Blinds on the balcony: which is better, roller blinds on the loggia, balcony windows and photos, sliding 6 meters multicolored

Protect the balcony from the sun You can protect the balcony from the sun's rays with the help of quality blinds Window decoration is an important, and at the same time very difficult task. The greatest difficulties arise with the choice of blinds for loggias and balconies, since windows have a non-standard size( up to several meters) and shape. How to choose them - read below.

    • What better to choose shutters on the balcony
    • Selection of roller blinds for the balcony
    • Practical blinds on the loggia
    • Cozy blinds on the balcony sliding windows
    • Vertical shutters to the balcony
    • How to hang the blinds on the balcony(Video)
    • Design of shutters on the balcony( photo in the interior)

Which is better to choose shutters on the balcony

The blinds can be vertical and horizontal, depending on the arrangement of the plates. Regulation of the amount of penetrating sunlight is due to the rotation of such plates. They have many advantages in comparison with ordinary curtains, namely ease of use, wide range, simple installation, attractive appearance and the effect of light scattering. To make a balcony a bit lighter or darker is easy enough, only one turn of the plates is enough. Thanks to a wide range of models presented, it is possible to choose blinds for every taste.

In demand and popular today are blinds, which are made of plastic In demand and popular today are blinds that are made of plastic

They can be made of a wide variety of materials, namely:

  • Plastic;
  • Metal;
  • Bamboo;
  • Fabric;
  • Tree.

The wide assortment allows you to choose blinds for absolutely any interior. Thanks to a simple installation, it is possible to mount the blinds independently, without involving specialists. The most popular option for balconies is horizontal blinds. They are installed on metal-plastic windows and are distinguished by their convenience, practicality and ease of care for products.

Important!For balconies and loggias, it is advisable to choose plastic blinds, as they are simply cleaned, have an excellent appearance that does not deteriorate during operation.

Vertical variants are characterized by vertical arrangement of lamellas, beautiful appearance and convenience of penetration of light into the room. They perfectly protect the balcony from sunlight, are made of plastic, fabric or aluminum.

Selection of roller blinds for the balcony

To protect yourself from the scorching sun, you can hang curtains on the balcony windows. However, they very quickly burn out in the sun and do not always completely protect against penetration of sunlight. More interesting and modern option are roll options for the balcony, presented in the widest range.

Modern and beautiful in the interior of the balcony will look like roller blinds Modern and beautiful in the interior of the balcony will look like roller blinds

They have a number of advantages, as:

  • Durable;
  • Presented in various color variants;
  • Have many models and invoices;
  • Combines functionality and attractiveness.

The roller blind is made from a special fabric fabric, which is folded and attached at the top of the roll. There are narrow and wide canvases, so you can hang several windows with a single canvas, either individually or separately. Roller blinds are made of fabric of different texture, and this greatly depends on their translucency and density. In addition, you can choose monochrome and colorful options, it all depends on your own preferences and the overall design of the balcony space.

Very strong and reliable façade blinds, which are installed on the opposite side of the windows and serve as a protection not only from bright sunlight, but also from robbers.

Pleisse are special. Fabric with folds up to 2 cm. These are quite expensive designs, however, they are easy to use and, if necessary, they can even be washed. In addition, they can be mounted on any kind of windows, regardless of design.

Practical blinds on the

loggia The design of modern shutters for the balcony looks no less interesting and varied than the design of curtains, which is why everyone can choose the most interesting options for themselves, which will perfectly fit into any interior. Picking up the color of the blinds, it is worth remembering that they are performed not only in muted pastel colors, but also in bright enough and various color options.

To equip the loggia, you can choose the usual simple blinds, and with different patterns For the arrangement of the loggia you can select both ordinary simple blinds and various patterns

Cloths of modern blinds are often supplemented:

  • Pattern;
  • Bright pictures;
  • Pictures.

All this allows you to create a sufficiently bright and original accent in the created interior design. Roll types and plisse options can be an excellent option for decorating a balcony combined with a kitchen. For a balcony made in the form of an office or a room intended for rest, laconic and restrained plastic or aluminum blinds will be an excellent option.

Roller blinds are considered the most versatile option for balconies and loggias.

They are distinguished by the affordable cost, tight fitting to the window, as well as a variety of fabrics and textures. Before choosing the best option for yourself, you need to clarify how much these or other models are worth, to decide on the design of the product.

Cozy blinds for sliding balcony windows

The optimal solution for the quality protection of the balcony from sunlight penetration is the installation of blinds. To pick up the blinds on the sliding windows, you need to make measurements of the window itself. If the products should go beyond the window openings, then you need to remove at least 10-15 cm

Using beautiful and bright jalousie, you can make the balcony cozy and comfy Using beautiful and bright blinds, you can make the balcony cozy and comfy

To create comfort and coziness, Roller shutters, as they are:

  • Multicolored;
  • Bright;
  • Spectacular.

Indicators in width and height can be very different, which is why it is possible to choose the best option, in accordance with the measurements of the window space. The advantage of blinds on the balcony is that such structures do not hang down to the floor, save space, and also create an original and unique look.

A huge range of such products allows you to create the most unusual, bright and original interior masterpieces.

Modern blinds can easily cope with the task, however, you need to know what are the best options to buy a balcony or a loggia so that they look attractive and perfectly cope with their basic functions. To choose blinds on the balcony, you need to decide what types of products are. You can distinguish such as horizontal, vertical, facade, pleated, roll, Roman, bamboo or wooden.

Vertical shutters for balcony

Vertical variations are a special design made of aluminum or PVC cornices, vertical slats, which are connected with a chain of runners and weights, with a control cord. The lamellas quite simply rotate on their axis, and in the open form they are assembled by an accordion. The method of closing can be very different, and its choice depends on one's own preferences. They are presented in a variety of colors, and for a balcony or loggia, lamella with patterns can be an excellent option. They will help to give the interior a special uniqueness, since in closed form they have the maximum resemblance to ordinary curtains.

In order to quickly and simply darken the balcony, it is better to use vertical blinds In order to quickly and easily obscure the balcony, it is better to use vertical blinds

Fabric lamellas are specially treated, which is why they have dust repellent properties and burn less in the sun. Vertical blinds have the advantage, in comparison with horizontal options, because to shade the balcony, it is enough to make a simple manipulation by hand.

How to hang the blinds on a balcony( video)

Blinds on the balcony are considered an excellent alternative to ordinary curtains and curtains. Such products are distinguished by their practicality, great ease of use and ease of care, which makes them the best option for decorating windows.

Design blinds on the balcony( photo in the interior)