Battery on the balcony: heating and transfer, a loggia with your own hands, permission to take out the radiator and a fine

Using the battery on the balcony you can create a full room Using a battery on the balcony, you can create a full room The decision to make a balcony a complete room comes to many. For example, to equip a workshop, a needlewoman's room, a study, a game room, etc., on a balcony or loggia. Theoretically, all this is possible if the balcony is insulated. And many owners decide to do it themselves. To arrange such a room, consider some enterprising hosts, you can take the radiator to the balcony. But is it possible?

    • Possible problems: battery removal on the
    • Logging permission: transfer of battery to the
    • log. Select battery: heating on the balcony
    • Radiator mounting: heating on the balcony from the central heating
    • Battery selection on the balcony(Video)

Possible problems: taking the battery to the loggia

It seems that it's complicated, take it and put it out, and plug it in. But such a move, to put it mildly, is not approved by the Housing legislation, unless you have managed to obtain a special permit. Otherwise, your action is illegal, and the fine is waiting for such unauthorized persons.

Based on the first paragraph of Article 25 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, any transfer of engineering networks is part of the reconstruction of a dwelling. But after all loggias and balconies are not included in the living area, because there the battery can not be transferred. And this is not a ban on an empty place.

The transfer of battery to the balcony, according to law, is prohibited Transfer of the battery to the balcony is prohibited by law

Why the battery transfer is prohibited:

  • It is fraught with flooding if the battery bursts and ruptures in sub-zero temperatures( this also applies to heated insulated balconies);
  • If you connect an additional device to a common system, the cost of heating services will immediately be distributed to all apartments, will the neighbors be happy that the amount of bills will increase?
  • To sell an apartment, too, will be problematic - you need to get a new housing passport, and there is a diagram of the boundaries of the thermal contour of the dwelling, and all possible unauthorized changes will enter there, including the battery on the balcony( the conclusion is that it must be dismantled before selling).

So, for illegal actions you will be fined, and accordingly, the dismantling of the battery. Or you get the signatures of all the tenants of the house and prove that the battery is installed safely and leave it. But such cases are rare, to carry out this process costs a lot of effort and money.

Permission: transfer of battery to the loggia

In some cases, the court decides in favor of the owner of the apartment. Recall that with the actions of the host will have to agree and other tenants at home. If you have proved the validity of the changes, they are entered in the Technical plan of the apartment.

The transfer of battery to the loggia should be coordinated with the relevant authorities The battery transfer to the loggia must be agreed with the appropriate authorities

But is it worth the effort, time, money such an installation?Moreover, there are enough alternative heating sources today. If you can not install the radiator, you will have to close this topic and choose something else. For example, a system of floor heating, infrared heater, etc.

Choose a battery: heating on the balcony

If you still lean towards the battery, you will also have to choose which radiator to transfer to the balcony. A more suitable option is a sectional aluminum radiator. They are effective, they have a high thermal conductivity, they are light, and differ in small size. But high operating pressure is maintained.

A more suitable option for heating on a balcony is a sectional aluminum radiator A more suitable option for heating on a balcony is the sectional aluminum radiator

Rules for counting the number of sections:

  • It is believed that one section of the radiator can heat 2 meters square( this is an aluminum radiator);
  • One section of a bimetallic radiator can heat 1.5 meters square;
  • It turns out that you need to divide the area of ​​the balcony by 2 or 1.5, and one more section can be added, if you know that the water in the risers is not particularly hot.

Wall behind the radiator, by the way, can be pasted with foil screen. This will ensure that the balcony maximizes the useful heat transfer. That is, the outer wall of the balcony does not have to be heated.

Mounting the radiator: heating the balcony from the central heating

Remember that the radiator sections must be strictly horizontal and strictly vertical. All this is checked by level. To install the battery you will need three brackets, that is, two on top, one from below. Well, if the radiator is large, for example, for 12 sections, it will also require a top mount.

The upper brackets must withstand the basic weight of the radiator, and the lower bracket is needed so that the lower part is not movable.

Then proceed as follows:

  • Carry out the battery removal so that the distance from the window sill to the top of the battery is 100 mm or more, and the sill does not completely cover the radiator;
  • Approximately 120 mm( at least) it should retreat from the floor, and from the wall at least 20 mm, this is necessary for maximum heat dissipation;
  • Radiators must be connected so that there is no kink of the upper pipe, otherwise an airlock may form in the pipe;
  • If the radiator is large, then you can make a diagonal connection, so that the cold part of the radiator does not turn out to be cold.

To install the battery on the balcony you will need three brackets Three mounting brackets are required to install the battery on the balcony

The heating radiator can be without a jumper, or without a crane, but with a jumper, or a radiator with both a crane and a jumper.

It turns out that bringing the battery to the balcony is a multi-stage process:

  • First, an exact engineering calculation of the thermal conductivity of this insulation is carried out;
  • Then comes the conclusion of a specialist that the radiator on the balcony will not freeze;
  • Then you get permission to install the battery on the balcony;
  • The battery is mounted directly.

Do everyone want such a hassle, if sometimes even in private homes steam heating is preferred to the gas system. Think about how many degrees of heat you win?Perhaps, to look after a quality heater, to organize an electric or water system of a warm floor will be much easier.

Choice of battery on the balcony( video)

In any case, the most important thing in this matter is to obtain permission. Otherwise, the action will be recognized as illegal, you will be fined and the battery dismantled, and, perhaps, the spoiled relations with the neighbors. The right decisions!