Heater on the balcony: how to heat the loggia in the winter, infrared heating and convector, how to warm the apartment air

heater to the balcony - mandatory equipment for insulation balconies Repair approached the balcony. Very often owners decide to update its non-capital, limiting the decorative changes, and in the process come to the conclusion that you need to insulate a balcony and to change its function. Someone expands the room at the expense of the balcony, someone arranges a mini-workshop, an office and even a playroom on the balcony. But such options require heating the balcony, and "dance" you need from here.

    • What to choose and how warm the balcony in winter
    • Modern Heating: infrared heater to the balcony
    • Radiant Floors: Heating loggia
    • convector heaters for the balconies
    • Fireplace on the balcony or loggia
    • how to choose a heater to the balcony( video)

What to choose and how warm the balcony

winter I want to on the balcony it was warm in the room. Needless to say that the balcony should be glazed, and, for today, it comes from at least three-glazed windows. Many people think that the only reliable option is a battery on the balcony. That is, an additional heating radiator is also carried out on the balcony.

But this method, of course, is not so simple. Namely, technical and legal obstacles are waiting for you. Already very reluctant bodies that give permission for the removal of batteries, meet the tenants. The fact is that in the design of each apartment building, one or another capacity of the heating system and the temperature of the coolant in the pipes are laid. And the installation of radiators on the balconies is not taken into account.

To winter in the balcony was comfortable, it must be heated to winter on the balcony was comfortable, it is necessary to heat the

Next time - if he or radiator pipe itself in contact with non-insulated concrete walls, the water in the system may freeze. And this is fraught with blockage of pipes and a breakthrough in the heating system. And this is not only the compensation of losses by you, but also administrative responsibility. Do you have to say what the illegal installation of the radiator threatens: "get" not only from the housing and communal services, but also from neighbors( as the temperature in the house's heating system drops).

Modern Heating: infrared heater to the balcony

But, fortunately, apart from steam heating have modern decent alternative. It is possible to mount a floor heating system or install an infrared heater on the balcony. In the latter case, we are talking about a carbon heater.

Infrared heaters are:

  • Ceiling;
  • Floor standing;
  • Wall mounted.

Infrared heaters come in several types Dehumidifiers come in several forms

Dangerous if a heater in a flat, and even more so the balcony?Infrared rays, you can say, do not have those characteristics that can adversely affect human health. Also they will not damage animals and plants. Noise and vibration they do not create, and do not burn oxygen as some other heaters.

These heaters simply create electromagnetic radiation, but only a small amount. Such radiation does not "feed" on air, that is, it acts on objects, and heats them.

It is even believed that this type of radiation allows the creation of molecules called anions in the air. It is believed that they purify the air and positively affect all living things. Power consumption The IR heater will save 20 percent. And you can also install a programmable thermostat. And then you can save electricity by 35%.

Water heating floor: heating loggia

How to heat a loggia?You can install a modern system with a well-known name of the warm floor. From options there is both an electric warm floor, and a water-heated floor. Very often the choice is in favor of the second option.

Installation of the water floor:

  • First, a concrete screed is laid;
  • Then the concrete screed is leveled;
  • Then the insulating material is laid;
  • Then the plastic pipes are laid, the basis of the warm floor system, the pipes are laid with a snake, at a relatively short distance from the bends;
  • Plastic pipes are connected to a hot water supply system;
  • Then, again, the concrete screed is laid.

Underfloor heating system - one of the options for heating the balcony Underfloor heating system - one of the options for heating the balcony

Due to hot water and heating is provided. The minus of this method is the laboriousness of the process. The same electric floor heating will be easier to install.

convector heaters for the balconies

This option heating loggias and balconies relates to electric heating. On the loggia there is either a convector or an oil heater. Install it simply, a lot of time will not be required. But still the convector is considered a fire hazard equipment, and you will overpay for electricity.

Convector-heater for a loggia is installed very simply and quickly convector heaters for the balconies installed very easily and quickly

Also on the balcony or on the loggia is not the most pleasant smell will, work the same "air burn".The room will not have enough air humidity, because for a long time it is simply unreasonable to be there. But if you install the humidifier in the same place, these unpleasant factors are minimized.

Fireplace on the balcony or loggia

Fireplace - a beautiful, elegant, comfortable and, most importantly, warm( if it is, of course, not talking about false-fireplace).If the loggia is small, then you can choose an electro option with a size of 50x60, this will be more than enough. The fireplace consumes less electricity than the radiator. But the power of the fireplace is less. On the other hand, the loggia itself is not very large.

For a balcony or loggia, an electric fireplace or a biofuel fireplace to a balcony or loggia fit the electric heater or fireplace on biofuel

Options fireplaces to the loggia:

  • electric fireplace. Such fireplaces are very similar to the real ones, even the sound imitation of crackling of firewood in the hearth is preserved. For heating a small room will fit perfectly. It is inexpensive, special service does not require. Turned on and off at the request of the owners. With the appropriate design of the loggia( a cozy sofa or chairs, pillows, a tea table) looks harmonious.
  • Fireplace on biofuel .This equipment works on liquid fuel, you need to work with ethyl alcohol, which does not emit toxins during evaporation. But the cost of such a device will be more expensive than an electric fireplace.

Solid fuel fireplace is an option for private housing. Even if you imagine that you have equiped and a chimney, and watch for fire safety, smoke can be carried to neighbors, they will simply complain of you. So, of course, this is an extreme option.

How to choose a heater for a balcony( video)

The options for balcony insulation are not that small. There are craftsmen, lovers of vegetable growing, who arrange even a grower on the balcony. But if you are not an expert in all the subtleties of repair work, select the type of heating you need, and invite a specialist to install. Good choice!