What to process the lining on the balcony: how to varnish cover and paint, processing lining, inside and impregnation and coating

Lining is an excellent material for finishing the balcony Lining - excellent material for balcony finishing Modern lining( lining included here) refers to affordable and simple materials, which, among other things, trim the walls on the balcony. To natural boarding has not lost its naturalness and lasted longer, it needs some kind of impregnation, and better - a high-quality decorative coating. It can be painted, varnished, etc.

          • Preparation for: How to cover the paneling on the balcony
          • Painting the balcony inside: the paint for the balcony
          • The choice of varnish: how to varnish cover the panel on the balcony
          • Impregnation: what to cover/ Paint the lining on the balcony
          • Algorithm for processing the lining
          • Tip: what to process the lining on the balcony( video)

Do I need a coating for the lining

Process it, it's undeniable. And not only for decorative purposes. If you correctly craft the lining, the service life of the material will significantly increase, the finishing coat will be resistant, will give the lining the desired color or shade. This procedure is not so simple, because the applied coating consists of several layers.

With competent processing lining can extend the life of its With competent processing of the lining you can extend the life of the lining

And even the reverse side of the wood sheath needs to be treated with an antiseptic. Most often used Visasol and its analogs. This is a transparent primer that needs to be impregnated on the skin so that mold does not appear on it, and it does not darken. And it is better, of course, to apply this primer in the pre-installation period. Then the board is processed fully.

Preparation: how to cover the lining on the balcony

The preparatory stage consists of cleaning procedures. It is necessary to remove all the dirt, remove the outdated coating, if any. Do not apply lacquer or paint on the unpurified surface.

Before covering the lining, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory stage of the cleaning procedures Before you cover the lining, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory stage of the cleaning procedures

Preparation steps:

  • Wait until the board has dried out to apply a protective agent, an ideally dry surface of the skin is needed;
  • Fix all the gaps that may theoretically arise during the drying process of the primer;
  • You need to thoroughly clean all the chips and those chips that are obviously sticking out;
  • It is necessary to de-dust the lining.

If the board is old, it is difficult to clean, the special compound will help. Make a soda solution, 0.3 kg of soda / 10 l of water, hot. If you see a fungus on the tree or darkening, you will have to resort to the bleaching procedure. But this process is more complicated, requires a separate description.

Painting the balcony inside: the paint for the balcony

All the means by which the panel can be processed are divided into three groups - paints, varnishes and special impregnations. Each remedy is worthy of considering it separately. Many people prefer the next action - varnishing. But painting of the vagonki is also possible, and in many cases this is even a more interesting solution.

The paint for the lining is of several types Paint for lining is of several types

Paint for lining:

  • Paint on oil basis .It dries a long time, but it is perfectly absorbed and strongly protects the material. And, most importantly, it allows the tree to breathe. The board becomes moisture-resistant, the surface grows much slower. The board will not fade and will not crack.
  • Oil-tinted paint or alkyd resins .They make these paints from high-quality varnish. And the solution must be diluted to the required consistency with the same substance. If you choose such a composition, then the lining should be painted in two layers. The substance forms a moisture resistant film with good frost resistance. Can be used for facade decoration, and on the balcony, and on the loggia.
  • Facade paints .The name speaks for itself. These are nitrokraski, alkyd resins, as well as agents with polymer additives. This type of paints has a good level of moisture resistance, they are well applied and durable.

If you apply a thick layer of paint, it can hide the small flaws of the lining. As for color, most often it's white. But if you need to convey the entire charm of the wood structure of the lining on the balcony, you need to choose a varnish.

Choice of varnish: which varnish to cover the lining on the balcony

Inside the balcony, water-based lacquer can be used. It is a safe remedy made from pure materials and various components. The varnish dries so quickly, has no characteristic smell. True, the protective properties of such varnish are not high. But if the lining is protected by the glazing of the balcony from aggressive weather conditions, you can use lacquer.

Inside the balcony, it is best to use a water-based varnish

Inside the balcony, it is best to use a water-based varnish


  • Acrylic varnish protects wood from excessive moisture and ultraviolet rays, the substance is harmless, no volatile chemical elementsContains. First you need to dilute the lacquer with alcohol to the desired consistency. This is perhaps the most popular tool for processing lining.
  • Alkyd varnish - but it is good to use in regions with high humidity. This is a waterproof coating. True, this varnish is distinguished by a sharp odor, and it dries up a long time. But he has an excellent impact resistance.
  • Polyurethane varnish. Suitable only for external processing of lining. It is varnish and damp-proof, frost-resistant, and durable, and dries quickly. But the smell is specific, and it releases harmful chemicals. So, for interior decoration of the balcony is not suitable, only for the outside.

In addition to varnish and paint, impregnation can be used. If the sunny side of the balcony, you need impregnation, the maximum protect from exposure to sunlight. And impregnations, too, are different.

Impregnation: how to coat / paint the lining on the balcony

The simplest method of protecting the lining is a stain. True, the color scheme of the stain does not assume a great variety, but, nevertheless, you can choose, for example, the tone of larch or the tone of mocha, ebony, lemon, etc. Impregnation is a quality, it protects the tree well from the process of rotting, mold and other fungi.

Stain is the simplest method of protecting lining The stain is the simplest method of protecting the lining

There are also wax impregnations. But they are used usually in the area with increasing humidity. This impregnation creates a waterproof film, and the surface of the lining becomes either gently-matte, or with a beautiful glossy luster. The coating has good resistance to heat and frost.

Alignment algorithm for lining

After the lining has already been cleaned, the surface must be sanded with a construction sandpaper. Then apply antiseptic, the layer of the put antiseptic will dry day. The lining is then covered with a special lacquer or paint. You can do it with a brush, roller or spray gun.

Cover the lining with lacquer or paint can be with a roller or brush You can cover the lining with varnish or paint with a roller or brush

If there are noticeable rough spots, then after drying on them you need to go through the sandpaper. Then the surface is treated with a second coating layer. Wait until the lining is completely dry. Well, you can admire your work.

Tip: how to process the lining on the balcony( video)

Lining is a naturally beautiful material, its specificity, the material for processing can gracefully emphasize. Do not forget about the use of antiseptic and high-quality cleaning if the lining is already old. Successful repair!