Curtains on the balcony: a photo of curtains on the loggia, Roman hang without a cornice, make Japanese

Thanks to curtains, you can significantly improve the functionality of the balcony Curtains can significantly improve the functionality of the balcony Hanging curtains on the balcony - this means not only create an aesthetic appearance, but also hide the windows from the sun, which in a certain part of the day can shine in this direction. The choice of curtains depends on what the size of the balcony block, because to acquire tight curtains for a block of small size is inappropriate. Before you buy this part, you need to familiarize yourself with all the options. Starting with classic or Roman, and ending with roll structures. Each of the options is able to decorate the room in its own way, but one must remember that not all will fit for certain conditions.

  • Curtains for the loggia: create the original design
  • Curtains on the balcony: choose the suitable material
  • Roman curtains on the balcony: create a unique design
  • How to hang curtains on the balcony without a ledge
  • Shadow curtains onBalcony( video)
  • Curtain design on the balcony( interior photo)
  • Curtains for the loggia: we create the original design

    The textiles for the loggia are varied, and are selected depending on howGlazed, and also for what purpose the balcony is used. Roman, classic, Japanese or other curtains to purchase, you decide. But there are a number of those that remain popular no matter the time.

    Choose the design of curtains for a loggia follows, based on its design and dimensions The design of curtains for a loggia follows from its design and dimensions.

    There are 3 ideas that are used most often:

    1. Use of blinds. This option is good because they can be fixed on both the wall and the window. Blinds can also be placed separately on each leaf. Due to the fact that the lamellas have properties to rotate, the arrival of sunlight can be independently adjusted. Of course, sometimes because of such curtains there are problems with the opening of the gates, and also the design itself can make noise with gusts of wind, but the last detail is easily eliminated by fixing from below. Blind-rolled curtain.
    2. . During the opening of the windows, the fabric automatically slips or moves into a special box. Each part of the canvas is attached separately to each leaf. Most users of such curtains claim that they are ideal, because they are resistant to pollution of any kind, as well as not resistant to sunlight. Thanks to the material from which such curtains are made, namely wood, plastic or aluminum, they do not require special care, just wipe them with a damp cloth.
    3. Roman or Roman curtains. The love of buyers deserved its unique appeal. When assembling these curtains, beautiful folds are formed. Classical view is considered to be Roman curtains, which can be controlled manually, but their popularity is ahead of curtains with electronic control. Such curtains are suitable for any balcony, and the style is absolutely not important. And if you supplement them with classic tulle, you can get the perfect composition. The place will mention that. What such curtains can be done by yourself.

    It can be understood that in addition to the above options, there is still a large selection. Even paying attention to the novelties of curtains of this year, experts say that these options will still be the best for the decoration of the balcony.

    Curtains on the balcony: choose the right material

    The very first question that buyers ask is which curtains are best to hang, and what is the design feature?You should start with the fabric, which should be hung on the balcony. Hanging the curtains on the balcony, you can improve its aesthetic properties

    Here are the materials that are best for curtains:

    • Batist;
    • Tulle;
    • Organza;
    • Kisei;
    • Silk;
    • Curtain canvas.

    Take into account the fact of light coming in, if the loggia is dark, then the curtains must also be appropriate, light, transparent with a large image.

    If the loggia is combined with a premise, then it is best to choose drapes. They can become the main accent in the interior.

    Do not forget to pay attention to the degree of curtain curtains, because in the summer they get dirty the most.

    Roman curtains on the balcony: create a unique design

    If you are not satisfied with the dimensions of your balcony, and you have a desire to visually expand it, it is best to use pastel colors. They are ideal for large loggias, as well as for small balconies.

    In this year, the actual solution is to hang Roman curtains. Since at the moment the most popular is the loft style, somewhere slightly rough and sharp, it is shaded by the organization of windows. Roman curtains will allow you to highlight all the individualities of the style, but in this case, drape must be done on your own.

    Roman blinds are good for any balcony, regardless of the style in which it is made Roman blinds are good for any balcony, regardless of the style in which it is made.

    Style loft includes the integration of the entire room and the loggia into a complete composition. That is why the colors that are equipped with Roman curtains, should be the detail that will combine the entire composition into a single whole.

    If your loggia has standard parameters, but you still want to hang curtains of this type, you can purchase a version with photo printing.

    In the event that your balcony is large, it is appropriate to hang Roman curtains with bright shades or vice versa dark. Such variants can visually reduce the space. Also for large balconies, curtains with large prints or patterns are ideal. Roman blinds, this is an excellent option for any room.

    How to hang curtains on a balcony without a cornice

    It seems to many that it is impossible to hang curtains with your own hands on the balcony without the aid of a cornice. However, it is not. Hanging them on the balcony can be resorted to in different ways, it all depends on the type of curtains.

    In order to hang curtains on the balcony without a ledge, you can use the following tricks:

    1. Use metal strings, pull them along the entire length of the loggia. This will allow you to hang up lightweight fabrics.
    2. If you do not have a string, you can pull the fishing line on neat pinks. From time to time the line is pulled through the lower edges of the fabric. This is done for fixation.
    3. Installing hooks on the panel, and you can also hang curtains on your loops on the fabric. If the leaf is plastic, you can use velcro hooks.
    4. The most budgetary option is to use hooks on the suckers, attach them to the balcony frame. But such a method can only withstand light tissue.

    Hanging curtains can not be on the cornice, but directly on the windows You can hang curtains not on the cornice but directly on the windows

    Such methods may not be suitable for every type of curtain. So, for example, to hang Roman curtains without using the cornice, you will need a wooden bar and an adhesive tape and the next step-by-step instruction. Installation should be carried out on each leaf. A sticky tape is attached to the bar. You can attach it with a stapler or carnations. After that, the bar must be attached to the selected surface.

    With regard to the soft part of the tape, it is sewn to the fabric and can be hung. Of course, the fabric can be nailed with neat carnations, however it is not functional and to remove it without damaging the fabric is almost impossible.

    Shade curtains on the balcony( video)

    If you look through all the options for curtains, of course you can find exactly the option that is right for you, and also be able to decorate the balcony or loggia. Thanks to such a subtle detail, you can globally change the entire interior. Curtains, this is the most inexpensive accessory, but it is by right the most significant. Give preference to the option that is most like and then your loggia will play with new colors.

    Design curtains on the balcony( a photo of the interior)