Balcony tomatoes: a miracle how to grow, tomato and home reviews, step by step room Cherry, pot size and care

Breeders brought out varieties of decorative, at the same time, fruit-bearing tomato, suitable for growing in crowded conditions of the balcony Breeders brought out varieties of decorative, at the same time, fruitful tomato, suitable for growing in crowded conditions of the balcony The townspeople, dreaming of real nature, dreams of creating on their tiny balcony a mini garden. Someone does it, but someone does not. But I would also like to see the garden on the balcony not only beautiful, but also practical. Do not want to run to the market or to the store for a bunch of greens or green onions, and get these plants directly to the table from your garden. And if you also try to grow balcony tomatoes - why not.

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Yielding tomatoes Balconiesome miracle

To grow a good tomato crop on a balcony or loggia, you should choose a variety for planting. And this is almost half the success. Nowadays, there are a lot of different kinds of tomatoes on the market. And one of the most popular is the self-pollinated varieties of the Balcony Wonder.

Well-maintained tomato looks no worse than other indoor plants Well-groomed tomato looks no worse than other houseplants

Characteristic of the grade Balcony miracle:

  • Low-growth;
  • Compact;
  • Yielding;
  • Likes the sunny side of the balcony.

What is this variety?A low bush, about 53-40 cm, compact and beautiful. But at the same time, the tomato is very productive( from 1 bush is collected in the season up to 2 kg of fruit).Fruits - bright red color, strong, tasty and fragrant.

The fruit is suitable for fresh consumption, and is suitable for preservation. The variety begins to bear fruit, starting from the 90th day. A balcony miracle loves the sun, and therefore these varieties should not be located on the northern or shaded side.

Instruction: how to grow tomatoes on the balcony

First you need to prepare the soil. Ready mix should be found in a specialized store or supermarket. This mixture can be called "For tomatoes and peppers", or it can be prepared at home.

Care for a balcony tomato is slightly different from his dacha brothers Care for a balcony tomato is slightly different from its dacha counterparts

Example of a soil mixture for planting tomato seedlings:

  • 3 parts of turf soil;
  • 1 part of clean washed sand;
  • Some peat;
  • Mangewash.

To the bottom of the box or pot, lay the sawdust, not the clay, namely sawdust. Top with soil mixture. In the top layer of the soil add a few table spoons of ordinary baking soda, and set aside cooked boxes or pots to the side. First you need to germinate a few seeds. In the prepared disposable plastic cups, we cover the prepared soil mixture, then it should be watered with warm water.

At a depth of 1-1.5 cm plant seeds, about 2 seeds in one cup.

Sprinkle with the earth, and from above put polyethylene or parts of the tops on cropped plastic bottles. Approximately, after 1 week, the seeds will germinate and sprouts will appear. The film should be removed from the cups, and transfer them to a cool place, the sill will be quite enough.

To care for tomatoes, like for indoor flowers. And during this period, sprouts need to be fed. Fertilizer can be found in specialized stores for gardeners. Dilute the fertilizer as directed and water it. The plant should be left there for a few more days until the soil dries. This is necessary, otherwise the plant can hit mold. After 12 days, strong sprouts can already be transplanted into a container, for permanent growth. It can be a pot or a pot or a beautiful box. To transplant it is best together with a clod of the earth, having pulled out it from disposable glasses. Transplanting it to a permanent place, the plant must be sprinkled with earth and poured with warm water, then again sprinkled with earth to prevent moisture from evaporating.

To water for the time being, shoots are needed in this period 1 time in 3-4 days. A week after the transplant, the tomato must be fertilized with mineral fertilizer, and the plants should be transferred to the balcony, but at the same time it is necessary to create conditions for good development. The air temperature should be from + 16 ° C to + 20 ° C.It is advisable to constantly ventilate the balcony, but try to prevent the plants from falling under a draft - it has a very bad effect on the development of tomatoes. If the cultivation was correct, then after 90 days it is possible to get the first harvest of your tomatoes without leaving home.

How to grow a home-made tomato Balconiesome miracle

The previous chapter is a step-by-step guide to how to properly care for tomatoes Balconian miracle( Bonsai).

But you need to know how to properly plant and grow this popular tomato variety on the balcony. The first question that almost all amateur gardeners ask is what should be the pot, what volume?The answer is very simple. Despite the fact that tomatoes are dwarfish, they still take up a lot of space.

Prepared soil and top dressing of the plant in the process of growth will allow to get a good harvest of tomatoes The prepared soil and top dressing of the plant in the process of growth will allow to get a good harvest of tomatoes

Specialists believe that the volume of the flowerpot for one bush must have a size of about 3.5 liters.

Planting seeds in cups is necessary approximately in the end of February - the beginning of March. Watering tomatoes is necessary only with standing water. To water the already developed plant is necessary especially in a hot period, 1 time per day, preferably in the evening, before sunset. Fertilize bushes of tomatoes need to be constantly, throughout the entire period of their life. Experts recommend, fertilize plants about once every 2 weeks. But, excessive watering or fertilization can also lead to increased growth of the bush, and accordingly, to a decrease in the yield of tomatoes, can even lead to the death of the plant.

The soil in the pot should not be very wet, but it should not be dry either.

A special headache for new gardener is brought by diseases of tomatoes or parasites. With insects everything is simple - it is periodically necessary to look at the leaves and, especially, on the inside of the leaf, where insects most often live and simply take them off the sheet.

With the disease, everything is much more complicated. Particularly serious disease of tomatoes grown on the balcony is late blight.

Composition of the solution for the treatment of late blight:

  • Mortar slaked lime;
  • Solution of copper sulfate;
  • Water, as required.

Fungal disease, which is characterized by the appearance of brown spots on the leaves of tomatoes. The spots very quickly increase in size, and the number of them increases in progression. But this disease affects not only tomatoes, but also indoor plants. Get rid of this fungal disease is not easy, but possible. The plant should be sprayed with a solution 1 time per day, for several days.

Tomato balconies

The lovers of greenery on the balconies have already appreciated the advantages of this variety for many years. Tomato The balcony miracle constantly enjoys deserved success and popularity in Russia. Reviews about him are always enthusiastic and positive. But, in addition to this variety, today many other equally interesting varieties have appeared that can be grown on the balcony.

Correctly forming a trunk, it is possible to achieve a state of a plant such as "bonsai" Properly forming the trunk, you can achieve the state of plants such as "bonsai"

This and especially beautiful tomatoes that attract the attention of neighbors. These are varieties, which are especially effective when planted in a hanging basket.

Spectacular new varieties for planting in hanging baskets:

  • Garden pearl;
  • Tiny Tim;
  • Rapunzel.

Here's the last grade you need to talk separately. This variety is very rare in Russia, and the description says that it was bred in 2015 by gardeners from the United States. One of the most beautiful varieties of hybrid tomatoes. Rapunzel begins to bear fruit from 75 days after planting. The fruits are small, you can say small, in shape and size, like Cherry. The fruits are quite tasty and very fragrant. It is especially good to eat fruits fresh or used to decorate dishes.

Bushes beautifully drop down, creating long brushes with lots of fruits.

On one branch, up to 20 tomato fruits are formed. Brushes with fruits resemble cascades, and that's why this brand is named after the heroine of the animated film "Rapucel".These brushes resemble the beautiful hair of the beautiful Rapucel.

Tomatoes on the balcony( video)

Decorating and planting a balcony or loggia has always been a special art. The art of combining garden crops with flowers, while creating masterpieces of landscape design that amaze, French gardeners have learned since the 16th century. This is the gardens of the famous castles of the Loire, and therefore even in our days, planting a balcony is not an easy art. Good luck!