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Particular attention in the arrangement of the balcony should be given not only to pre-repair, but also to interior decoration Special attention should be paid not only to the preliminary repair, but also to the interior trim . To organize a beautiful and cozy balcony in combination with functionality is the main goal of the majority of apartment tenants for today. Absolutely everyone understands that by making a full room from the cluttered room, you can get a number of benefits. Here the next question arises: how to properly organize the work and what exactly to trim the balcony inside, so that it becomes not only beautiful, but also functional, and also served for a long time. Take this process with all responsibility, since it is finishing is the final touch on the improvement.

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Finishing the balcony with your own hands: 5 popular materials

At this momentThe building materials market can offer a large assortment of raw materials in order to trim the interior of the balcony. Everything depends on the insulation and the type of the room itself. The finish for an open balcony may differ from glazed. From the inside, loggias and balconies are finished with different materials, for example, a cork, different types of plastic, and decorative stones are often used. All this with the right approach will help beautifully organize the design of the house, which will never look cheap.

The most common ones are the following:

  • Drywall;
  • Vinyl and plastic panels;
  • Siding;
  • MDF panels or sandwich;
  • Wooden panels.

The most popular material for interior decoration of the balcony is plasterboard The most popular material for interior finishing of the balcony is

The use of drywall is the fastest and most importantly clean way to make the walls perfectly smooth. But this method is not suitable for non-insulated balconies, since this material does not withstand temperature changes.

Vinyl and plastic panels are very popular. It is resistant to moisture, plastic, and also easy to use. In addition, most people are attracted to its affordable price. Sometimes this material is established from the calculation that the temperature will not be below +5 degrees. But today panels with increased resistance to temperatures are produced. Vinyl and plastic panels have a large range of colors. The main disadvantages are the influence of the sun on them. It is for this reason that such material is not installed on the south side.

The next material that is effective, practical, frost-resistant is siding. An additional positive property is that it does not burn and is not afraid of dampness. However, like the previous material, it quickly loses its color in the sun, so if you use this material, it is best to use white color.

Analog to all familiar fiberboard - MDF panels. The material is available in pricing and is characterized by a variety of colors.

Such panels can be painted, glued with veneer, varnished, and also imitate natural materials.

The lack of such panels can be considered as their instability to temperature changes, as well as the presence of harmful components from the point of view of ecology.

And the last material is a lining. This material is very popular in the case of independent work. The natural tree was always in high esteem and was very popular. In order for the work to be carried out ideally, they prefer to choose a cabinet of the Extra class.

How to trim the balcony inside with your own hands using a wooden lining

This material is able to give the balcony aesthetic appearance in combination with high ecological and thermal insulation qualities. Lining is a natural material that is safe for humans and affects the relaxation and relaxation of the body. Finishing the balcony with a lining will help create a warm, cozy and amazing atmosphere. Of course, working with wood is not the cheapest pleasure, but it also requires a lot of labor.

If you decide to trim the balcony with a wooden lining, then first you should think carefully about the design of the room and prepare materials for work If you decide to trim the balcony with a wooden lining, then first you need to think carefully about the design of the room and prepare the materials for the work.

For the interior of the balcony, it is best to use oak, ash, alder, linden, cedar or pine. What kind of decides to accomplish the finishing work you, it's a personal choice. This cladding is suitable only for the insulated balcony, so before you carry out the wall work, take care of the preliminary work. Examples and types of insulation can be considered on the Internet. As for the choice of quality, experts recommend buying premium and A class battens, as these classes exclude the presence of knots, and their natural color will only add a balcony of grandeur and nobility. If you want to paint in the future with a certain color, you can prefer a class B wagon. This class is called economical, as it requires refinement. You can also buy material made according to the European standard and including a Euro profile.

Design options: how to trim the balcony inside

The arrangement of the balcony inside is the final stage of the repair, after it you can proceed with the arrangement of furniture and decoration. Ideas for decoration are very diverse. Therefore, if in the future plans to organize from the balcony an additional room, you need to take care of additional heating and durable glazing. The most ideal is to hold a warm floor.

In order for the balcony to turn out to be warm and comfortable, it is also possible to hold a warm floor indoors In order to make the balcony warm and comfortable, it is also possible to hold a warm floor in the room

. Once all the work with the organization has been completed, you can proceed with the selection of the materials for the cladding. A good material for finishing is one that is resistant to sunlight and temperature changes, as well as it must be soundproof and heat-insulating. Of course, not unimportant criteria is affordable price and safety for health.

The material that covers the balcony inside, should please the eye and be aesthetically attractive. After all, this is what repairs are designed for.

When purchasing material, consider the features of the rooms with which the balcony is connected. In case this is a living room, decorated in high-tech style, then a balcony or loggia decorated under a tree will perfectly fit here. But the plastic economical balcony can hardly be combined with a bedroom in the Baroque style. All these details are important, especially if the balcony is partially or completely integrated with the rooms in the apartment.

Facing the balcony with decorative plaster

It is almost ideal to consider the cladding as decorative plaster. It is practical, easy to apply, and the walls with this material look very unusual. Such a pleasure can be purchased for a fairly small amount and original design a loggia. Like the standard plaster, decorative can be bought in a dry or ready-made form.

Beautiful and fashionable will look a balcony, which is lined with decorative plaster The balcony is beautiful and fashionable, it is lined with decorative plaster

There are several types of coating:

  1. Structural .It contains mica and quartz. An unusual base can charm everyone's eyes. Decorations with such plaster can create an imitation of a tree, cracked stone and even snake skin.
  2. Invoice .The composition of this mixture includes marble and granite chips, as well as cotton and linen fibers. Textured plaster is able to imitate interesting drawings, for example wood, velvet, leather and brick look.
  3. Floating .The material is applied to the base of acrylic, and the top is protected by a layer of varnish. Its kind of material is able to resemble natural silk.
  4. Venetian .As well as the previous type is applied to a base of acrylic with the addition of dyes and rock dust. Unlike the previous types, this material requires a professional approach. Venetian plaster looks expensive and presentable, because it looks like marble, cloth or paper.

Decorative plaster has good plasticity, so during the application, you can make a special pattern, until the material is dry. You can make a drawing with a spray, applying a mixture of cellophane, sponge, and waves. You can see all the advantages of plaster in the photo.

The main features of decorative plaster can be considered resistance to shocks, safety for health, as well as the ability to hide flaws on the walls.

How to finish the balcony inside( video)

However, each owner chooses the material for finishing the balcony inside. For each balcony is suitable for your material. However, if you have certain skills, it is better to give preference to the lining, but if you want to organize high-quality processing, deal with the arrangement of panels. The features of each material described above will help you make a choice.

design, decoration and design of the balcony inside( interior photo)