Than to insulate a balcony inside: as it is better from within, a heater for a loggia, a material penoplex and penofol, responses

Insulate the balcony from the inside is completely possible independently, the main thing - to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the process You can insulate the balcony from the inside by yourself, the main thing is to get acquainted with all the nuances of the process. The first association that arises, at us at a word the balcony is a cold small space outside the window, where we endure everything, that like as, and notIt is necessary, but it is a pity to throw out. This is not tricky. More recently, the balcony was coined, as an additional room to the apartment, for drying clothes and storing vegetables. But in recent years the situation has changed dramatically, and now the balcony becomes part of the interior of the whole apartment, and can perform several useful functions in both summer and winter."But how is this possible?" - you say. Very simple. Nowadays, balconies are insulated, sheathed, put energy-saving windows, and even heat.

                • How to better insulate the balcony inside: ways to finish
                • Find out how to lay the insulation for the balcony inside the room
                • How to better insulate the balcony from the inside: tricks and tipsFrom the professional
                • Thermal insulation of the balcony with foam( video)

Let's consider what is better to insulate the balcony of an ordinary apartment

There are two options for the insulation of balconies: outside and inside. Both of these methods differ from each other radically. If in the first case the balcony is insulated without affecting the interior space and so not a large balcony, in the second, its useful area is reduced by no less than 30-40 cm. For large balconies this is not much appreciable, but for loggias with small dimensions such techniqueWarming is not quite suitable."So what's the deal!- you say, - let all the balconies warm outside. "The idea, of course, is good, but it has one "but".

What is better to insulate the balcony?What methods and types of materials for the insulation of balconies exist at all, and how to properly perform insulation. These questions will try to answer our experts.

You can only insulate the balcony from the outside with your own hands unless it is located no further than the second floor. For work at a higher altitude, you need to resort to the help of professionals, which will cost a pretty penny. Therefore, it is cheaper, after all, to insulate the balcony from the inside. Moreover, many special materials are sold for this purpose.

For insulation of the balcony, foam or mineral wool may be used For the insulation of the balcony, foam or mineral wool

can be used. Materials that are suitable for the insulation of balconies inside:

  • Polyfoam;
  • Penoplex;
  • Penofol;
  • Mineral wool;
  • Expanded clay;
  • Isolon;
  • Polyurethane foam.

Each of the materials has its pros and cons, but they are all great for insulating the balcony and the loggia from the inside.

The better to insulate the balcony inside: the ways of finishing

There are many ways of warming the balcony. When choosing your own version, follow your personal plans. You proceed from what functions you want to give your additional living space in the future. Modern technologies allow us to install energy-intensive windows now, to insulate facades and walls with such materials that the cold will not penetrate the room at all, and the heat can not come out.

What is the best way to insulate the balcony inside if you are doing major repairs?Start from your financial capabilities. Of the budget materials, the most popular for insulation of the balcony is foam plastic. It is lightweight, fully meets the requirements of insulation and does not deteriorate for long.

The quality of insulation, for the most part, is affected not by the material that you plan to insulate the balcony structure, but the way it is insulated. The more part of the construction you insulate, the better insulation will be, and the balcony space in winter will be warmer. If it is additionally equipped with heating, then such a balcony can be used all year round, without feeling cold outside the door.

When equipping the balcony specialists recommend to insulate the floor and walls When installing a balcony, experts recommend insulating the floor and walls

What methods can you apply by insulating the balcony from the inside:

  • Insulate walls;
  • Insulate the floor with a heater;
  • Lay the insulation on the ceiling;
  • Fully lining the entire perimeter of the balcony;
  • To the insulated completely balcony add floor heating.

In addition, by performing the work, it is possible to add additional insulation methods as a foil sheet liner or a windbreaker made of polyethylene film.

We learn how to lay the insulation for the balcony inside the room

After we have decided on the material for the insulation of the walls, and the way we perform the work, we need to draw a plan for the next steps. It should consist of stages of construction and periods of completion of tasks. Once again, assess the possibilities of your balcony. If it is not yet equipped with energy-saving windows, now it's time to install them. You do the overhaul of the skin, and later it will be difficult to return to it, and the installation of plastic windows will require strengthening of their bearing positions.

Insulation for the balcony inside the space must be prepared in advance. Try to correctly calculate the amount of consumable material. It is not difficult to do this, you only need to carefully calculate the area of ​​the insulated planes.

Further, step by step, according to your own plan and studying the feedback of experts, move forward. Immediately consider what you will do to finish the walls of your balcony. The method of laying the insulation material in the further lining of the balcony by lining or plastic, differs from the balcony insulation without further plating.

Before you start laying insulation, you must first prepare all the necessary materials and tools that you might need during work Before proceeding with the laying of the insulation, you must first prepare all the necessary materials and tools that may be needed during operation.

Step-by-step instruction for the insulation of the balcony:

  1. If the windows are already installed, Begin with the closure of cracks, cracks and destruction. Check the wooden lining for the presence of rotten boards and fungi. If they are, then take measures to eliminate them. If there are no plastic windows, then you need to install them.
  2. In case you will later panel the balcony,( which is very often done), then you need to set up the billet.
  3. Think about wiring. Do the wiring for earlier, then do not have to spoil the repair.
  4. We begin the process of warming. In the space between the beams of the battens lay the heater, attaching it in accordance with the type of material.
  5. Seal the gap between the heater if it is solid.
  6. Seal joints with mounting tape.
  7. For more thermal insulation, lay a layer of foam foam on top.
  8. Align the surfaces.
  9. Cover the walls with a finishing material.

When working on a balcony, one rule should be borne in mind - to repair the balcony, choose the lightest finishing materials. Balcony - the design is special, and it should not be overloaded.

How to better insulate the balcony from the inside: tricks and advice from a professional

Practice shows that it is best to insulate the balconies from inside with foam and penofol. Minvat should not be used for this. Although it is soft and comfortable, but does not like dampness. And the temperature drops on the balcony are inevitable, therefore, and the condensate also.

What is the best way to insulate the balcony from the inside if there is not much money?Use polystyrene foam. It is not expensive, but rather practical material. A properly insulated balcony will serve you long and securely.

Foam, 4-5 cm thick, will be enough to insulate the walls of the balcony. As an adhesive, use liquid nails, or special glue. Do not use for heavy weight gluing. To repair progressed in stages, and the finishing materials do not interfere with each other, do the work in a certain sequence.

To insulate a balcony it is quite possible with own hands, if in advance familiarize with the instruction and advice from professionals You can insulate the balcony yourself with your own hands if you read the instruction and advice from

in advance Steps for the balcony insulation:

  • Install plastic windows;
  • Beginning the insulation of the balcony is best from the ceiling;
  • When you have finished it, go to the floor.
  • The walls are the last to be insulated.

If you do it right, then at the end your repair will converge into one harmonious idea.

Thermal insulation of the balcony with foam foam( video)

What will be your balcony after the insulation, depends only on you. Apply a maximum of skill, patience and time, and you equip yourself with a beautiful room where it will not be hot in the summer, and it's cold in the winter.