Waterproofing of the balcony: balcony roof, sealing of the balcony plate, from the inside flows after glazing

The waterproofing of the balcony is necessary in order to make it comfortable The waterproofing of the balcony is necessary to make it comfortable Modern balconies ceased to be pantries, warehouses and those rooms where the oldest and most unnecessary trash was kept. Now these small rooms began to apply exactly the same as the space inside the apartment. In other words, the balcony and the loggia have become full-fledged premises that can be reconstructed into your office, combined with a living room or simply make it a pleasant place to relax, have a cup of coffee or read a book.

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Why do I need waterproofing of the

waterproofing balcony or loggia is a compulsory process if it is planned to be landscaped. When insulating the premises from the inside, it is the waterproofing that allows repairs to be carried out correctly and without disrupting the technology. Waterproofing prevents the penetration of damp from the street and the formation of mold and other problems.

In addition, there are a number of quite understandable reasons why you should not miss this moment when decorating:

  1. If the ceiling is flowing, you will soon have to face the damage of the balcony finishing. Any decorative panel, or even more, wallpaper, with the passage of time will begin to exfoliate and deteriorate.
  2. If there are holes on the balcony, then the formation of corrosion on the metal structure begins very quickly.
  3. Excluding penetration of moisture inside, it is possible to avoid the formation of fungus, which not only spoils the aesthetics of the room, but also is dangerous to health.
  4. Due to the constant dampness, the integrity of the supporting structures on the balcony is disturbed, which over time makes it unsafe for operation.

Waterproofing balcony or loggia is a must Waterproofing of a balcony or a loggia is a mandatory process

Specialized impregnations are used for concrete and wood. They are deeply penetrated and embedded in the structure of the canvas, which preserves its integrity and prevents water from getting inside. Wood processing should be done only in the warm season, so that the material can dry completely.

For wood, it is better to choose acrylic impregnation or made on the basis of drying oil.

Waterproofing of the oklechnogo type - this roll materials, which are rolled overlapping the entire surface of the balcony and loggia. Where the canvas is joined, it is required to glue the seams with a special waterproof mastic.

How to waterproof the roof of the balcony

Some believe that it is possible to make a waterproofing from the outside, and that will be enough, however, when water flows through the crack, this is not the worst thing. Moisture can penetrate even through microscopic cracks in the floor, walls and roof. If the balcony is made of wood, in particular, it is a wooden house, then the material is treated with an antiseptic. This prevents, again, mold and fungus, as well as drying and loss of proper appearance. Some masters advise choosing a liquid rubber as a base, and only then laying the material, regardless of the type.

Sealing of a balcony roof with a bay window is required to exclude:

  • Damp;
  • Drafts;
  • Flow.

The waterproofing of the roof of the balcony should be carried out in order to protect it from leakage The waterproofing of the roof of the balcony must be carried out in order to protect it from leakage

Laying the waterproofing of the ceiling begins with the sealing of the sealant holes and cracks on the polyurethane base. If the cracks are too large, then use the mounting foam and polyethylene filler.

In addition, the waterproofing of the top plate, even with your own hands, even though the master is carried out by using a special penetrating composition.

The material penetrates deep inside and forms a durable canvas of waterproofing crystals. After the primer has dried, you can lay polystyrene foam or any other insulation and even tiles.

We seal the balcony

It should be noted that the refining of the balcony, especially open, begins with glazing. Only in this way can be excluded such a concept as the leakage of water and other sediments. After that, a step-by-step instruction is executed without violations, so that later you do not have to redo the repair anew.


  1. Seal the room with the preparations of the surfaces. They are cleaned of debris, dust and dirt.
  2. If there is a destruction of the plates or too large openings, then they are eliminated.
  3. If there is an old decorative coating, remove it.

The sealing of the balcony must begin with the preparation of the surfaces Sealing of the balcony must begin with the preparation of the surfaces

Each step is carried out carefully, carefully and without haste. This is required in order not to damage the integrity of the coverings of the plates, and that they do not crack, as in this case additional repairs, facilities and forces will be required. When dismantling the balcony floor, extremely carefully remove the coating from the floor. A complete inspection of the concrete slab for cracks and potholes is carried out. It is necessary to clean the concrete with a hard brush so that there is no debris.

It is necessary to widen the cracks by means of the bulgaria, if they are small, and if larger then they are leveled, which allows more accurate and thorough pouring of the floor with a screed.

If the reinforcement is visible, the concrete is removed and the reinforcement is cleaned of rust, and it is better to carry out mechanical cleaning. The restoration of the concrete cover is underway. It is required to examine the roof of the balcony, and to find problem areas through which moisture and water can penetrate. All partitions, ledges and ceiling are cleaned of debris, remnants of glue and paint.

Proper waterproofing of the balcony plate

The waterproofing of the balcony in a private wooden house or a conventional multi-panel building is no different. The most important thing is to choose the right materials that can be different.

The difference is:

  • Properties;
  • Application method;
  • Costs;
  • Service Term.

Paving waterproofing is not too difficult process, and it is quite possible to do it yourself without consulting the master. If the base of the roof, walls or floor is concrete, then a special penetrating compound is needed. For a polyurethane surface, as well as for a brick and a stone, blend mixtures are used, and the compositions must have an increased degree of moisture resistance.

For waterproofing the balcony slab you need to select the right materials For the waterproofing of the balcony plate, the materials

must be properly selected. The cast waterproofing is carried out by using the polymer composition heated to the liquid state, which is used to fill the floor.

The material has excellent moisture resistance, but it is very easy to deform. Paint waterproofing is applied as a normal dye, by which the penetration of moisture is prevented. The method is not expensive, simple, but there are many shortcomings. Working with a wooden cloth, you will need to constantly paint. Negative temperature such isolation from water and dampness does not tolerate and, in case of sharp cooling, can lose its properties.

What is the waterproofing of the loggia from the inside

Waterproofing the surface of the floor, walls and ceiling, even in the country, even in the apartment, it is very important. This is especially required for premises in apartment buildings, which are located on the first floor. It is the waterproofing made correctly that will prevent the penetration of dampness and moisture from the basement, which often becomes the cause of mold and fungus formation. To repair was carried out according to all rules, you need to prepare the necessary tool.

Correctly made waterproofing will avoid the penetration of dampness and moisture Properly made waterproofing will avoid penetration of moisture and moisture

Namely, it is desirable to have:

  • Demolition hammer;
  • Rotary hammer;
  • Angle Grinding Machine;
  • Synthetic nap brushes;
  • Metal brush;
  • Pelion of soft plastic;
  • Trowels;
  • Measuring capacity.

Waterproofing the balcony with your own hands( video)

The above options for materials and methods of waterproofing are affordable and easy to use. If you follow the technology correctly, you can achieve excellent results in minimum time and with low costs. In the absence of even a small stock of knowledge of repair and finishing works, it is better to choose a master, since illiterate waterproofing and other actions can lead to the harmful effects described above.