room in which repairs are carried out.

External insulation is very effective, but can change the appearance of the house External insulation is very effective, but can change the appearance of the house

Important balcony glazing and insulation. If the glazing of the balcony has not yet happened, then a huge number of companies installing windows will help to cope with this task. This is the most important point in the warming of the balcony, without it full insulation will not work.

And to solve a problem and begin to insulate a cold balcony in a new building, for example, it is worth using mineral wool. The waterproofing of the balcony wall is created due to the fact that the mineral wool is afraid of moisture and loses its heat-insulating properties.

In order for moisture to penetrate through the balcony wall or wall, the rules, sequence and order of installation must be observed.

The basic coating is constructed from waterproof building materials. For this, any foil-based material, the so-called special polyethylene, is used. After that, the absence of cracks is checked, if detected, it is possible, starting not from the inside, but from the edges, to be fixed with mounting foam.

Further it is necessary: ​​

  1. From the bars to build a wooden crate. You can use the slats made of wood with a size of 400 x 500 mm.
  2. On these rails fix decoration decorative panels of plastic or wood.
  3. To mount the mineral wool, it is necessary to proceed after fixing the crate with a special adhesive compound based on cement.

If the base, where the heater is fixed, is wooden, it is possible to use a construction stapler. To fix the space between the laths, take a roll of mineral wool, cut into the pieces of the desired size and fixed with glue. Paul, the walls are insulated in the same way.

We conduct the proper insulation of the balcony

On the previously prepared floor, it is necessary to make a marking for the construction of the crate. The step of the battens should exceed the width of the insulation sheets by at least 10 mm. For this layout fit the rack, the end parts are placed with a space from the walls by 5-10 cm. It is necessary to hold them together using screws.

Between the shelves are laid insulation sheets, which are glued to the floor with liquid nails or glue.

A vapor barrier layer is mounted above the heater. This, or PET film, or foil. After all, sheets of plywood or chipboard are fixed to the slats using self-tapping screws. Then all you can pour cement, which can be built floor heating, since no coating does not provide warmth as this type of insulation. It ends with the placement of the finish coat to choose from.

Do the finishing with the finishing material applied afterwards lathing do considering later applied finishing material

Proper insulation of the balcony includes the following:

  • external insulation;
  • Glazing;
  • Warming of walls;
  • Warming of the floor;
  • Roof insulation;
  • Finishing of the room.

The insulation is mounted on pre-treated with an additional waterproofing compound and a clean, leveled surface. Cement mortar needs to cover the joints of the plates and polystyrene.

Understand how to properly insulate the balcony from within

It is necessary to carry out the preparatory work. Every surface, be it floor, walls or ceiling, must be carefully cleaned from small and large debris. It is necessary to dismantle the old coating on the floor and remove all cabinets, shelves, bindings and so on.

Further, all the balconies are tested for integrity.

If chips and cracks are found on the balcony slabs, they must be removed, then pour all the cracks and holes with cement mortar. If the surface is uneven and interferes with the correct installation of insulation, then it is necessary to carry out the final plastering of the surfaces. Finished rough floor and walls can be used for insulation work.

Materials that have different characteristics will help prevent freezing help avoid freezing of materials with different characteristics

Foil polyethylene foam is mounted so:

  1. layer on the wall surface of the PUF fit.
  2. The crate is erected on top of it, polystyrene is stacked in the cells, on top is a layer of foamed polyethylene.
  3. Finish.

On the walls, it is necessary to mark the location of the rails, and then attach them. Further holes for dowels are drilled and a mounting foam is applied to the surface with wave-like movements. Foam sheets are fastened with plastic mushroom dowels. All the cracks that formed should be filled with mounting foam and glued with mounting tape. The waterproofing layer is laid. Formed seams are sealed with foil tape.

Step by step guide: How to insulate a balcony inside their own hands

Running markings on it are set hangers that support the rails. Suspensions are installed, in the role of which a galvanized profile or a bar can be used, they are necessary for fixing the rails.

It is very important to lay tightly heat-insulating material, not allowing the slightest blemishes It is important to tightly laid thermal insulation material, avoiding the slightest flaws

in the right places insulator( polystyrene or EPS) are cut out holes for the hangers. With the help of a mounting foam, the insulation plates are fixed. Further it is faced with all finishing material.

How to insulate a balcony inside their own hands( video)

insulate a balcony, using materials that are comfortable and practical. If you follow the exact instructions, then problems with the insulation should not be. Just, it is necessary to show diligence and self-confidence, then everything will necessarily happen!

Ideas insulation balconies with their hands: step by step instructions( photo examples)