Shelves on the balcony: own photos of the loggia, shelves how to make, window sill of flowers

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the balcony space or the space of the loggia, especially if Placing the shelves on the balcony, you can give it functionality Having placed the shelves on the balcony, it is possible to give it the functionality of the balcony glazed, turns in time like a littered pantry. Old obsolete things, cans, bottles, vegetables for the winter, fruit, billets and jams and even old toys can be littered here, if there were or are small children in the house. And many of us periodically even try to clean up, to somehow improve the condition of the balcony. But there is a way out - shelves.

    • Beautiful shelves on the balcony: photos and examples
    • How to choose the right shelves on the balcony
    • From what materials can there be shelves on the loggia
    • How to qualitatively make shelves on the balcony with your own hands
    • How to equipShelves on the balcony( video)
    • Ideas for shelves on the balcony with your own hands( photo examples)

Beautiful shelves on the balcony: photos and examples

On the balcony you can often find cabinets or separate shelves, but oftenIt all looks very cumbersome and only takes up so little space. Therefore, modern interior designers suggest using the shelves on the balcony.

You can put

books on the shelves on the balcony

They can be completely different:

  1. Corner shelves - it is convenient to use them for balconies with small dimensions so you can fit a lot of things on a relativelySmall space.
  2. Wall shelves are a classic option. In this case, it is better to mount them to the wall "tightly".On such shelves, you can install pots with flowers or transfer cans with billets and jams. In addition, they can be used as a decorative element.
  3. Separate floor shelves.
  4. Shelves for shelves. Such shelf structures can also be used for colors, or for rather oversized things, for example, boxes with old clothes, old electrical appliances.

What kind of shelves to choose one decides for himself, depending on what size the balcony and what are you going to stir on your balcony, why use free space, what things, and what time to store them.

How to choose the right shelves on the balcony

Before choosing which type of shelves to install and use, you should know exactly what you want to arrange on your balcony. If you intend to equip a balcony for a pleasant pastime, for example, with a book or a glass of wine, then in this case the shelves will carry rather a decorative element with minimal functionality.


  • For storing books that you are reading at the moment;
  • Like shelves for various figurines or dolls;
  • Small shelves at the level of the seat can be used as a stand, on which you can put a cup of tea or coffee, a glass of wine, a plate with sweets;
  • Shelf-stand for laptop or tablet.

If the balcony is to be used classically, that is to store different things, then the shelves should be more massive to withstand the weight of all things. More often, for this purpose shelf shelves are used on massive support beams.

Choose the shelves, based on the design and size of the balcony The shelves should be chosen based on the design and dimensions of the balcony

If the balcony is to be used as a small office for a creative person, it is necessary to install shelves in such a way that they do not interfere with the workplace. That is, first it is necessary to establish a suitable workplace - a table, and then already pick up shelves. This can be side racks, if there is not much left space, and there may be wall shelves that will be installed above the table.

In addition, the balcony can be used as a compact greenhouse.

Then you need a large rack with shelves of that height, which will accommodate them for various seedlings. In addition, you will need a place to cover the resulting rack with a thick film. If the balcony space is planned to be used as a winter garden, then shelf shelves, shelves and wall shelves, on which you can install boxes and pots with all sorts of colors, will perfectly suit you. Also, in this case, you can use the floor shelves, by the type of thumbs. On such shelves, different palms will look good, besides, on the lower shelf of the pedestal you can put tools or a watering can

What materials can be shelves on the

balcony? Choose from what material the balcony shelves will be made, with all responsibility, because forThe balcony is characterized by climate change: rising humidity, sudden temperature changes from high to low and back in a short period of time. Shelves must withstand all these misfortunes, to serve you faithfully for a long time. It is worth remembering that the shelves for the balcony can be made of a variety of materials.

For example, it could be:

  • Tree;
  • Metal;
  • Glass;
  • Particleboard.

For the manufacture of shelves suitable metal, plastic, wood For the manufacture of shelves suitable metal, plastic, wood

Wood - is considered a classic option for the manufacture of shelves. Such shelves will serve faithfully for a long time. Metal is most often used to make strong corner shelves. In general, aluminum is used, due to its resistance to mechanical damage. Glass - this is not the most popular material for shelves, as on the balcony or balcony, and in general.

Glass should be attached with special fasteners, but at the same time, if your shelves will carry an exclusively decorative function, then the glass will be an ideal solution. Due to their transparency, such shelves will not make space heavier, even if the balcony has small dimensions. On such shelves you can put small lightweight figurines or popular textile dolls that will bring comfort to the whole new room. Particleboard material with a laminate coating, which is both a strong material capable of withstanding a large weight of things and aesthetically pleasing material.

How to qualitatively make shelves on the balcony with your own hands

You can buy shelves for a balcony in any profile hardware store, but many people prefer to make them with their own hands. First of all, you have to decide what material, and for what purposes, will make shelves. Most often, self-made shelves made of wood or chipboard coated. Consider the example of the rack.

You will need:

  • Particleboard according to the number of shelves that you go to make;
  • Long wooden blocks that will be used as pillars of the future rack;
  • Metal angles for fixing shelves in the calculation of 6-8 corners per shelf;
  • Self-tapping screws should be shorter than the width of the bars, it is necessary that they are better fixed in the material.

To shelves served for a long time, they should be polished or painted To keep the shelves for a long time, they should be polished or painted

The first step is to install and fix the bars. This will be the basis of your future rack, it is to them that are attached to the shelves afterwards, and it is the bars that determine the boundaries of the rack. Then it is necessary to determine at what height each shelf will be, and to designate this height on each bar.

This is done to ensure that the shelves are level, otherwise, you may encounter that one edge of the shelf is lower than the other.

Then we fix the shelves with metal corners to the bars, fix the fasteners with screws.

How to equip the shelves on the balcony( video)

When making the shelving, make sure that it does not intersect with the windowsill. If a wood was used to make the shelving, it is necessary to cover the entire rack with linseed oil or a special varnish that will repel moisture with increasing humidity and prevent the shelves and bars from cracking or swelling due to excess moisture.

Ideas for shelves on the balcony with your own hands( photo examples)