Plastic panels for the balcony: PVC and which are better, laminated photos, wall decoration for the loggia

Plastic panels for the balcony - the most budgetary option for finishing Plastic panels for the balcony - the most budgetary option for finishing After the balcony or loggia has been glazed, you can start the finishing work. As a rule, plastic panels are chosen for this, since they are sold in a wide range and at an affordable price, besides they have a mass of positive sides.

          Advantages and disadvantages of the PVC panels for the balcony
        • Which PVC panels are better to choose for the balcony
        • Finishing the balcony balcony
        • Panels for the balcony walls
        • Mounting the plastic panels for the balcony( video)

Advantages and disadvantages of PVC panels for the balcony

What materials are better to use for finishing a balcony or a loggia?Virtually every master with extensive experience will say that this is a PVC panel. Plastic has become a part of everyday life and can be found in various rooms.

So what are its advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • No need to level the walls;
  • Easy to clean;
  • In order to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth;
  • Light weight;
  • Optimum cost;
  • Large color palette;
  • Various invoices.

Plastic panels mount easily enough Plastic panels are easy to assemble

Plastic panels can not be called ideal, as PVC as well as other finishing materials have their drawbacks. The disadvantages include inflammability, the presence of an unpleasant odor during melting, the lack of resistance to sudden temperature changes, and the lack of resistance to mechanical stress.

It is advisable to mount laminated PVC panels in insulated balconies, otherwise they may be damaged at the first temperature drops associated with seasonal changes.

Which PVC panels are better to choose for a balcony

Plastic panels are volume strips for the production of which PVC is used, and inside they have a longitudinal rib of rigidity. The balcony can be paneled with a seamless view, which in the assembled state looks chic and simply incredibly beautiful. In addition, there are seam plastic panels that form a beautiful finish, on which there will be seams, when joining which, an element is formed between each panel.

Due to such vertical seams, the walls of the room are visually enlarged, which is considered a winning option for balconies, since they are narrow and long.

As a rule, PVC panels differ in size and type of coating. The standard size of the product is a length of 2.5-6 m, and a width of 44-244 mm. Panels for balconies are chosen in width of 25-40 mm. There is a choice of plastic lining, the width of which is 10-20 cm. It can be used for both the ceiling and the walls.

Plastic panels as a balcony finish are very practical and reliable Plastic panels as a balcony finish are very practical and reliable

Wall plastic panels are finishing:

  • Stylish;
  • Modern;
  • Very convenient and practical.

According to the type of coating, PVC panels can be of different surface finishes. They can be thermo-printed, and PVC panels are also in high demand, which are imitation of wood, natural stone or other natural materials. If necessary, you can find a special thermal film to decorate the plastic panels, if they have lost their proper look.

In general, a large number of plastic panels are available for sale, which can be chosen for any style solution, designer finish and own preferences. The most important is that the PVC panels have a protective film that prevents the penetration of moisture inside and the formation of mold with fungus.

Finishing of balcony ceiling PVC

To make the loggia completely comfortable and cozy, you need to make a seal, insulate the room and take care of the roofing. Installation of plastic panels on the ceiling is carried out by technology, the violation of which can lead to collapse of the structure and damage to the proper kind.

The installation of plastic panels must be carried out strictly according to the technology Installation of plastic panels must be carried out strictly according to

  1. The metal frame is installed. Namely, along the entire perimeter of the ceiling, a starting profile with a galvanized coating must be installed. Next in the profile, located along the wall?Holes must be made with a perforator.
  2. There are dowel-nails installed there, and the main structure is being assembled from the profile.
  3. In the middle of the ceiling the profile is additionally mounted on special metal suspensions. If the width of the balcony is only 120 cm, then it is enough to lay 1 central profile.
  4. If you intend to install the built-in luminaires, then it is required to make the wiring during the installation of the profiles.
  5. The first plastic panel is then inserted and screwed onto the guide profile along the edge by screws.

All subsequent panels are stacked back to back, which are also mounted on self-tapping screws to metal profiles. Is the last panel cropped so?That it entered between the penultimate element and the wall without an opening.

Panels for balcony walls

Panels, first of all, are purchased for balcony walls, and initially the decoration of the space located under the window is carried out. In general, the finishing works are carried out in exactly the same way as in the previous version.


  1. For wall cladding, you first need to make a frame from a metal profile. It is not advisable to choose a timber frame, since wood can lose its proper properties in a couple of years, especially if the room has poor waterproofing.
  2. The lower profile is installed at the floor level, and the bases along the middle of the wall must be made. As a rule, the step between the vertical profiles is 50 cm.
  3. The voids between the frame must be filled with a pre-selected insulation, and if there are cracks, then to install them, you need to apply a mounting foam.
  4. Once the panels are all installed, you must necessarily seal the openings between the wall and the ceiling and the wall and floor. Draft holes can penetrate into these holes, and besides, incomplete repairs are unlikely to look aesthetically pleasing.

Plastic panels can be mounted independently, without the help of specialists Plastic panels can be mounted independently, without the assistance of

There is nothing complicated in this process. Plastic is a material from the category of cheap and affordable with a beautiful appearance. Due to PVC lining, you can make the balcony cozy, comfortable, and even decorate it in a certain design solution.

It's worth noting that even a beginner can handle the job, you just need to learn the technology, purchase the material and prepare the necessary tool. The most important thing is the preservation of patience, accuracy and exact adherence to instructions.

As for tools and materials, it is sufficient to have:

  • Punch or drill;
  • Foam mounting;
  • Construction level;
  • Plastic corner;
  • Plinth;
  • PVC Panels;
  • Window profile;
  • Heater;
  • Suspension;
  • Profiles;Dowels and self-tapping screws
  • .

Assembly of plastic panels for the balcony( video)

PVC panels are considered the best option for balconies, but, as already noted, only if the premise is carefully insulated and waterproofed. It is worth noting that the PVC panel is not difficult to find, it is only necessary to determine the size and appearance, so that the balcony was truly attractive and cozy.